How to apply for the UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund 2012

The UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund is a funding opportunity specifically for small and grassroots-based NGOs in developing countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. However, small organizations often fail to participate in such opportunities because of their inability to access and develop a good proposal. With our primary objective of assisting such NGOs, we have developed some guidance material that can aid in accessing and writing the given application form.

Disclaimer: Please note that the guidance material provided here by is purely unofficial. It is neither complete nor accurate and does not make any guarantee of making your application more competitive or help you get any grant. Readers are requested to use this material at their own discretion.

The Urban Youth Fund accepts project proposals online – which means that you need to create an account at their website, log in and then complete the online application form.

If you are not able to complete the form at one time, you can always save it and come back later and rework on it by logging in again. Completed application form has to be submitted online with other relevant documents attached before the given deadline i.e. 15 April 2012.

NGOs with poor internet accessibility can check this link to download an offline application form (to be uploaded soon) to make notes before logging in to fill the online application form.

Below is a step-by-step guidance to help organizations to access the application form and write a proper proposal. Click on the links below one by one:

1. Applicant Registration at the Urban Youth Fund

2. Application Guidelines for the Urban Youth Fund

3. Application Form for the Urban Youth Fund

4. Information about the Applicant Organization: Urban Youth Fund Application

5. Explaining Youth Leadership in your Organization

6. Project Information for the Urban Youth Fund Application

7. Project Description: Urban Youth Fund Application Form

8. Project Outputs, Risks, Sustainability, Partnership…Urban Youth Fund Application

9. Background Information for the Urban Youth Fund Application

10. Logical Framework: Urban Youth Fund Application Form

Recent Opportunity by UN-Habitat Youth Fund Mentorship Opportunity 2014.



  1. SERD is a non profit organization working for the rural and urban how can approach your funding . we are ready to collaborate with your institution and work for youth.

  2. pastor David Serunkuma says:

    How can we be helped in getting funds with our church ministry of the orphans

  3. machief mallo says:

    Dina ithungu.
    i am a Nigerian and currently the coordinator of a small NGO in my country Initiative for Leadership and Development ILEAD geared toward empowering the youth and most especially women
    will love to collaborate with you on programmes and ideas as it affects these vulnerable majority

  4. Mangcha Haokip says:

    Iam Secretary of Hill People’s Devolopment Council (HPDC) whichan NGO working for the welfare of the Hilly Tribal people living in remote areas of Manipur State, India.

  5. Benjamin M Mwenda says:

    Hey We really want to get this funds but i went though the online requirement and there is too much needed for simple organization to get the funds, otherwise it is so difficult for a new organization to get this fund if you do not have background of organization or people who already funded you, the other challenge is most of information we have to fill it online and not everyone very good on line and some people like us we use scared internet so it difficult to fill all required information online, so if kindly you can help us in a different way which we can use to get fund to empower our society it would much easy and fair for groups of low class people like us who we do not have access to internet for long time.
    kindly I work with two small organization one is national organization for empowering youth and i have so many young people who would be glad to get funded to start small business in Kibera and other part of country, the other other one is small community based organization in the village which our aim and goal is to empower every child in education and for other older youth in creative ideas to keep them busy and out of drugs and early pregnancy and married and others, we would like to create a resource CENTER which they can get information and use their skill to empower themselves. any help would be so much appreciated, Ben

  6. Anita Haidary says:

    We are running an organization by the name of Complete Moon for Vulnerable Afghans; our specific field is tackling vulnerable women and youth issues.
    Yet the projects we have implemented are mostly in education and protection for young male and female,
    I am 27 years of age and function as the director of the NGO, I have work for more than 10 year for youth as a volunteer (started from school time up to date), I have establish a girl’s youth group, and later on that changed to youth federation (girls and boys) for the eastern zone of Afghanistan, with the time passage and my enthusiasm to serve for youth and implement sustainable projects for them, we the youth group enlarge our scope and change it to a national NGO. Our objective is to capacitate youth in a way that they not only help themselves and their families but to assist the vulnerable of this community. We believe in youth’s power, we have implemented country wide campaigns for children through our youth groups as volunteers.
    I will appreciate if I receive a feedback from you, since our group is intrusted to work on a project for those young girls and boys who are in severe need of job opportunities, they are less educated and some are not, in this tuff market completion they couldn’t adjust themselves, subsequently their potential mislead/alter to violent activities in the shape of revenge or they become drug users.
    Look forward to hear from you.
    Anita Haidary
    Director of CMVAO

  7. Kanyangeya Young Mothers Group
    P .O BOX 268,
    Kasese, Uganda.

    I m writing to ask and request for support for a project known as Reducing Women Rights Violations against young mothers and Street girls Children in the community.

    This project aims to contribute to the creation of a society where young mothers and Street girls Children enjoy their lives free of Women rights abuses for effective poverty reduction and development of the community.

    The project is expected to conduct public awareness on young mothers and Street girls children rights among youth, women groups’ and leaders, religious groups, primary teachers, children, local leaders and police.

    This will be done through radio talk shows, dialogue/work shops, school and community debates, music, dance and drama, essay competitions in school and community to reach out to the general public for change of attitude and behavior.

    This project shall be implemented by Kanyangeya Young Mothers Group in Kasese District, Western part of Uganda.

    According to the baseline survey made shows that young mothers and Street girls Children rights are violated all the time in the community. Therefore, there is need to address these issues in the community for effective harmony and development of the area. We shall also implement and grow cassava,maize and grandnuts for food and brick making for income to maintain the girls children on street in school and the young mothers for survival in community. I would again request that if you are not in position to support this programme kindly pass it on to the probable funders over there for the noble cause.


    Mrs. Dinah Ithungu Kinyerere


  8. asma moustafa says:

    We Women’s Union Association of the workers care about the women widowed and divorced elderly and children and look forward to a prosperous future for women and children and sustainable development to them so please support us to continue our journey and thank you

  9. Little Angels of the Environment Cameroon says:

    Greetings, i write to acknowledge information about your organization again, i encourage you on the constant offers made to support the underprivileged NGOs in some developing countries. At the same time i will like to reming you that if your organization doesn’t extend the necessary support to any applicant could you kindly notify them , this is because we applied for funding from you some five years ago and had nor response it really made us feel bad with all the efforts we put in to come up with our initiative. thank you. Little Angels Cameroon.

