Foundations providing Travel Grants to NGOs

Philantropia Inc



Though the list is short and many restrictions may apply, some donors do provide travel support to NGOs. Examples of these include:

Art Moves Africa (AMA) Travel Grants – AMA supports mobility within the African continent by providing the costs of travel, visa and travel insurance for the duration of stay. AMA doesn’t support fees, accommodations, or per-diem. (

Commonwealth Foundation Civil society responsive grants – These grants are designed to promote international or intercultural exchange, co-operation and sharing of skills, knowledge and ideas between people from developing Commonwealth countries. They support activities such as short training courses, workshops, conferences, festivals, study visits or voter education activities. (

The Schwarzkopf Foundation offers travel grants to enable young Europeans to undertake field trips investigating political and cultural developments in neighboring European countries. (

Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Have an officer that administers NGO support transactions, travel support related to project preparation, travel support related to conferences for NGOs already receiving Finnish support ( Note: The support must be requested by a Finnish NGO).

Norway Government Travel support scheme for NGOs / social partners – Some Norwegian Embassies offer travel grants for seminar attendance or project related activities. (

Web Search

Lastly, search for travel grants on the web. Good search terms include “NGO travel grants”, “NGO travel support”, or “non-profit travel grants”, combined with the region, country, conference, or theme that your NGO is interested in. You’d be surprised at how much information is available.



This guide was produced in cooperation with Philantropia Inc. – A US based international fundraising firm.

A final word of warning. There have been reports of email scams and fraudulent offers of travel support targeting NGOs. Though many trainings, seminars, and conferences require payment of registration fees, no fee should be charged to receive a travel grant. If you are asked to pay such a fee it almost always is a scam. has prepared a guide that will help prevent NGOs from becoming a victim of such frauds – click HERE to read it.

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