The Netherlands’ Human Rights Fund Small Activities 2013

Deadline 31 December 2013 6 September 2013

The ‘Human Rights Fund Small Activities’ offered by Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands is accepting proposals from NGOs.

The goal of this program is to set out in the human rights strategy ‘Respect and rights for everyone. Grant applications amount to a maximum of EUR 499,000.

To be eligible for a grant under the Human Rights Fund Small Activities 2013, the activities for which a grant is requested must relate to one of the following (sub)themes from the human rights strategy ‘Respect and rights for everyone’:

  • Protection and support for human rights defenders;
  • Equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT);
  • Equal rights for women focused on political participation and prevention of violence against women;
  • Combating the most serious human rights abuses (death penalty and torture);
  • Promoting freedom of expression and internet freedom;
  • Promoting freedom of religion and belief;
  • Human rights and development;
  • Business and human rights, including child labour.

The duration of a grant under the Human Rights Fund Small Activities 2013 is a maximum of four years if substantiation is provided that this is necessary to bring about structural changes.

The available grant resources are part of the “Human Rights Fund”, which is designed to finance activities in the field of human rights in support of the objectives and priorities set out in the human rights strategy ‘Respect and rights for everyone’, thereby furthering Dutch foreign policy objectives. This may involve both long-term objectives and activities related to
current developments affecting Dutch foreign policy.


The Priority countries Human Rights Fund are Algeria, DRC, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, South-Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, South-Africa, Bangladesh, Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, North-Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Bahrein, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel (Middle East Process), Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian Authority areas, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates

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  1. Hi, writing from Tanzania, we are facing different challenges fall under themes you mentioned for eligibility,but unfortunately we are not mentioned as one of the priorities countries to apply for the support, can The human Rights Funds Small Activities consider Tanzania to be one of the applicant so that we can benefit from this opportunity?

  2. Hi, I saw the deadline has been modified on your article, but I don’t find in the official documents anything indicating that proposals should be sent before the 6 september 2013: where does this info come from? Thank you for confirming !

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m Helga from Center for Women’s Resources Development in Indonesia. I interested for the submit the proposal, Could I send the application by email ? what’s your address email ?
    I hope your quickly response because today is deadline this proposal.

    Thank you very much.

    Helga Dyah

    • You need to apply to the funding organisation directly, not us Helga. Just click on the link at the foot of the article to be taken to the official funding page.

  4. Sanatan Behera says:

    Dear sir,

    We are very much interested to apply for this project. Kind enough to send the template or help us about how to place the proposal before you.

    With kind regards,
    Sanatan Behera

  5. Care for Children and Old Age in South Sudan(CCOSS) says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    CCOSS would like to submitted the proposal on Equal rights for women focused on political participation and prevention of violence against women for The ‘Human Rights Fund Small Activities’ offered by Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands but we do not have your email contacts. please may you sent us your email contacts ASAP. remember the deadline is 6 September2013.

    Mabior Wel Akau
    Programs Director
    Bor, Jonglei State, Republic of South Sudan.

  6. Anthony Doe Nyenka says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Warmest greetings from the Catholic and Peace Commission in Liberia.

    What are the criteria and procedures for application submission for this fund?

    Thanks very much.

  7. Natalia Shtykova says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    On behalf of Go Group Media, a Georgia-based NGO working across the many fault-lines in the South Caucasus, I am asking you to kindly provide the template we could use for submitting a proposal under the program announced here

    thank you very much

  8. Mehedi Hasan Fuad says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings from Bangladesh. I would like to know if there is any provision of online submission?

  9. Ehita aikpitanyi says:

    Where and how can one submit a proposal for this fund? there an application form or a proposal format?

  10. Natia Gvianishvili says:

    Hi, where can I find the application form and information about requirments and where to submit the application to ? thank you

  11. Zayn Durrani says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to know about the template of the proposal writing since my organization is interested in applying for this project.

    Zayn durrani

  12. Mulucha Jay says:

    I am an activist and a human rights defender who leads an LBT/WSW organization in Uganda and this is the opportunity that we don’t want to miss. I have realized that Uganda is not among the eligible countries,so is there any way we can be part of this opportunity?
    We shall be grateful to hear from you.

  13. Mulucha Jay says:


    I am an activist and a human rights defender heading an LBT/WSW organization in Uganda and this is one of the opportunity that we would not like to miss but Uganda is not on the list of Eligible countries, is there any way we can be considered for this opportunity?