  10. Mathewos W.Mariam says:

    I feel honored to be a partner with your organization in behalf of Kembatta Development Association. As regards your calls for funds for NGO’s Developing Countries, we are non profit and non government organization with objectives: to reduce poverty, to enhance food security, and currently we are working on low cost-housing demonstration as a pilot project in the town. There fore, we would deeply appreciate your kind consideraion and will look forward to receving your approval to submit the project proposal to replicate the pilot project in other towns at Kembatta Zone,Southren Nations Natinalites and People’s Reginal States, Ethiopia.

    Mathewos W.Mariam


    Dear Sir,Ma
    We are Non- charitable organization in The Gambia registred with The Goverment.
    We are working among the youths and orphans that they are sleeping under the bridge begging for money and they dont have anybpdy to help them.
    We provides food,clothings and acccomdation for them and we sent them to school.
    And we are helping alots poor famlies by giving them loan to set up small scale business and and free medical treatment from village to villages and school to school.




    I have seen this only on 11th April, Is there any extension of date to submit our application, please send reply to our email ID which has given above. We are running one NGO by name YOUTH WELFARE ASSOCIATION in Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh, India. Particularly we are working for the upliftment of youth.

    Kindly help us to get funding for our organisation.

  14. S.inbaraj says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub:- Micro-credit finance to the poor uneducated girls and women
    for income generating activities – maintaining 117 Self Help groups having 15 to 21 members in each group including women and girls together & some men’s group also.
    All the members are ladies and girls

    Prayerful wishes to you from I:REWARD. We are submitting a Project proposal to
    provide Micro credit finance to the poor uneducated girls and women and
    rehabilitation of the girls and women. To protect the right of girls and women
    is the reason for proposing this project. We aim at women empowerment, gender
    equality women’s human rights, their economic and political empowerment and
    supports innovative and experimental activities benefiting women. We improve
    the lives of women and girls. Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with women
    leaders We propose a 3 year project for Micro credit, from the Districts of
    Tuticorin and Tirunelveli. We will implement this project in Cooperation with
    the grassroots people and your esteemed and unique voluntary organization. The
    total Project Cost is Rs. 18,75,000- (US $41667).We request a grant of Rs. 18,75,000,- (US $ 41,667) from your unique esteemed
    service oriented organization.
    Kindly process this application and sanction the Project, for which all the
    people in this locality will be thankful to you sir always. Awaiting for your
    partnership or sponsorship and looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Please we have enough appreciation letters and evidences from Block Development
    Officer, Bank Manager, Priest, etc. If you are interested. We can send more
    details also to your kind presence. It is very urgent also sir.
    We get no help from government and abroad. We are managing with little donation
    campaign. We meet a large section of people. But the people themselves are very
    poor and there is no point in approaching them again and again. At this
    background we have decided to seek assistance from foreign source. Thus we
    approach your good self to help us tide over this crisis. We need funds to
    maintain comprehensive project to find out difference sources to develop their peace full life. With this letter, we have attached a project, kindly approve it for which all the old men and women and others will be thankful to you always. May you please give your sponsorship?
    Expecting your favorable reply with so much of curiosity.

    Thanking you
    S.Inbaraj M.Com.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,
    Founder cum Managing Trustee-I:REWARD,
    96A,Kamaraj Nagar,
    Sathankulam post,
    Tuticorin district,
    Tamilnadu state
    India-628 704.

  15. Sajid Ali says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    First of all on behalf of all poor youth participants, I am very much thankful to UN-HABITANT for the great opportunity, currently I am working with BEFARe in backward and flood hitted areas of Sind-Pakistan, after flood 2010, and we provide NFIs for 3250 families.
    Personally I don’t have any interest for the financial support because through the current Job I am earning some money for my family life survival.
    My aim of life is that, I want to do something for those peoples who have need of food, shelters, and other financial support for the better life survival.
    Mostly UN-Agencies are working in the flood affected areas of Pakistan on different components like, food, shelters, Health & many other emergency relief services all services are on temporary basis, I want to do something especial for those peoples who have real need of financial support as they long term sustain their families.
    I have an idea and I am very much glad to share & request to all UN-Agencies that they should implement their projects on “Livestock forming & small grants for small shops) as they start their businesses and earn some money on their self help basis, according to current situations and my recent survey after emergency services, pepoles are still demanding for foods and supplies through the support of food and going to habitual for begging and in future they only wait for NGOs, at the end in the results peoples lost their energy of life against the hardworking.

    With Best wishes

    Thanks & Regards

    Sajid Ali
    Assistant Program Manager
    BEFARe-Qambar Shahdadkot.

  16. Henry Julius says:

    Our Organization- NENBUIMA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION SIERRA LEONE WEST AFRICA- NeCDOSL is non-profit making registered voluntary organization working for the cause of downtrodden and suppressed persons without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion and gender etc. At present we are working in the areas of disability, community development, rural development, women and childrens’ rights, Traditional irrigation sources, natural resource management etc. Our target groups are women empowerment, education for especially children, water and sanitation, farmers, education of HIV and AIDS in the communities, landless migrants, small and marginal farmers etc. We mobilize them to become self reliance. In this connection we are running a vocational training center for handicapped persons to make them capable to get the jobs to live with dignity and self reliance.
    We have already implemented various development programs successfully. Many of them are still in progress. We involve local community in planning process, design, implementation followed by constant monitoring and evaluation to make the programme sustainable and replicable. Due to our progammes and strategic plan the local people are supporting us on every front. They contribute us with cash, kind and materials. Peoples are our asset .We realizes that these people should be developed in such a way so that they could raise their voices for entitklements of socio-economic, cultural and political rights to live with dignity and self reliance.
    Our management is sound having been dedicated personnel with grass root level workers to intervene in any development programmes effectively with module of sustainability.
    For the past years, we have been finding so difficult to have funds for the various activities and we assure you that, if your organisation will support us we develop a module project for the expansion and proper implementation of our organisation.

    Hope u will consider our application and will write us for the same, so that, we could develop a detailed project proposal for providing support.
    With warm regards
    Yours faithfully
    Henry Julius
    Programme Manager

  17. Njuba Godfrey says:

    This is a good programme for the development of youth especially to the backward continent like my Africa.
    i introduce to you Butemba pro-education network(BUPENET) is a registered community based organisation youth group in Kyankwanzi district central Uganda East Africa it\s goals is

    -TO co-ordinate all education stake holders in the district.
    -TO support school stay of children
    -To develop children sport talents
    -and many others we see we eligible to apply for that support

    Njuba GOdfrey

  18. Mukisa Mariah says:


  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    We are organization working in Southern Bangladesh and our organization is Call Society for Human Awareness Promotion and Technical Activiets for Rural People with Sharing Information(SHAPTARSI). we are welcome your call for the projects proposals

    Please send your guidline and project proposal form.


