Project Ideas to address Violence against Women in Developing Countries

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UN Women’s UN Trust Fund to end Violence against Women provides grants ranging from US $100,000 to US $300,000 to both grassroots NGOs as well as large organizations. It is one of the largest source of funding for NGOs working on promotion of gender equality and addressing gender-based discrimination in different countries around the world.

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As organizations prepare to respond to this opportunity and also other calls for proposals on the same issue, we have researched and compiled a set of ideas that can be used for planning and proposing projects in this context. These ideas have been presented in a standard proposal format to aid organizations in developing countries to write funding applications for different donor agencies including the UN Trust Fund.

Disclaimer: Please note that the material provided here is neither complete nor accurate. It does not provide any guarantee of any kind and it has been presented here purely for informational purposes only. We also advise you not to copy this “material” into proposals in “as it is” form (since it is subjected to copyright) but use it as a reference for developing effective project plans.

Below is the list of the project ideas (click on each of them to read more):

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  1. Empowering Vulnerable Women through Knowledge and Awareness
  2. Media Sensitization against Violence against Women
  3. Economic Empowerment to reduce Domestic Violence
  4. Addressing Trafficking of Women
  5. Increasing Women’s Participation in Decision-making to reduce Violence against Women
  6. Youths as Agents of Change to address Violence against Women
  7. Sensitizing the Actors who can be involved in Prevention of Violence against Women at the local-level
  8. Working with Men – the White Ribbon Way
  9. Female Feticide as a Form of Violence against Women
  10. Don’t forget to check out SASA – An Activist Kit for Prevention of Violence against Women and HIV


  1. Avatar Selase Amedzi,Project Co-ordinatior says

    Youth Peace Building International,GHANA; Working for rural women and abandoned children.We are interested to submit a proposal on empowerment of women and their rehabilitation,especially those who have been effected with domestic violence and war zone areas.We want guidelines for prepration of project proposal.

  2. Dear Humanitarian Community
    Community Empowerment Development Association (CEDA) – an NGO Working for community uplift and disaster management in Pakistan since 1965. Since its establishment the organization has remained in the forefront regarding community development, advocacy on social issues,health, education and gender issues. Our mission is to envisage a just society where people’s dignity is ensured, where basic needs are met, where there is equity in the distribution of resources, and where people are free to be the authors of their own development. We help the vulnerable and margenlised groups without any discrimination and we have the systems – based on social accountability.
    CEDA is working hard to initiate and promote gender sensitization in the area, provide women access to markets, giving wider experience of the world outside the home, access to information and possibilities for development of other social and political roles. It also Organize awareness campaigns for Girl’s Education. CEDA is working hard to achievethe following objectives:-
    • To free underprivileged children from the pangs of hunger.
    • To empower them with an access to education.
    • To enable them think clearly and work effectively.
    • alleviate malnutrition problem.
    CEDA is promoting and encouraging the education of underprivileged children because we believe that education can unlock the vicious and self-perpetuating cycle of hunger and poverty. We also provide skill-based training to victims and encourage their participation in peace building activities. If we fail to achieve these objective, our dream to acieve the mellenium development goals (MDGs) will be a wishful thinking.
    To achieve melleniumum Development Goals (MDGs) in Pakistan, CEDA is sharing its proposals with the potential doners for its successful implementation.

  3. Avatar Fehmeda Malik says

    What is necessary in a proposal? How we will make a good proposal? Which kind of proposal is acceptable?

  4. Am happy to know this organization and the good work you are doing.My question is if we qualify for the Grants you are offering.I am a director of an organization known as the young people empowerment initiative.We are registered in kenya and our mission is to empower,mentor and promote the living standards of the young people in kenya.Part of our program is care and protection of orphans and vulnerable children and youth.We offer education sponsorship,feeding and clothing them.We also train trainers who offer services in life skills training in schools and psycho social support.i can give more details if needed.hope to hear from you.

  5. Avatar Enayet Ullah says

    Daer sir/Madam

    At first I am introducing myself and activities.
    My name Enayet Ullah racially a Rohingya living in Thailand since 1995 left from Burma for political belief. Since I am in Thailand working with many humanatarian organizations as a human rights activist not only for Rohingya but also for all Burmese people.

    1-Our women and children are regularly abusing the rights in Thailand because of their lack of documents and lack of education by all sides. Here in Thailand, especially women & children are trafficked as same as commodities and we “ARCT” is working towards restore the rights of vulnerable women and kids from Burma to Thailand illegally and sold to the hand of human traffickers where the clients fundamental rights are looted, such like physical and mental abusing also sexual ways. Additionally, using as illicit drug carriers what is very dangerous which taken away their future and living in the prison for whole life.

    In this critical time, when I see your this appreciable initiative step to help these vulnerable women. In my understanding the first we have to improve their basic human rights defending education. I am working hard on it for several years but no any fund I had recieved. Today my a close friend encoureged me to write to you this letter.

    Therefore I am trying to write with my poor English skill to your kind office. I would like to meet with your Thai representative in Maesot a Thai-Burma border city. I am well known in here to the poorest families. Coincidently, I am working towards for my community in Thailand where you can rarely find a Rohingya activist here.

