Traineeship Programme for UN Agencies in Nepal – Cohort II

Nepal, Real Solutions Pvt. Ltd., on behalf of the United Nations invites applications from potential candidates for a traineeship programme with UN Agencies. UN Agencies in Nepal have initiated a joint traineeship programme to offer professional training as well as capacity building and to University graduates from socially excluded groups to develop their professional competencies and enhance their employability prospects.

The programme will be for an 11 month period with a full time on the job training assignment with access to mentoring and practical experience in an international UN working environment. Opportunities for prospective trainees are available in the areas of general administration, programme/ project development and management in the areas of Poverty Reduction, Environment, Governance, Peace Building, Child Protection, Nutrition, Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Social Policy, Education, Social Inclusion & Gender Equality, Population, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resource Management, Finance, Logistics, Supplies Procurement and other UN related themes.

The minimum selection criteria for the applicants are given below:

• University graduate (minimum Bachelors degree)

• Belonging to a socially excluded group

• Passion to work in the development sector

• Appreciation of UN Core Values (Professionalism, Integrity & Respect for Diversity)

• Strong commitment to learn

• Willingness to work with others

• Basic communication skills (oral and written) in English and Nepali languages

• Commitment to complete the assignment during the traineeship period.

Deadline: May 22, 2012

 For further information, visit the link.

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  1. Bhishma Bhusan Shrestha says:

    Respected Sir/Madam!

    Best Wishes from B.B. Shrestha, From Nepal.

    I wish to introduce my Institution Nepalese Workers Rehabilitations Service & Counseling Center, (NWRSCC) that is actively operating Human and children trafficking rescue work to the National and international foreign countries since 2 years of its establishment. We have been successfully rescuing human trafficking candidates in right time at right place. We are working hard for their better opportunity to come back to their Home country safely. So, I would like to request you to kindly be a helping hand (rehabilitation) to Nepalese workers and help us support and rescue those who are suffering from human trafficking in any sector (National & International) from your organization or institution for which I will remain ever grateful. I will assure you that the rehabilitation of the candidate’s victim through my institution Organization will always meet the human trafficking victims rescue and type you ask us to rescue. We have all category of Ground task force with us like Very professional. I hope you will give me a help to prove my excellent work and experience in this field.

    May be I need your great support about financial for rehabilitation and reuse human trafficking victims especially from abroad I hope you will not ignore it instead be a path driver and a supporter to eliminate human trafficking.

    Why we are starting this operation ground task force?

    The main Reason is that Government and manpower recruiter agency they do not care about the candidates after they send to worker to the host country because of this matter there are more and more report being filed in department of labor at the moment. And some candidate return safely them self and report to the Department of labor and after they are back and reports the situation to Department of Labor they ignore this matter totally.
    Manpower recruiter’s agencies do not take action to their foreign partner agency in time.
    Foreign Ministry of affairs also doesn’t take action seriously but just wait for foreign embassies confirmation.
    The Embassy is also scared or neglects to talk to foreign manpower companies or Government.
    Nepal Foreign Employment Agency NFEA also keeps silent because those members are selected from manpower recruiter’s agencies as well.
    Even any people while in service or in contract period dies in aboard the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knowingly delays to give back the insurance to the bereaved family.
    So, our project was to revive the existing listeners club through which information on safe migration is disseminated. Through this project so far NWRSCC also has been quite successful in providing legal assistance to men and women migrant workers in distress. The overall outcome of this project is that the ratio of formation of listeners clubs is increasing and Nepalese migrant workers (prospective and returnees) visiting NWRSCC office for membership, information, counseling and legal support is increasing day by day.



    NWRSCC has been registered under the district administrative office on the date 05/10/2068 and its registration number is 734-2068/069. Later, it took affiliation from social welfare council and its affiliation number is 34223. NWRSCC as a non-profit, non-government organization is governed by the Government of Nepal.

    NWRSCC has been registered under the Nepal Social Welfare Council with registration No. 34223 dated 12-10-2068 B.S. (Bikram Sambat). Moreover, it is registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu with registration No. 734/068/069 dated 05-10-2068 B.S. And NWRSCC Register INLAND REVENUE DEPARTMENT Kathmandu PAN Registration No. 600419486 dated 13-10-2068 B.S.


    NWRSCC is an organization of returnee women and men migrant workers, formed to work on the rights of women & men migrant workers. NWRSCC has established itself as a pioneer Non-government organization in the field of making migration safe and secure. It has been operating its functions in support of its dedicated members and national and international stakeholders. Registered in 2012, NWRSCC was established with the objective to ensure the rights of women & men migrant workers in the entire process of foreign employment.

    NWRSCC being a pioneer in addressing the concerns of migrant workers has gradually been building up its programs and outreach. In just a year its staffs and volunteers have dealt with and supported thousands of migrants with a range of problems and issues. Over recent been providing counseling, legal help and other post-return services. It also provides information on safe migration through a regular weekly radio program and local news paper. Both men and women have been benefited. However, women & men migrant workers have special emphasis on assisting and providing assistance. The organization got the modest support form OSI since 2011. But still additional resources are required to expand services and programs. Now the challenge is to expand the outreach to those in need, provide greater access to emergency service and provide more systematic support for reintegration.

    Goal and objective:

    Institution aims according to the current law implemented in Nepal and Government of Nepal’s guidance and continue to work with national and international companies staying under the rules and regulations and fulfill its aim.
    Institute will remain to be a non-profit making, social welfare and will help to provide Nepalese working in different countries and will solely work for the welfare of those people with complication and even will do the best to sort out their problems as well.
    Institute will work for social welfare of people and will even contact the Embassy in need to help out migrated Nepalese and sort out their problems.
    Even it will help and support people suffering due to natural calamities and to those migrated Nepalese who are facing problems in aboard.
    Institution will work only to help helpless people with evidence and proofs. With the proofs and facts provided only on true basis will work without hampering innocents.
    Even in need to help people in aboard institute will examine and correspond in foreign countries know the facts and will work accordingly.