  20. Child Saving And Rescue Centre says:

    Kindly send us application forms.

  21. Marko Fulla Health says:

    Name of Organization: Marko Fulla Health organization
    Country of Location: South Sudan
    Name of Executive Director: Marko Vuni
    Thanks a lot for the good work you are doing of updating us on the latest call for proposals, concept papers among other opportunities highly sought by Non Governmental Organizations.
    Let me take this gracious moment to first appreciate all you are doing in order to create a smile in many people’s faces. Marko Fulla Health organization is an organization geared towards; “Having a Transformed and Empowered society that values human dignity and equality for all”. For the time that we have spent now we have been in position to draw the attention of people on things that they never valued greatly like; Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness , Sensitizing People on the role of Proper Nutrition on health living, environmental problems , Culture like food taboo Child Protection and so on… On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Executive, I seek for your HAND as we reach our people. We will be very much interested to partake in submitting the Concept notes.
    Thank you
    Marko Vuni

  22. M'MONY NGABO says:

    More and More, this is a wonderfull occasion for Youth,
    Nous disons que les opportunités pour la nouvelle génération est une bonne occasion pour limiter la délinquance juvénile, le CEIFD se joins à UNHABITAT pour répondre aux besoins de la jeunesse du SUD KIVU meurtrie par dix ans de guerre en République Démocratique du Congo

  23. Director Agro Tech organisation society says:

    This is Mr sebuuma James Director Agro Tech Organisation Society . Assist me on how to apliy for this grants. we are
    community Based Organisation .we have worked for a period of five year since 2007 to 2011

  24. Nocky Kaapehi says:

    I m Nocnky Kaapehi National Chairperson of HANO Youth Foundation.. we want to have an exposure trip to other countries across the world, any interested organizations plz

  25. Faiz Ul Haq says:

    I want to submit a proposal for Youth Fund.

  26. Robert M Sakutaha says:

    As a child and youth sponsorship organisation based in Kafue district of Zambia, we are currently training o group of 15 youths in bricklaying and poultry management. Afetr this training, the youths should put up low cost housing for urban workers to rent. I believe with support from your program, our youths will reach higher hights. We are sending you a proposal shortly.

    Robert M Sakutaha
    Federation Programs Coordinator
    Kafue Child Development Agency (KCDA)

  27. Kasanvu Geoffrey says:

    My name is Kasanvu Geoffrey, Mission for Youth Rights in Uganda.
    I thank you so much for that initiative. However I want to comment that, there is a need to correct us in case our proposals have gaps, because I participated in the World Urban Youth Forum in Nanjing and the launch of the fund brought much hope to us however several attempts made to apply for the fund have not been fruitful but this is not the point I want to stress my point is, I know that, UH Habitat has a enough staff that can provide response to the individual organizations and tell them their mistakes sometimes they we don’t get a feedback. To me I think we need to be realistic and translate ideas into actions as we all recall that this was the massage that we share in Nanjing during the launch of this fund.

  28. kennedy omondi says:

    please help to get application form

  29. Obaidullah khan says:

    respected sir/ Madom
    Many thanks to you for the opportinity you give us to submit a project to you and get funds for youth .We are in Pakistan, khyber pakhtom khawa. when our youth is facing to many difficulities after a long civil war .No way for our youth people so this opportinity is welcome

  30. Md Abdur Rashid says:

    Please send your guidline and project proposal form

  31. DEREK EMMANUEL M. says:

    Dear.UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund .
    “Should You please Decide To Accept It in helping our .HARVEST INTERNATIONAL”
    To return dignity, livelihood, and to a Great extent humanity to these and to the forgotten poor in West Africa.. More than YOUTH AND children now live without Parents as result of these unprovoked assaults. These Children have in a very Tragic way, Lambs that can no longer care and feed themselves. Many of the children do not have mother and father..
    .HARVEST INTERNATIONAL and has accepted the Challenges sent 2004 to provide food, shelter and medical supplies, and education assistance to as many of THE forgotten poor in West Africa. in Ivory Coast .The purpose for this.HARVEST INTERNATIONAL is to carry out the At the same time,we are committed to bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor in West Africa. Our volunteers and team are ready to serve, supplies are stocked, hearts are prepared, and thousands in the impoverished nation of desperately need the hope and healing brought . We ask for your consideration .We are a nonprofit organizations in the following areas:L”HIV/AIDS Programs. Orphan Programs. Food Programs. Educational Programs & Schools.Village services for the poor.
    . We are desperately indeed, in need of safe water and basic sanitation YOUTH AND orphans Children Refugee and depleace people due to the present war in IVORY COAST for

    Many Thanks and Consideration For The Help Gaven To N.G.O.HARVEST INTERNATIONAL I hope to here from you soon
    857 Abidjan Cote d Ivoire

  32. stars-Nagpur says:

    This application regarding about as per subject line mention
    We are working since 2008 STARS has worked in Nagpur currently we worked in Nagpur slum. Our work for poor enhancement and development. Improve the Quality of life of abandoned and vulnerable group of people. The basis of STARS work lies in its commitment to the principle of Equality and Rights, improve the Quality of life of abandoned and vulnerable group of peoples developing the capacity of civil society to enable them to meet their needs. We are just new born baby and we try to hunt endowment support for NGO development we look forward to your encouraging responding last year we had applyning for same project we will allso wish to apply this year.This is a wonderful opportunity for

    Ujjwal M. Bhagat
    Social Treatment Analysis &Research Socity
    26,Omkar Nagar, Manewada Ring Road , Nagpur-440027

  33. Moses Atia says:

    PROGRAMME FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SUSTENANCE(PESS)is a registered community based NGO in Ghana in the Sene District of Brong Ahafo Region.The District is predominantly subsistant farming and fishing communities.There is a very high rate of porverty and illiteracy rate.
    the District is amoung the five(5) most deprive Districts in terms of infastructure in the country.It is for these reasons among others that PESS seeks to partiner with other development partners to help reduce/eradicate porverty through formal education and other youth enpowerment activities.

