Logical Framework: Urban Youth Fund Application Form

The Logical Framework gives an overview of the project including its goal, outcomes and key activities, the outputs of each activity, the timeframe for completing each activity and potential problems that must be overcome for each activity to be completed within the timeframe.

The Logical Framework template can be downloaded from Part F section.

Logical Framework Template

In order to assist organizations to complete the logical framework, a useful example has been provided on Page 9 of the Application Guidelines.

Logical Framework

Similarly, the Budget Template can be downloaded, filled and uploaded in the Part F section. An example budget has been provided on Page 10 of the Application Guidelines.

In addition to this, other documents that need to be uploaded are a signed and stamped cover letter of the organization, a valid registration certificate, a profile of the organization, a list of board members and a one-page CV of the project coordinator.

Once you have filled the entire form, make sure you have read and re-read all the sections carefully to ensure that all information provided is accurate. Your document remains saved in your account and you can come back and edit it anytime. However, once you click on “Submit Entire Form,” you application has been submitted and you cannot edit it.

The deadline to submit the entire form is 15 April 2012.