Training Opportunity for Women-International Activist School on Citizenship Video Journalism

Deadline- 15 October 2012

Countries/Region- Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus

Applications invited from women in Afghanistan and Middle East for use of videos and cell phones to document their stories and the human rights violations that take place in their communities and their country and disseminate them primarily through the Internet.

The Activist School on Citizenship Video Journalism is a nine-day training for women who are under threat from the fundamentalist forces that keep them out of the democratic processes. It is a space where 10 women will be given a scholarship to participate and learn to use simple video cameras to document their stories and the human rights violations that take place in their communities and their country and disseminate them primarily through the Internet.

The training will be facilitated by Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh, an Iranian feminist film maker/journalist who is exiled from Iran, currently based in Washington D.C., USA. Mahboubeh is currently a visiting instructor at the University of Connecticut teaching courses on grassroots advocacy and women’s rights and is running Zanan TV, an alternative media space online for women.

The training module is made up of three parts: knowledge, perspectives and skills building.

  • Knowledge will include the Isis International feminist development communications framework, including the role of alternative media in developing feminist movements and understanding the principles of women’s documentation and women telling their stories.
  • Perspectives part of the training will focus on the issue of fundamentalisms with a feminist political analysis. This section will also include human rights and sexuality issues and understanding social movements.
  • Skills building will be the training on skills such as shooting, editing, using various formats of video for online distribution.

By the end of the training, participants will have produced short films using the knowledge, perspectives and skills learned from the training. There will be a showing of the production and group critiquing to enhance the learnings.


  • share their perspectives, stories and experiences as feminists, activists or development workers from their respective countries;
  • mount video productions during and after the seminar. These video productions will be disseminated online;
  • echo their learnings from the training to their colleagues in their respective organisations or groups;
  • participate in the post-seminar evaluation four to six months after the seminar; and
  • be part of the Isis International Activist School Alumni.


Women from women’s or social development organisations based in Afghanistan and Middle East who wants to fight for women’s issues Women who are involved in media and communication particularly for human rights advocacy and, preferably, women who have had some experience handling digital cameras to video document their work, stories of women they work with or human rights violations happening in their countries or areas. Preferably, women have a camera and a laptop that they can bring and use in the training.

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