  34. Odoro maurice Oluoch says:

    Hi dear development partners, with great appreciation we the Mangima Health and orphan Center Wish to ask for youth funding through your organization to help cub the HIV/AIDS prevalence and overcome the challenge of stigma in this community through youth education,information and training on safe sex practices and the importance of disclosure as some of the ways to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youths as well as funding their education to the needy children,being an FBO/non profit making institution based in Rachuonyo South District of Homabay County, as the local project co-coordinator,i wish to send to you my sincere request to help us help the youths in this locality.
    We kindly look forward to a positive feedback.

    yours sincerely
    Odoro Maurice Oluoch

  35. pastor stephen Ayile says:

    we are non profit,non denominational based in northern Uganda war tone area.our activities are-evangelism,millennium development goals,living-water for the thirsty,vocational trainning skills, community poverty reduction program,rehabilitation of former displaced people of northern Uganda through collaboration,sir we request to allow us submit a proposal,thanks as i wait to hear from you soon

  36. ABU GBONDA says:

    This serve as a great opportunity for newly registered and grass root organisations that work in the interest of youths. My organisation is INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CARE FOUNDATION SIERRA LEOEN (ICCF-SL)we are very much interested in such opportunities. We hope that other funding organisations/agencies will follow your foot steps.


    Abu Gbonda
    Executive Director

  37. The UN-HABITAT Urban Youth Fund says:

    Dear All,

    This is an important information webpage for NGOs searching for grants for their projects, but questions posted here will not be answered by the Urban Youth Fund.

    In order to have your questions answered by UN-HABITAT, you need to send the questions by email to us.

    For all technical questions related to the application portal, send the email to [email protected]

    For all substantial questions related to applications, send the email to [email protected]

    You may also want to visit the Global Youth Helpdesk, set up by UN-HABITAT. The address is:

    The Urban Youth Fund

  38. Mak Banguot Gok says:

    The Greater Upper Nile Civil Society Organizations Forum ( GUNCSOF) is none-governmental, none-partisan and none-profit making community base organization formed in 2011 by consensus of more than 15 domestic (local) Civil Society Organizations currently operating in the Greater Upper Nile region that consisted of the Unity, Jonglei and the Upper Nile states in the fields of Humanitarians spheres. It has been according to the New Sudan NGOs Act-2003 incorporated as a None-Governmental Organization with an up to date operational license from the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development- GoSS and, we have Bank Account with three signatories from the Kenyan Commercial Bank (KCB) South Sudan Branch. The permanent members Organizations to this Forum are as follows

    1. Assistant Mission for Africa ( AMA)
    2. Nuer Peace Council (NPC)
    3. Nile Hope Development Forum ( NHDF)
    4. Upper Nile Women Welfare Association ( UNWWA)
    5. LLOLIA Community Development Organization ( LCDO)
    6. Standard Action Liaison Focus ( SALF)
    7. Christ Continuous Ministries (CCM)
    8. Upper Nile Youth Mobilization for Peace and Development Agency ( UNYMPDA)
    9. Nuer Students’ Organization for Peace and Development ( NSOPD)
    10. Jonglei Community Peace and Development Agency ( JSCPDA)
    11. Greater Upper Nile Peace Initiative ( GUNPI)
    12. Upper Nile State Youth Development Agency ( UNSYDA)

    The Objectives behind the Foundation of the Forum are as follows

    • Encouraging dialogue and promoting peaceful coexistence and cooperation between ethnic and religious groups in Greater Upper Nile region
    • Promoting civic education, democratic values and a culture of peace and human rights at the community level;
    • Assisting communities planning and drawing attention to local, national and international problems;
    • Promoting and encouraging regional and local development and more equal distribution of wealth and opportunities between states, communities and social groups;
    • Promoting transparency and accountability, and monitoring the use of rehabilitation and reconstruction resources;
    • Providing education on the environment, resource use and management, and promoting economic alternatives to reduce the pressure on resources and the likelihood of conflict;
    • Reducing pressure on resources though direct service provision (water, medical and veterinary) to returnees and war-affected communities.
    • Creating unilateral links between the Government of Southern Sudan- GoSS and its programs with the communities through strategy and mechanism
    • Widening the range of issues addressed in relation to peace community bases issues
    • Producing broadly legitimate peace agreements amongst the states inhabitants
    • Strengthening the capacity of the local and the government for inclusive political participation in future governance
    • Facilitating a degree of political reconciliation amongst the said communities
    tact Person ( Mak Banguot Gok)
    Executive Director


    Dear Sir,
    SEDA ( THE SOCIO- ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION ) is a Manipur based Indian NGO and funded by the youths of this state to bring peace , normalcy and development in the ethnic conflict of the north eastern region of India. Believing that ” Youth are the assets of world “.
    Our NGO registered under the Manipur society act 1989 and Manpur act no 1 , 1990 and FCRA no 194200097 of 2010 of govt. of India under section 12A of Income tax act 1961.

    Are we illigible to apply the fund ?

  40. mohamed warsame says:

    We are very glad to hear you this project(URBAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT),SOSTA organisation is a youth initiative LNGO established in 2005 by group of educated youth to help/fullfil their society needs,SOSTA main office is SOMALILAND particularly BORAMA We would like to apply and express our interest towards URBAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FOR 2011.


    we would like to introduce ourselves as the “Global Human Rights & Environment Development Society” a Non profitable, Non political, Voluntary and charitable organization, approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Organization Registration Number is – S – 10851. Most of the members of this Society Involve with Journalism since Long period of Time.
    We have been introducing a small range awareness program on Natural Calamity like Flood, Storm, Cyclone, Earth Quack, HIV, AIDS, Climate Change Protection, and flood affected and tornado affected people’s rehabilitation. We know your Esteemed Organization always come forward to help and assist the affected people in all natural disaster issues and you face different types of problems during the distribution of relief, fund etc to affected peoples.
    We are interested to include our Society with you as an associate Society to distribute your relief and others charitable works in Bangladesh. We render our service towards the affected people every time and hope we could be able to increase our services if we can avail your financial assistance.
    Therefore, it would be highly solicited if you would kindly give us opportunity to serve the disaster affected people of Bangladesh with your financial assistance.

    Your Co-operation will be highly appreciated and waiting for your kind reply.

    Faithfully Yours

    Md. Mahfuzur Rahman (Palash)
    General Secretary
    Global Human Rights & Environment Development Society.

    Aziz Bhaban, 93 Motijheel C/A. 10th floor, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh.


  42. Janakiram says:

    This is really attracting, ple let me know is it applicable to the youth from \Rag pickers\ community at Hyderabad,AP,India. here the living and health conditions of the \rag picker communities \ are much miserable. and there are 9000 families existed here.
    we \ urban poverty alleviation corps\(UPACOR)has been striving since last two years for the welfare of the rag picker communities at hyderabad.can upacor eligible for this fund.

    Profile of the UPACOR
    Brief profile of the Urban poverty Alleviation Corps (UPACOR) India

    UPACOR came in to existence in March 1993 as a registered voluntary organization with regd no.1111 of 1993 under the AP (Telangana areas) public society’s registrationAct, 1350(Act 1 of 1350 F). The executive committee consisting of President, Vice-president, General Secretary, Two joint Secretaries and one Treasurer.

