Corporate Fundraising

How to train NGO staff in Fundraising

Fundraising is the lifeline activity for any NGO, yet it is the most challenging task for us all. This is because there are so few resources available and too many seekers reaching them out. In such cases, only organizations that are competitive, responsive and creative succeed. But to be competitive, responsive and creative, it is […]

Prepare the staff in fundraising work

FUNDRAISING CAN BE A SIMPLE AND ENJOYABLE WORK We often think that fundraising is a serious job and only someone with a high level of education and experience can undertake it. But this cannot be true always. We believe that a person, mostly young and enthusiastic, with basic writing and speaking skills and some level […]

Sample Job Description for NGO Fundraising Staff

Below is a sample job description that can be used as terms of reference for an NGO staff assigned with the responsibility of raising funds for the organization. Position: Fundraising Assistant Reporting to: Director Objective: To provide assistance to the head or the board of the organization in identifying donor resources, raising funds and writing […]

Giving Orientation to the Fundraising Staff

Patience is a necessity in fundraising. So, it also becomes necessary to remain patient while dealing with the staff newly assigned with the job of raising funds for your organization. The person may be fluent in English and good at internet, but may have little knowledge about fundraising. In other circumstances, the person may have […]

Training Tasks for the Fundraising Staff

Allow the fundraising staff to browse through previous proposals and concept notes. Allow him or her sometime to read and understand them. Let the person understand the current work of the organization with a new perspective. Since the person is taking a new responsibility, he or she may be needing a fresh perspective to the […]

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