  14. Mazbahun Nahar says:

    Is there any prescribed template or format to write the proposal? If so,would you please mail me the proposal format/template to my mail?

  15. Peter O. Ekiikina says:

    Foundation for Open Development (FOD) is a Research, Advocacy, Conflict Mitigation and Capacity Building Non-Governmental Organization. ”Platform for the Voiceless” with the Head Quarter’s in Tororo District approximate 220 km East of Kampala in Uganda, East Africa and in Africa. It is not for profit, non political nor religious organization.

    FOD is headed by Board of Trustees that has got the President at the apex and activities are implemented by the Secretariat of which is headed by the Programme Director.

    FOD has got 10(ten) thematic Directorates/Programmes and thus: Participatory Governance and Democracy, Land Natural Resources and Environment, Gender Justice Children and youth, Human Rights and Advocacy, Health HIV/AIDS, Education, Private Sector and Micro Finance, Faith Based, Agriculture/Livelihood and Elderly / PLWDs.

    Friends, well wishers, governments, organizations,…we trust in you to supports our vulnerable population in the above thematic areas through FOD. Your efforts shall highly be appreciated.

    We thank you for being part of it.

  16. Greetings
    Our organisation AWARD would like to apply for the funds kindly send me the proposal format and the email address.Thanks

  17. Isatou Touray says:

    It is a pity that Gambia is not among the priority countries for Dutch Development Corporation . Please consider countries like the Gambia. We may be small in size but we have human rights concerns, The resources we may get from this project will make a big difference in advancing human rights and development, People can improve their condition when they are well informed, Please rethink your policy

  18. Evelyn Ruga says:

    am from Centre for Justice For Victims of Crimes Against Humanity based in Kenya, we would like to submit the proposal, Kindly provide the email address that we can use to submit the proposal

  19. Evelyn Ruga says:

    Am writing from Centre For Justice For Victim of Crimes Against Humanity in Kenya, i am interested in submitting a proposal, is there a format to use. How is the proposal submitted Via mail? what the email address.

  20. Foundation for Community Sustainability says:

    Foundation for community sustainability is a civil society organization working in the south and eastern province of Sierra Leone and our activities covers a wide range of human rights issues to contain peaceful co-existence, but Sierra Leone is not on your eligibility list, shall will apply to be considered?
    An early reply will be appreciated as time is flying out.
    Sincerely yours,
    Prince Ben Massaquoi- Program Manager

  21. Foundation for community Sustainability (FoCoS-SL) says:

    FoCoS-SL is a civil society organization working in the south and eastern province of Sierra Leone on different thematic areas that deals with human rights violations and abuses, but Sierra Leone is not on the eligibility list, shall we be consider to apply?
    An early reply will be appreciated as time is flying out.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Prince Ben Massaquoi- Program Manager

  22. Mohamed Abdikarin says:

    Thanks for your invitation toward improving the living standard of human ,but in East Africa especially Somalia is one of the worst places in the world ,because we were in civil war for the last 21 years and justice and good governance were not developed among our communities.Please clarify the address to be delivered.

  23. Rina Chakma says:

    Please mail us the proposal format/template and detail address of submitting our proposal.

  24. Rina Chakma says:

    Please mail us the proposal submitting format/template and detail address of submitting our proposal.

  25. S I Kabir says:

    It is a great opportunity to our organization named INDAB- Bangladesh. I can’t able to download the pdf format related to human rights fund small activities 2013. Can you please help me in this issue so that we can able to submit the proposal in the stipulated time? Thanks in advance!

  26. Charles Muthiora says:

    Can i kindly have the proposal template so that I can upload my proposal.

  27. Dear Sir/Madan

    I am in Somali, and i would like to apply this Project, i don’t SOMALIA in top priority, also i don’t see the contact of the Ministery, please notify.


    Mohamed Ali



  28. Qamar Bashir says:

    Please mail us the format and template for submitting our proposal. A tremendous amount of work is required to improve the quality of life of our women folk. They need to be economically empowered and educated about their rights as given in the country constitution.
    Qamar Bashir
    Gender & Community Development Foundation ( GCDF ).

  29. ronaldmutebikizito says:

    Iam an Executive Director for VECHUganda operating in Mukono District in Uganda .
    VECH is active in the following domains of work which include; Health care services for OVCs and their care givers, Education support,Enviromental health,water,hygiene and sanitation, child protection/gender domestic violence access to legal support, sustainable agriculture and social economic strengthening.VECH is involved in ensuring child safety, care and protection to widows,women,youth and grannies. The services are provided in families, schools, and communities where the children stay and live.It is a great opportunity,is it okay with you to include Uganda on the eligibility list? I would like to apply. Thank you.