    UPACOR is having experience enthusiastic resource persons on urban poverty and urban poverty programs on its membership. the state government of AP and Unicef as the Field level Training Institute (FTI) for the state to train field level functionaries of Urban basic services for the poor and MOU was signed up on 4th June 1993,UNICEF agreed to provide financial assistance for FTI activities.

    Field level Training Institute:- UPACOR was nominated by the State govt in 1993 as Field level training institute (FTI) for training of community and town level functionaries involved in the urban poverty alleviation programs in Andhra Pradesh. The programme includes training of neighbor hood committees (NHC) members(RCVs) Community health volunteers(CHVs) Trainers –on-call(TOTs) NGOs and local bodies elected public representatives, Social Workers etc,and we have so far trained 10,000 stake holders in UDS.PMI UPEP,SJSRY programs in different municipalities in the state .UPACOR carries with it the rich experience ,active association pioneering work of its founding members in urban community development since 1967 and subsequent UK assisted Slum improvement projects and urban poverty reduction projects of UBS,UBSP,NRY,EIUS,PMIUPEP and APUSP the SJSY and NSDP programs

    Nodal NGO at State level:- the state govt had appointed UPACOR in 1995 as the state level Nodal agency to involve co-ordination and monitor NGOs work in 34 municipalities in the state for the Prime Ministers Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication Project(PMIUPEP).we have developed a directory of urban NGOs 57 NGOs actively participated in the as agents of change and service delivery .State Government nominated UPACOR as a recommending agency for NGO assistance in urban poverty alleviation programs.

    Project work:-
    1) Adopted 30 slums in Hyderabad in 1995 for community mobilization under IPP VIII Project of Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad.
    2) Action aid project as explanatory initiatives for convergence of urban services in ten slums of LB Nagar municipality was taken up in July 1999
    3) Reproductive child Health (RCH) Government of India project worked in ten slums of Kukatpally municipality with assistance from Govt of India in July 99
    4) Habitat Bandlaguda UPACOR has taken up habitat, Habitat Bandlaguda as a comprehensive development effort of the advice of Dist collector.
    5) Integrated development of “Rag pickers communities” in urban slums of Hyudreabad.

    APUSP (DFID) UK:-State government constituted urban initiative fund committee for effective implementation of Andhra Pradesh urban services for the poor program in 32 class 1 towns in AP and nominated UPACOR as a member of the state level committee vide GO Ms.No.181,M.Adept dated 25.4.2002.
    UPACOR was involved by MAST-APUSP for the following

    Identification of civil service society organization in municipal towns
    Preparation town level frame work plans
    As a mentoring agency for component of APUSP

    The founders of this UPACOR Late Mr. G Rama rau, and Dr.G.Surya rao were ex. Directors of Urban Community development (UCD) which was the 1st UCD in India and the founder President Dr,G.Surya rao of the UPACOR served as Program officer of UNICEF over decade.

    Flat.No. 204,Kiran Apartments,H.No11-5-422/A.
    Jafar Bagh, RedHills,

  43. St. Daniel Orphans Support Organisation says:

    This is a registered CBO, It has never requested for any funding but it caters for orphans between 5- 25 years. Can we also put in our request?


    Musoke Florence

  44. Madhumala Bor says:

    Thank you very much for your such a great information for youth. We are the new beginning Welfare society, name is Madhumala Aim Future Welfare Society. Registered on last 18th December, 2009. We have no 80G, 12A & FCRA certificates & we have no fund also. May we shall able to apply for this UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund 2011? Our organization’s details is as bellow:


    “Madhumala Aim future welfare society” is a one kind of Social Organization. That Organization continues to attempt with perseverance to make a nice platform/stage of environment & circumstance for our healthily, honestly & comfort live in feature. Mainly we have three types of Aim for live.
    1. We live on Foods.
    2. We live with Cloths/Garments &
    3. We live under Accommodation.
    Every people need Foods, Cloths/Garments, & House accommodation for live. How many people are getting these three commodities? In our society’s knowledge, 30% people are not getting foods, cloths, house for accommodation and 45% peoples have foods, cloths & accommodation but they have not any good job/service for their others necessity. Other 25% peoples have very much food for satisfaction of hunger, so many cloths for styling, so many building, & cars for making properties and too much money for getting every kind of entertainment & their necessity. So our organization thought about the condition to overcome of these three commodities. “Madhumala Aim future welfare society” wants to help this kind of people for live our own self. Because nobody cannot makes these three commodities together. Each every one person builds one/two, not more. Therefore, every person has dependence on another person. Nobody lives alone in this world. We have too much money but we cannot make foods, cloths, and house. Our organization thought about that which people are making foods, cloths & accommodation, those are getting to eat foods, cloths, accommodation for their comfortable life. When one person will stop to build one commodity then what we will do. However, we have too much money. We cannot live to eat money, to wear money & stay in a building of money. We need Foods, Cloths & House for accommodation to our comfortable live. Therefore, our Organization is not doing any kind of Social Work, any kind of Charity or anything else. “Madhumala Aim future welfare society” is trying to do something for healthily, honestly & comfortable live for our own self.

    Every people continue have running to back of money in this world for making asset. So, what we will do this money, if no one could make foods, garments, house accommodation or others etc. for lack of their necessity? “Madhumala Aim future welfare society” will help to this category people.

    Our features have in serious trouble. Because, we are going on to lose ploughman & weaver of our countries. We live within one kind of circle. We cannot live alone. Because, every people need Foods, Cloths/Garments, & House accommodation for live. These three are main necessity of every people and me also. Therefore, I believe that every people dependence on another people for live. I decided that we are depending on which people, we will always with them through our organization named “madhumala Aim Future Welfare Society”. I request all gentle people for give up their helping hand to our organization and maintain the balancing of this circle. I hope & pray that, everybody will come precede with us for preserve our honest perseverance.

    Ms. Madhumala Bor

  45. Kapil Dev says:

    We are keen involved in social work & interested to spread the wings of our welfare activities in the all over world.

    Child Welfare & Educational Society beginning with a small group of young, mission oriented professionals, educationist and businessmen. It is an organization based in Faridabad district of Haryana. It got registered in 2007. We started our vision with Five Primary School for child education and Four Centers of vocational training with the help of sewing machines for women in Faridabad and Five Computer Center’s running in Faridabad free of cost in the project name of “Youth Development” with collaboration of “Smile Foundation”.
    In last three+ years our activities have broadened in the fields of female literacy, education for children, non formal education, income generating skills, youth development, community health and awareness programmes on various social issues.

