Humanitarian Innovation Fund: Recognition Grants & Invention Grants

Recognition Grants

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) provides recognition grants to generate meaningful insights to inform the invention of potential solutions.

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As recognising the problem is the first step in the innovation process, the grants are awarded to successfully innovate and find a better solution for the problem one is seeking to solve.

A grant up to £20,000 is available for the Recognition phase of the process.

Focus Projects

  • Learn from the community that is directly affected by the problem
  • Explore a problem from different and relevant perspectives
  • Identify new areas of opportunity for innovation
  • Review existing evidence about what works and what doesn’t
  • Explore the potential of adapting existing technology for new humanitarian purposes
  • Sharing the information gathered in a way others can easily understand

How to Apply

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Interested applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit Recognition Grants.

Invention Grants: Bring an Idea to Life

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund provides invention grants for the invention of a creative solution or novel idea, which helps address a problem or seize an opportunity. Combining analysis, discussion and, most importantly, creativity to generate ideas or harness new technologies.

A grant up to £20,000 is available for the Invention phase of the process.

Focus Projects

  • Creatively exploring options for different ideas
  • Getting feedback from a wide group of people about your initial idea
  • Discussing the solution with potential user community to see what they think
  • Developing a storyboard to help others visualise your solution
  • Determining which ideas are worth developing into prototypes to test
  • Building quick and easy prototypes to test out ideas
  • Combining different ideas to create one unified solution

Past Invention Projects

  • Rapid Manufacturing for Quick Onset Disasters
  • Innovative Online Library for Health Action in humanitarian Relief: MedBox – Medical Mission Institute-Catholic Advisory Group for International Health


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