University of Wales invites applications for international scholarships

University of Wales, Newport seeks applications for international scholarships from the students applying for September 2011 entry.

A limited number of Scholarships are available and will be awarded to students on the basis of outstanding achievement.  Categories the students wish to consider applying under are:

–    Academic

–    Social or Cultural: including community projects or voluntary work

–    Outstanding Artistic Achievement

The application form requires applicants to undertake a 500-700 word piece of work supporting their application.  The applications must be fully completed and supporting statement must be within the word limit.

Scholarship Provisions

Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants and awards are made for the academic year 2011/2012 (or for the duration of the course).  Scholarships of £1,000 per year will be awarded and the scholarship award will be deducted from the scholar’s annual tuition fee.  A maximum of 10 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate scholarship awards will be made for each intake (September 2011 and January 2012).

Selection Procedure

Scholarships will be awarded by the Scholarship Committee based upon merit through consideration of a completed Scholarship Application Form.  These awards will be made at the beginning of the each semester and the decision by the Scholarship Committee is final.

Applicants must hold a Visa Letter/CAS for a taught undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University and have firmly accepted their offer before submitting an application. Conditional offer holders may apply but will only be considered for the scholarship after all conditions have been met.

Deadline for submitting the applications for September 2011 entry is September 2, 2011

For more information and details, please visit this link.


  1. Anjan Sarkar says:

    I work in school WASH programme in India. I do not have any qualification on the subject. I would be grateful if you kindly provide infromation whether you provide scholership for any short term course on the subject e.g. hygiene promotion, IEC development, construction management in WASH etc. I would also be grateful if you would kindly provide me with some information on where all these courses are conducted.


  2. Oliver Tapiwa Nyamutswa says:

    I am a postgraduate in Bachelor of Economics with a 2.2 class, am looking for a scholarship to do a Masters in Economics degree. Am 30 years old and keen to start as soon as i get assistance. I live in Zimbabwe, but currently working in Botswana.

  3. Kelvin John says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for scholarship for MA course in Adult Education and Community Development. I have a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education and Community Development from the University of Dodoma.

  4. RUHUMURIZA Gaspard says:

    y name is RUHUMURIZA Gaspard,I’m looking for Master’s degree scholarship in Economics.I’m holding a bechelor degree in Economics,i will be very glad if i will be consider for this great oppotunity to improve my career.

    Thanks Best Regards.

  5. RUHUMURIZA Gaspard says:

    My name is RUHUMURIZA Gaspard,I’m looking for postgraduate scholarship in Economics.I’m holding a bechelor degree in Economics,i will be very glad if i will be consider for this great oppotunity to improve my career.

    Thanks Best Regards.

  6. Dr. Juliana says:

    Dear organisers

    We’re planning at Basra University, where I teach, to open a gender studies centre. Our resources are limited and we need staff with this specialisation. I teach at the university but also run a women NGO called Basra Society for Research and Media on Woman.
    I would be really pleased if you can help me have this course.

    Best regards,

  7. Fanuel Kasinja says:

    My dream come true if you will consider me for this programme I have an IGCSE, and am studying accounting at MCOA. my dream is to study Economics. Please let me have this chance to have my dream come true.
    thank you.


    My name is Nansamba Mutaawe Milly. I am in need of a masters scholarship in the fields of; population and reproductive health, peace and conflict management, public health or public administration. I am through with my degree in Social work and social administration and will be graduating early next year. I will be more than glad if my request is taken into consideration.

  9. Thinley Penjor says:

    Greetings from Bhutan

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have completed secondary school and also completed Diploma in Electrical.However I would like to under go degree course in same field. As such, I am looking for a scholarship to undergo the course.

    With warm regards

    Thinley Penjjor

  10. Fatuma A. Kaphuni says:

    My name is Fatuma from Tanzania, I’m looking for Undergraduate scholarship in Geoinformatics or Architecture. I’m holding a certificate in Forestry & Beekeeping at Forestry Training Institute and passig my studies with upper second class, and attending a short course of G.I.S at Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Please consider me.
    Thanks,best regards.

  11. jama suleiman from somalia.
    as the above bro. and sisters request i just like to get a master program if you can suport all of us since we are from sub Saharan countries.

  12. Kwesiga Bennet says:

    Iam Kwesiga Bennet aged 26,have completed a bachelor degree in Information Technology from Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda. I would like to upgrade to masters level, will be greatful if considered for a course in Business or IT at your university.


    My name is Lydia Josephat Tirweshobwa from Tanzania. I am looking for Masters Scholarship in Development Studies. I’m holding a bachelor degree in Development studies at Kampala International University in Uganda. Please consider me.
    Thanks best regads

  14. tafara hove says:

    need assistance for a masters degree im development or social work.have just completed my first degree in social work.

  15. Shanika says:

    I passed secondary O\L D-8 C-2 and advanced level A-1 B-2 also passed Quantity surveying at technical college and mass com.Diploma at srilankan university.Now I’m studying law entrance.I would like to study law degree. if i find scholorship I can make sure my dreams

  16. Moses Atia says:

    i will be very glad to be part of this great oppotunity to enable me under go my masters programme to improve my community.

  17. kamau Robert Kabatha says:

    I am about to complete MA literature studies at Egerton University,Kenya.Kindly admit me for PHD STUDIES.

  18. Joyce Nyame says:

    I am looking for a scholarship for an MA course in Gender….

  19. Edouard Mutabazi Byinshi says:

    My name is Edouard Mutabazi from Rwanda.Im looking for Masters scholarships in development studies.I’m holding bechelor degree in social sciences from nationa university of Rwanda.

    thanks bets regards.