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Sample Grant Proposal: Sustainable Livelihood Development

This is a sample grant proposal to assist small NGOs to understand proposal writing and project planning. However, we do not claim this sample to be perfect and should not be copied as it is. We urge our website visitors to read through this material carefully for the purpose of seeking clarity about writing proposals […]

What is the Sample Proposal about?

The sample proposal presented here is a request for grant support to an international donor agency. It is assumed that there is no general proposal format under these conditions and we have used a general framework to present the information about the project. We are using references for the proposal applicant as ORG, referring to […]

Sample Proposal on “Community-managed Sustainable Livelihoods in River Basin” Project

Proposed by ORG Part 1: Project Summary “Communities residing in the river basin face a high level of economic risk due to the prevalence of unexpected natural disasters such as floods and landslides. Although these natural disasters are seasonal, yet the communities end up bearing livelihood losses in addition to loss of life, housing and […]

Part 2: Problem Statement for “Community-managed Sustainable Livelihoods in River Basin” Project (Sample Proposal)

“The low-income and disadvantaged communities, residing in the river basins of the country/region, are open to increasing economic risks, besides facing the hard consequences of natural disasters and climate change. Most of the rivers in the country are snow-fed and flow down from north to south with a high velocity and since the land hosts […]

Part 3: Project Description: “Community-managed Sustainable Livelihoods in River Basin” Project (Sample Proposal)

“In response to the request from the donor agency, ORG has developed this paper to initiate, design and implement an effective livelihood intervention strategy targeted at the poor and the disadvantaged communities living in the river basin. The strategic approaches, outlined in this concept note, will leverage with the ongoing efforts of other donor-supported projects […]

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