    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Kapil Dev
    Vice President
    H.O. – CWES

  46. George Pile says:

    This new strategy of Habitat is critical indeed. Kindly consider Nyakach Youth Empowerment and development Forum, a grassroots based CBO whose aim is to mobilize and involve Nyakach youths in identifying and developing the human and non human resources in their local communities towards self support and sustainable rural development. Contact person is Dr. George Pile, the Patron of the Organization.

  47. Rebecca Nakanwagi says:

    Dear Sir,/Madam

    This is to introduce to you our Organization Rubaga Division Disabled Association, a disabled peoples organization registered with Kampala City Council as a disabled women’s organization. It was founded by disabled women themselves in 2006 to address three major challenges affecting women with disabilities in Rubaga Division. The challenges are:
    – violation of human rights
    – communicable diseases
    – and unemployment among women with disabilities.

    This organization has a membership of three types of disabilities i.e. deaf, blind and people with physical disability.

    We are seeking partnership with you to help us address those challenges in our community so as to enjoy our full rights and dignities in our society.

    we will be very grateful if our request is honoured.

    My kind regards

    Rebecca Nakanwagi

  48. Rajiv Ranjan says:

    This is a great oppertunity for the young blood, who are unemployed and looking after the jobs, we can develop some themes and a kind of vocational training to enhance their capacity and push them into the competitive world. we will be looking forward to apply into these kind of initiatives.

  49. Emmanuel Anyah says:

    We are Empowerment Initiative Ghana, we seek to empowering the less privileged by providing a platform for Innovational, Technical& Vocational Income Generating Activities for socio-economic development in our community.
    Emmanuel K. Anyah
    Executive Director

  50. monika Simeon says:

    We in the Young Women Christian Association of Namibia we are pleased to apply this fund within the deadline give 15 April 2011. we are working with youth and adult youth on Behaviour change communication and Peer counseling program having the following objective: to equip peer counselors with accurate information and understand of HIV/AIDS, its manner of infection, and to provide resources and referral
    -to increase self-awareness, with a focus on attitudes and stereotypes
    -to include educative and supportive counseling of peers infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
    -to provide a positive perspective on living with HIV/AIDS by adopting a healthy life-style, and understanding stress management, relationships, and family dynamics
    -to facilitate and understand the process of dealing with grief and loss
    -social growth
    -Spiritual growth
    -intergral growth and maney other things

  51. Mr.Michael Joseph Bole says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We kindly appreciate your invitation for funding to NGO’s, CB O’s.We are a non profit making organization based in kisumu-Kenya.We are Husambae community Based Organization that deals with HIV/AIDS women and orphans.
    We are seriously looking for fund to enable sick women and orphans get treatment,care and education to orphans.
    We kindly request for your consideration towards our project request for funding and partnership.

    We wait to read from you soon,
    God bless,
    Yours sincerely,
    Michael Joseph Bole,
    Project Director,

  52. Namusasi Chinungo. says:

    Good INTIATIVE.Encouragement community development progrmme Kakamega Kenya.We are empowering the youth to take charge of their lives through intergrated urban development programme.

  53. i think this is the chance for us ” Aduku Action for Development HIV/AIDS intiatives in Apac District in northern uganda , We will apply so that our youth can benefit from this project.
    AADI was formed to stir up development for the youth in war ravaged northern uganda , Therefore with such a project we will be able to change the situation of our young population in the north which has been ruin by the war.
    Bongoni Okwir

  54. Gibril T. Bockarie says:

    This initiative is a very good initiative that help promote the International youth and adult community in the developing world most especially those that are vulnerable in the society, with this initiative it help us to move in line with the Millennium Development Goal of United Nation.

  55. Abdulghani Omar Hussein says:

    Organizational principles

    AYVO committed to the principles of participatory and sustainable development and to providing assistance impartially. It is mindful of culture and custom, and of
    Building local capacity, and of their respective
    Accountabilities to its funding partners and to those whom it assists. It will not expose intended beneficiaries, including children to any form of discrimination, abuse or exploitation.

    AYVO’s Culture
    • Sustainability
    • Reliability –
    • Accountability
    • Cost-effectiveness.
    • Result-oriented

  56. ANANDHA TRUST says:

    ANANDHA envisages to bring Happiness through providing the skills which are far reachable to the underpriveleged,

    The present day society demands the knowledge of Tecnology . The Urban youth belonging to the lower class neither have skills that need to compete with their highly educated counter parts.

    Thank you for having the vision to uphold the youth.

  57. alimalrazy says:

    dear respected authority
    greetings from Lihgt House, Bogra, Bangladesh

    We have been working with urban youth of different college and university on different issues.About 450 youth involved in different activities. Our organization is located Bogra district of Bangladesh. We would like to express our interest for Urban Youth Fund 2011 by UN HABITAT

    Light House

  58. Robert Mensah Gbley says:

    Pamoja Ghana will take advantage of this opportunity to advance the course of urban youth in Ghana.

  59. isabirye julius says:

    this is agood news to my NGO catholic charismatic renewal youth ministry (CACRYM)we will apply soon and participate in this program to help our youth in uganda-jinja region (town).

  60. LIGHT OF SOCIETY says:

    Many thanks for the opportunity, the name of our organization is LIGHT OF SOCIETY (LIOS), was established in Tanzania n the year 2009 to improve the lives of the vulnerable groups including youth in community. our main Vision, Mission and objectives are


    1:1 Name: The Name of the Organization shall be

    1:2 Address: The Registered Head office will be situated in Moshi. Its postal address shall be:

    Address: P.O. Box 1211 Moshi,
    Physical Address: Mission Street, Kiusa ward, Moshi Municipality

    Head Office:
    The head office of the Organization shall be at Moshi and when necessary, Sub-offices may be established anywhere in the country for improved services.

    1:3 Vision :-
    That all Disadvantaged people are supported to be happy and free from all forms of vulnerability

    1:4 : Mission:-
    To combat discrimination which increases vulnerability to disadvantaged groups by ensuring all are aware of the human rights and enabling them to demand and access their entitlements as per conventions, policies and laws.

    2.1 The specific objectives of the organization shall be to:-
    2:1.1 Support the vulnerable people in Income generating activities to reduce poverty and be empowered to support OVCS.