  30. Adelyne Psirmoi says:

    It is a great opportunity for organizations that promotes human rights in various sectors. Please can we have online template to upload the projects.

    with regards

    Adelyne Psirmoi
    Masomo Development Initiative (MDI)

  31. D.K.Mohanty says:

    My Name is Dhirendra Kumar Mohanty, Director Jawahar Balbhavan,Kendrapara,Working
    for the Legal literacy for rural women and girls.This opportunities will assist us for scaling
    up our programme.
    Many Thanks


    Why Uganda not on the list of eligible countries yet Uganda harbors serious Human Rights concerns?

  33. patience ndlovu says:

    My i have the proposal and budget templates .Thank you

  34. lawrence ole Mbelati says:

    i work for Mainyoito pastoralist organization in Kenya as land natural resource office in this program the organization is working toward lobbying women to participate in both governance and land related rights. looking at the advert it is relate to supporting women land rights in Kenya. we are therefore interest to apply for the funding.

  35. Dilli Raj Lekhak says:

    we are working in protecting and promoting the right of multi drug resistent Tuberculosis in Nepal can we eligible to submitt proposal.

  36. kemigisha janet says:

    hi. i would like to know if my country uganda can apply for this grant. thank you

  37. kemigisha janet says:

    HI, i would like to know if uganda can apply. thankyou

  38. Edwin K G Bangurah says:

    My country Sierra Leone has a lot of violations against womens especially the girl child and it has to do with rape cases which are on the increase all over the country’s interior, not only in the capital city as Abdulai said in his post and what is aiding it is child labour which is very high where i work ( Bonthe District). I am pleading with your Government ministries to put Sierra Leone at the top of your priority list so that NGO’s can access this grant and make frantic efforts in abolishing this diabolic act. Please do this in the best interest of the girl child to help us give life in all its fullness……World Vision International standards.
    Yours sincerely,
    Edwin K G Bangurah
    Founder & Executive Director

  39. mutoto Grace says:

    we are macca foundation a community based org here in uganda,among our programmes as a group is to advocate for the rights of children,fight of HIV/Aids,peace communication,and educational support.In this nature,how can we be helped?

  40. Mohammed Saleh Ali says:

    despite the essentiality for the call of proposals in my region I do not see East african countries(Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda) listed in countries of eligibility. This is very sad indeed for my organisation The Tanzania Union of Liberal Persons Organisations [TULIPO] of which has been seeking grants to develop organisational operations towards Human rights development and growth. We shall be very pleased if our regions are endowed with the same so as to develop our small organisations to engage in human rights at poverty reduction, democratic growth and environmental cleanliness with social inclusion.

  41. Sureshkumar Selvarathinam says:

    Dear Madam/Sirs,

    Srilanka is not included in the priority list. As you’ll well know that there are lot of human rights

    problems, we hereby request to add Srilanka too in he priority list.

    Thank you’ll.

  42. ESTHER SOTI says:

    This a great funding initiative.
    I work with Human rights NGO in Kenya called Development Knowledge Link Africa (DEVLINK).I have a question;
    How do we get to submit our proposals, is it through email? Kindly clarify.
    Thank you.

  43. South Sudan For Peace and Community Aid Org' (SSPACAO) says:

    it is utmost opportunity for South Sudan for Peace and Community Aid Organization (SSPACAO) to grand a support from Netherland’ human rights Fund for small Activities. SSPACAO is a community based organization that was formed in 2010 by the community of Unity State in South Sudan. It was officially registered by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) as community based organization and duly registered in 2013 by government of South Sudan. Currently the organization is operating in all the 9 counties within Unity State. Due to limited funds SSPACAO considered to operating in three states; Lakes, Warrab and Unity States. I would like to resquest your esteemed end to support Business and human rights, including child labour and Human Rights and Development in South Sudan.


  44. Benjamin Gumede says:

    Iam pleased to see this call for proposal,particularly from a country like Zimbabwe where my NGO is operating particularly within the New Government,I feel the program will be relevant to our new leadership and the nation as at large.May I have the template/proposal format so that I respond accordingly.