    The main purpose will help to maintain clean understanding and environment between workers and employer. It will help in conditions like airport pickups by agent or employer so that employees do not get disturbed or lost in foreign country.
    After the employees reaches the host country institute will examine if they have gotten things like work, salary and other facilities as stated in Nepal. Incase any problems arises institute will rehabilitate and work to sort out their problems as soon as possible.
    Looking at the difficulties in language this institution will act as a bridge and help both parties to understand each other so that they are no misunderstandings.
    It will publish the directory books with company’s name, address, telephone number, fax and email address so that the workers and company remain in contact.
    It will also help to bring death bodies of Nepalese workers and inform their families in Nepal contacting Government of Nepal and authorized personnel or companies as soonest.
    Even in receiving the insurance and other facilities of death workers to their families institute will provide help and support.
    Institute will help to provide and send message of workers working aboard to their families in Nepal.
    After the workers reaches to their destination (company) and problems arises due to language institute will play a role to solve such kind of problems.
    NWRSCC will help to maintain culture and tradition but help eliminate disbeliefs, partiality due to gender, caste and bring awareness and education as to maintain smooth understanding in country.
    NWRSCC will put contact with similar agencies or company in home country and in foreign countries and will work jointly to help and maintain smooth understanding according to company or institution’s constitution.
    NWRSCC will arrange different social gatherings and programs during festivals.
    To fulfill the aim of company NWRSCC will do each and every legal procedure and process and meet the necessity.
    This institution will work taking authority from Authorized Official like Chief District Administration Office and will establish it’s company and work under the rules and regulations provided by Government of Nepal. To fulfill the motto of institution NWRSCC will jointly work with national, non-governmental organization and will give and receive help from them and will maintain to establish good friendship both nationally and internationally.
    NWRSCC will not harm or hinder any neighboring countries or by any chance due to the work if ever indirectly the neighboring country is harmed the authorized officer can dissolve or cancel the license of NWRSCC.
    Any T.V or media hinders any citizen’s rights and without knowing the facts presents a report in T.V then NWRSCC will operate and write back against the report and channel that broadcasted the reports.
    Following the current laws of Nepal, NWRSCC will fight against child abuse and with the help of authorized sector will help and support those victimized children.
    To help and stop girls trafficking and punish those people who are involved in such kind of activities and also stop the company who are doing illegal business by sending girls illegally aboard and punish them with the help of an authorized authority according to Nepalese laws.
    NWRSCC will help stop people buying and selling drugs. It will also council the addicted youngsters and send them to registered rehabilitation centre. It will organize educational programmes so as people involved in drinking; cards can be minimized and can transform themselves to be well disciplined citizens.
    NWRSCC will help those victims who have been looted and cheated by companies like bank and finances, educational consultancy. Land real estate, manpower and work fully so that victims get full justice within a short span of time.
    If any foreigners are staying illegally in Nepal then NWRSCC will report it to immigration and by any case if any foreigners have legally come to Nepal and are having any kind of problems then it will help those types of foreigners.
    NWRSCC will also play its role to establish children being victimized by natural calamities, wars and will take authority from Government and establish schools and provide free education.
    NWRSCC will stop those people who are involved in demolishing heritages like temples, PATTI PAUWAA and bring awareness in people so that we can conserve our heritage which are asset of our existence.
    NWRSCC will also provide service to agricultural field like poultry farming, cow farms, cattle farming and bee farming.
    NWRSCC will take authority from authorized Government sectors before starting any programs nationally and internationally.
    NWRSCC will provide love, care and support to those orphan children who have lost their parents in wars or natural calamities. It will also provide medicines, education and built up hostel to establish and literate children.
    During the time of crisis or wars, NWRSCC will help both people fighting for or against to get jobs and help earn living. People or children who are disable or handicap and are mentally retarded, NWRSCC will provide shelter, education ,medicines and also will influence and encourage the youngsters to work in welfare of country so that the manpower can be used to develop our own country.
    To fulfill and meet the aims of institution, NWRSCC will receive help from different national and international companies and also receive financial and other necessary help and support from Government of Nepal.
    This institution can purchase land and properties and for this it can take loan from Banks and Finances.


    Every month more than 30000 people migrate aboard to earn their living through Manpower agencies and some from private sectors. The Department of Labor and the Manpower Agency thinks that their work is completed once the candidates reach the host country and never dares to check or cross check if they have been paid as per the contract and whether they have been given the same work as said while in Nepal. They just neglect problems as they are scared they may lose the demand from the companies in Foreign Country.
    In the year 2061 B.S. the candidates that have gone to IRAQ for employment and were brutally killed but The Government of Nepal did not take any step to rescue those people. Due to which the innocent manpower had to suffer the anger people in Nepal destroyed all the manpower’s but the Government could not even safe the manpower’s and the property in Nepal. Due to which many manpower’s were closed as the government of Nepal did not compensate anything to the sufferers who actually were innocents.
    Recently 300 candidates are jailed in South Korea and one has been sentenced to death In Dubai but Government of Nepal has not taken any action to bring The Nepalese candidates safely to Nepal.

    I hope you will give a helping hand and be a support to my institution to help us rehabilitate people who are suffering in aboard.

    Your kind consideration and assistance in this matter would be highly appreciated.

    Yours, Sincerely
    B.B. Shrestha