    2:1.2 Raise awareness on lobbying and advocacy of basic human rights by identifying and advice for review statute and customary laws discriminating the widows, older people, orphans and vulnerable children and people with disabilities causing increased vulnerability

    2:1.3 Develop capacity of community based organization, in planning and delivery of advocacy massages to local governments and institution on human rights and entitlements based on supportive policies and conventions

    2:1.4 Provide technical educational and entrepreneurship skills to vulnerable communities so that they can manage income Generating Activities for reduction of income poverty and self-reliance

    2:1.5 Cooperate with networks, NGOs (both National and International) on matters of social economic development on behalf of the vulnerable communities

    2:1.6 Collaborate with local Authorities for sustainability of programmes after project periods

    2:1.7 Seek for capacity development of LIOS and collaborative CBOs of further support of the widows, older people, HIV/AIDS victims, OVCs and PWDs

    2:1.8 Provide material and financial support to victims of discrimination, conflicts and natural disasters

    2:1.9 Seek for legal support for the disadvantaged groups, in case of discriminative indication

    2:1.10 Liaise with all development actors and the state to form a firm development networking for social economic development

    2:1.11 Encourage and promote environmental conservation within the communities and programmes so that the effects of desertification is under control.

    Noel Felix Nnko

    Executive Chairman – LIGHT OF SOCIETY


  61. Nicodemus Dulu says:

    yes we shall participate as Sudan Humanitatian Organisation for Development (SHOD)

  62. Nicodemus Dulu says:

    This is very interesting initiative as Sudan Humanitarian Organisation for Development(SHOD)we shall participate in sending our proposal before aprill to enable youth to be supported by unhabitats-urban-youth-fund-2011

  63. Nicodemus Dulu says:

    This is more interesting to here the information as project manager of Sudan Humanitarian Organisation for development(SHOD).we are organising our proposal and send it before april

  64. Is sri lanka eligible for this grant?

  65. Aniah David says:

    Please, I work with the Ghana Federation of the Disabled Youth in the Upper East Region of Ghana. We have an inovative plans and we want to know if we can apply?

  66. Emmanuel Marfo says:

    Asutifi Graduates and Students Union Secretariat will apply for this.

    This is an opportunity for us.

  67. Shaka Hamdu says:

    COWPZ As a Non- .Government Organization with among the main objective to supporting youth and women development initiatives in awareness of their social and health problems and life surrounding them, education on HIV/AIDS and drug substance abuse, poverty related consequences so as to improve their standard of living, income generating activities, school drop out and teenage pregnancies and child labour and reassure maxima utilization of and participation in the national development.

    Since it’s official registration and function from the year 1991 COWPZ has worked with several implementing partners such as Government Ministries, International donors, N.G.O’s (national and international) and private sectors, to accomplishing various socio-economic projects with the following specific objectives:
    • To increase knowledge on gender based violence issues.
    • Empower women economically through productive training and enhancing them on health issues including family planning and child care
    • Create awareness on the effect of teenage pregnancies and child labor in the
    Community and prevent children from the worst form of child labor, protect and support, in collaboration with national and International Organization.
    • Provide training and counseling service pertaining to economic and all social, culture aspects of live on HIV/AIDS and drug substance abuse issues related to youth and women and adolescent girls
    • Proactively translate the Zanzibar vision 2020 and implement the Zanzibar Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction in the promotion of women’s and youth empowerment and gender equality.
    • To provide technical, managerial and financial support to young women and youth who are under taking or intend to undertake self helping income generating activities.
    • Sensitize and educate youth and women’s on best use and protection of their surrounding natural resources and working in friendly, hygienic and productive environment for sustainable development.
    • Reducing HIV incidence and mitigate impact of IDU”S, MSM, Sexual workers and other Most at risk population group by providing effective prevention and risk reduction services.
    We apply to send us project proposal form to fill for Zanzibar an youth development and we very happy to hearing this project

    Shaka H. Shaka
    Chief Executive Officers

  68. Imtiaz Ahmed Malik says:

    As a project coordinator ,i am glad to hear from you fir this endeavor of offering opportunities for preparing comprehensive proposal in getting funds for the elevation of community status, Omair Sana Foundation is also keen in doing this job.A model village project is in progress for 125 families giving them all social amenities which were not present there before,.Half of the project is complete and rest is in progress.Part of the project addresses youth and women for their skills and empowerment.we do hope for structuring LDFA from you. thanks,

  69. Ekuh Edmond says:


  70. Pastor (Brig) Sunday Joshua Eminue says:

    Thank you very much for this usefull information. What you are saying about small organizations that often fail to participate in such opportunities because of their inability to access and develop a good proposal is true. I want to sincerely appreciate your commitment and effort to provide a simple guide to enable us meet up in this very important project in my community.
    Thanks very much for Godly leadership.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Pst(Bri) Sunday Joshua Eminue
    Executive Director
    God’s Manifestation Orphans and Widows Organization (GMOWO)

  71. MAFOLO LADHA says:

    Nous sommes membre du reseauhabitat social qui s’active pour un lobbing aupres des autorités pour une politique d’habitat en faveur des populations dans les grandes villes de la RDC.Pour le momment nous faisons la promotion des materiaux locaux de construction en apprenant surtout aux jeunes les techniques de fabication des materiaux locaux construction pour une auto-construction.Nous sommes tres interessé à cette application et voudrions presenter notre projet UN HABITAT.

    Automated French to English translation
    We are members of social research habitat activated for lobbying the authorities for a housing policy for people in big cities RDC. At the momment we re promoting local building materials primarily to learn Young fabrication techniques of local building materials for self-construction. We are very interested in this application and would like to present our draft to UN HABITAT.


    Many thanks for the opportunity, the name of our organization is Solidarity for for Youth and Disabled Development. (SYDD) was established in Ghana in the year 2005 to improve the lives of the disadvantage youth in community. our main objective is:

    1) To organized illiteracy classes for the disadvantage youth in the community
    2) To help the youth to identify their potential
    3) To introduce them TO acquire knowledge in I C T
    4) To enroll the youth in skills training such as dressmaking, grasscutter rearing and cosmetology. We hope our application would be consided counting on your cooperation thank you.

  73. Roger Pholo says:

    Many thanks to you for the opportinity you give us to submit a project to you and get funds for youth .We are in D.R.Congo when our youth is facing to many difficulities after a long civil war .No way for our youth people so this opportinity is welcome.

  74. NIYONGABO J B says:

    Am happy with this project it is very good for youth mostly in developing countries

    I’m Legal Representative of organization “COSAPE” (CORPS SAIN POUR LA PROTECTION DE L’ENVIRONMENT) Health body of environment protection.
    In fact COSAPE is youth organization and acts for youth.
    Our mains objectives are:
    – To train people in particular and in general Burundian youth to avoid from different illness;
    – To protect environment nature in order to get good health;
    – To avoid from sexual violent :
    -To promote creativity and non violent life :
    – To reach Burundian youth to become responsible in making peaceful in all Burundian social domains.
    COSAPE would like to participate. It should how got the knowledge and capacity that would influence social development change in all Burundian social domains or conditions.