  45. Is Tanzania qualified for this fund?
    Please notify.

  46. Kindly Human Right Netherland.
    Im an employee of the Christian Council of Tanzania.
    I want to know if Tanzania qualify to apply for it.
    Regards Gloria.

  47. Kindly,
    Is Tanzania allowed to apply for the fund?

  48. women in politics says:

    Women in politics is interested in applying can we have the proposal and budget templates on email.


  49. We work for the Child rights and Child protection. we are interested kindly include our country for eligibility. its is INDIA.

  50. Raphael Ololo says:

    We are NGO established under the laws of Kenya and working with rural women who form the bulk of the poor population and those discriminated against by cultural practices which are no longer relevant. CENTRE FOR POVERTY REDUCTION AND SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND AIDS ORPHANS, would like to create a link with your organization for future networking.

  51. Dear Sir/Madam,
    It was nice reading that funds for NGOs are available on one of the most important issue like human rights and taken by surprise to know that country most affected by this problem and in dire need is not on the priority list for funding. My I know the reason and is there still a window of opportunity for Afghanistan NGOs to have access to this funding?
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
    Sincerely Yours

    Dr. M. Hafiz

  52. Margaret Katono says:

    Would you consider a capacity building organization that would cluster countries to benefit from this fund?

    Thank you

  53. north rift women pastralist association says:

    Hi netherland small grant activities .we are an org from vununarable communities in the mention rengion inkenya ,we request for support of human right and development.because we are the most affected of the human right issues and development we are pastrolist communiteis [nomads].kindly we really need your assistance,please direct us where your offices are in Kenya.

  54. abdulai bangura says:

    rapping of the girl child within the age bracket 4-12 is at the peak both in the city Freetown and the provinces in my country sierra Leone. This has prompted a female media organization in the country to tender a peaceful protest letters to the stakeholders such as attorney general and minister of justice,ombudsman and foreign embassies for their attention and action.In this view coming accross such a temporal human rights topic , I am interested but my country is not in the list.can you please include sierra Leone in your list?

  55. shiv prasad sharma says:

    hello and namaste!
    I didn’t find Nepal in the prority list of Netherland Human right fund. Didn’t this here for nepal?

  56. Galimukatonda Pascal says:

    If we are in Uganda, is there a chance also to be considered as i have not seem it in the list?
    and thanks so much for your nice work you are doing to save the innocent.

  57. i am please to see this call for funding but i wish to know why Cameroon is not a priority country,

  58. Tahir A.R says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please what about the proposal template to apply for The Netherlands’ Human Rights Fund Small Activities 2013. Can you instruct me,


    Lahore Pakistan

  59. Please note the deadline is NOT December 31 2013, but September 6 2013, 12:00pm Netherlands time

  60. side by side organisation the Gambia says:

    Hello, well side by side organisation the Gambia is highly interested in applying for Your Human Right Fund.

    Yankuba senghore
    Administration officer

  61. Dhananjay Ray says:

    It is a great opportunity for Centre for the Development of Human Initiatives ( CDHI ), Jalpaiguri, India is working on equal rights for women, chid eduation & child protection, human rights, development and innovation since 1999. CDHI can work in North Bengal of India in collaboration with Dutch government. CDHI has already experience to work with Dutch government and other Agencies in Netherlands.We appreciate the initiatives undertaken by Netherlands government.

    Thanks and regards.
    Dhananjay Ray
    CDHI, Composite complex, Jalpaiguri, WB, India

  62. Jerome Rugaruza says:

    How to Promoting freedom of expression and internet freedom in the rural area where the highest population in developing countries live?
    Does the human right funds project support the implementation of satellite internet in the rural area, solar panels, to facilitate people to gain knowledge and freedom on through internet?

  63. Buonga Traite says:

    The proposal being called for is interesting looking at the initiatives taken by us and indigenous peoples and human rights activist. But for people like us who are working at the grassroots level registration of NGOs and legal formalities like FCRA (as required in India) are beyond our reach. Aren’t funds for non-registered NGOs & NGOs not having FCRA

  64. Ayuba Doroh says:

    I am an MSM social worker providing health service for the LGBTI community here in Nigeria always looking for oppotunities like this to share my experience and challenges we incounter while working with community back here. Most especially, from my own end I reach out to the Hausa speaking MSM community members specifically whoes rights are mostly violated and their always little I or the organisation am working with can offer in dealing with the situation due to the negative policy environment. Haven said that, I am soliciting for any king of support were posible from you. Thanks
    Your sincerely
    Ayuba Doroh