  75. James Garang says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are organization working in Southern Sudan and our organization is Call Christians United for Evangelism, Education and Development (CUEED)it headquarter is in Mayen Pajok Gogrial West County, Warrap State in Southern Sudan and we are serving they communities on the area of Agricultural, Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Micro Enterprise, Democracy & Human right, Peace and Reconciliation. so we are welcome your call for the projects proposals we will prepare our projects and send them to you as soon as possible

    James Garang Akoon
    Chief Executive Officer
    Christians United for Evangelism, Education and Development

  76. Florence Nassanga Musoke says:

    we are going to submit our proposal as soon as possible. Thank you.

  77. James Garang says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We are organization working in Southern Sudan and our organization is Call Christians United for Evangelism, Education and Development (CUEED)it headquarter is in Mayen Pajok Gogrial West County, Warrap State in Southern Sudan and we are serving they communities on the area of Agricultural, Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Micro Enterprise, Democracy & Human right, Peace and Reconciliation. so we are welcome your call for the projects proposals we will prepare our projects and send them to you as soon as possible

    James Garang Akoon
    Chief Executive Officer
    Christians United for Evangelism, Education and Development

  78. Martin Fotsing says:

    Africa Social Services Organization (ASSO) an NGO based in Cameroon with the aims and objectives listed below.

    Sir, we wish to appeal for your assistance and partnership and experts to help us implement our aims and objective in order to save Mankind from the effects of climate change.

    please we would like to participate for your convention in u.s.but we financial possibility to register and for air line ticket we would be very happy to come for convention if your company support us.

    Accept, sir our best regards.

    Martin Fotsing Talla

    Coordinator Africa Social Services Organization

    P.O Box 4021 Commercial Avenue – Bamenda

    North West Region- Cameroon

    Aims & Objectives

    1. To invent, innovate and develop eco-friendly, appropriate and affordable indigenous technologies to:-

    Dispose of human excreta safely without causing any environmental pollution and health hazards.

    Eliminate defecation in the open and provide safety, privacy and dignity in and at toilet use to people, especially women.

    Do away with the sub-human practice of scavenging and to ensure human rights and dignity to scavengers.

    Ensure full recycling of human excreta for obtaining bio-gas for purposes of cooking, lighting and for using the sludge water as fertilizer and irrigating crops.

    Economize on the use of water for flushing toilets.

    Treat waste-water through duckweed and use water hyacinth for enhancing production of bio-gas.

    2. To organize, promote and operationalize ASSO for large scale use in the country so that even the poorest of the poor have access to safe and dignified use of toilet facilities.
    3. To provide ASSO in schools, especially in rural areas, so that girls are not discouraged going to schools in absence of toilet facilities.
    4. To convert existing bucket/dry latrines into ASSO to do away with the system of scavenging. 2
    5. To construct and maintain public toilets on pay and use basis;

    To propagate the use of ASSO biogas technology in public toilets, housing colonies, high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc. where there is no sewage treatment system;

    To discourage the use of septic tank in individual houses or in public toilets;

    6. To remove the practice of untouchability and social discrimination and to restore human rights and dignity of the persons who clean human excreta manually called “scavengers”’ and to bring them in the mainstream of society, so that they could live at par with other castes, which was our dream.
    7. To help scavengers getting employment including in the local bodies/Government and to impart training in different vocations in order to make them self-employed.
    8. To impart employment – oriented vocational training to the wards of the scavengers and the boys and the girls of other castes so that they can secure employment or get self-employed.
    9. To persuade the elite class of people to have social interaction with scavengers so that their social status stands elevated.
    10. To take scavengers to temples for offering prayers so that they feel themselves to be part of society.
    11. To take up slum-children’ welfare and slum-women literacy programmes.
    12. To provide quality education including English medium schools to the wards of scavengers and of other scheduled castes and scheduled tribe citizens.
    13. To work for the rehabilitation of the incapacitated and disabled men, women and children.
    14. To draw up plans and their implementation for all-round social development of the people in tribal areas, scavengers and downtrodden.
    15. To undertake nationwide human resource development programmes, including mass awareness campaigns, sensitization and orientation of policymakers and functionaries and training of engineers, doctors and grass-root workers.
    16. To promote community water-supply through conservation and preservation of traditional water sources, rain-water harvesting and recharging of ground water. 3
    17. To provide consultancy services for planning and designing of community water-supply, waste-water disposal and solid waste management schemes and provide services for hospital sanitation and waste disposal.
    18. To establish an academy/centre university for the pursuit of higher education and studies in sanitation.
    19. To carry out technical and social research and development studies on various aspects of environmental sanitation and community water-supply.
    20. To reduce the morbidity and mortality rate of infants and young children due to diarrhoea and to stabilize the rate of growth of population.
    21. To undertake health and hygiene promotional activities, including setting up of health -care centres.
    22. Application, demonstration and extension of results of research and developmental efforts through workshops, campaigns, papers, seminars, training programmes, other sanitation related diseases, etc.

  79. NGEN YVES RIYUH says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity for youth centered and youth led CSO like LifeAID and the Cameroon National Youth Council. We shall be grateful to get our youth empowerment project funded.


    we are a church are allowed to apply for the funds.

  81. peter zamhen says:

    ZICORD was founded by the Indigenous tribal Youths during the outbreak of ethnic conflict between Naga and Kukis of the north East Region, with the aim to bring Peace, Normalcy and Development in the Region of India, through the participation of Youth and Young generation.
    The Institute was regd. under Charitable Society Act (XI 1860) FCRA Act (I) of 1976 Government of India and under Section 12A of Income Tax. Act 1961.
    Are we illegible to apply ? and be a partner in building tomorrow’s world.

    Peter ZM.Hangmi

  82. peter zamhen says:

    ZICORD was funded by youths of the Indigenous tribal Youths to bring Peace, Normalcy and Development in the ethnic conflict zone of the North Eastern Region of India. Believing that “Youth are the pillars of tomorrow’s Nation”,
    The Institute was regd. under Charitable Society Act (XI 1860) FCRAct (I) of 1976 Government of India and under Section 12A of Income Tax. Act 1961.
    Are we illegible to apply ? and be a partner in building tomorrow’s world.

    Peter ZM.Hangmi

  83. Fischer Chiyanike says:

    This is a very important initiative.As Zimbabwe UN Association (ZUNA),We will apply to enable our youth to participate in HABITAT programmes.