    My second job is here:

    2-Rohingya is one of the most hapless people on earth. They are victims of perpetual persecutions in their homeland under military regime. These ill-fated people have been subjected to massive human rights violations because of their ethnicity, creed and color obviously not in line with national constitutions and international norms. They are not equal before the law and social justice is blatantly for Rohingya in any part of entire Burma (Maynamar).
    Upon consideration of all prevalent circumstance, some of conscious Rohingyas who have been residing in Thailand proposed to form a socio-welfare association under the banner of “Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT). Due to unhealthy activities among a few executives it gradually failed to advance its noble cause and eventually became inactive.
    We on the other hand sincerely believe that we exiled Rohingyas can’t afford to be silent for the sake of our suffering people who have been suffering day in and day out. They need our voice and they need our help to advocate their suffering among regional and international communities. Thus we initiate a new association with the name of Arakanese Rohingya Community in Thailand (ARCT).
    We would like to work sincerely and selflessly to should and advance our community in the filed of education, health care, National Verification Process (NV), human rights violationrecords on Burmese people in Thailand and else where,etc and facilitate process and help understand our people.
    Education is the best investment in life. We believe that the failure to access education by our elders and our youth and children have partly descended our situation to this abysmal level. Unfortunately, we still pay minimum attention to even uplift our basic education. We strongly believe that to free ourselves from subjugation and oppression, we must educate ourselves and our people.
    As such we feel that our generous people must com forward in order to make this dream possible and achieve our noble objective with all-out supports and contributions.

    In this regard, ARCT needs some the following monetary and non-money tory contributions from our brothers and sisters:

    1 A Digital camera to take pictures as lesion for learners.
    2 A video Camera to record the cases of human rights violation and other essentials.
    3 An Automatic recorder to make the record verses.
    4 The some Desktop computers to keep network with important offices, teaching the basic computer training to the learners and other essentials.
    5 A Copy machine to make the copies
    6 A slide show plash player to teach through the screen.
    7 To rent a place with 2 storey building to establish the office cum residence of learner and worker of this project in Maesot area based at Thai-Burma border contained with:
    (a) 1 guest room
    (b) 1 learner Room with some partisan for the classes
    (c) 1 computer room
    (d) 1 workshop hall
    (e) 1 kitchen room with kitchen equipments and appliances
    (f) Some official accessories
    (g) 1 Record room
    (h) Some table, chairs for the trainers to hold the workshops.
    Providing only basic meal and tea coffee for the volunteers, visitors and learners.
    2-Health: ARCT hope that, it is very essential for escape the transmitted diseases and epidemic.
    (a) ARCT would like to train some volunteers as health workers with their own language to explain the community of essentiality of the health care.
    (b) After these trainers back from their training, they will work on fields as volunteers cooperating with other health related NGOS workers in across the Thailand.
    3-To arise the issue of NV process failures Rohingya people to the Thai authority with the help of adequate human rights NGOs Amnesty International, Human Rights development Foundation and related Migrants watchers.
    4- To Improve understanding between Thai people and Rohingya as well as with other racial Burmese people living in Thailand.
    We ARCT have needed to translate some historical books in Thai for Thai people to alleviate the misunderstanding on Rohingya and other racial Burmese people in Thailand.
    5- To required to create a desk with our sister community Rakhine to improve the tolerable and harmonious co-existence in Arakan , Burma .
    6- The Rohingya survey is very essential to know how many Rohingya are in Thailand, who are in where, how long and their condition in Thailand since they are here in Thailand.
    All above mentioned will be needed approximately about US $ ten thousand dollars..
    These all the running program and workshop can be evaluated by your kind office in any time.
    Sincerely yours
    Enayet Ullah Presidium Member
    Arakanese Rohingya Community in Thailand (ARCT)

  6. Avatar Charles NJI says

    We are a media and communication NGO and a civil society organisation based in Bamenda, north west of Cameroon. We fight against violence against female journalists and other media practitioners in the newsrooms and in the field.
    How can we get the projecti guidelines to build up a project on this topic.

  7. Avatar kalimullahkhan says

    I am running a school in very poor locality to change the attitude of new generation. I also want to work for the betterment of women,i need funds and guidance for this.
    Principal Islamic Oxford Public school Mochh Mianwali

  8. Avatar shahid zaman says

    No doubt,its a great initiative for creating enabling environment for vulnerable women in our societal context. I am working for a Bangladeshi NGO named ‘Eco-Social Development Organization(ESDO)’and we are continuing our mandate ‘Promoting of women rights”. On behalf of ESDO, we convey our heariest gratitude to you.
    Dr.Md.Shahid Uz Zaman
    Executive Director
    Eco Social Development Organization(ESDO)

  9. Avatar Rakesh Gharde says

    Dear sir/madam

    We are from SAMARPAN JAN MANAS PRAGATI KALYAN SAMITI JABALPUR MADHYA PRADESH INDIA which is registered at STATE level with registration number -04/14/01/12660/10
    State- MADHYA PRADESH,country –India

    Present time our society wants to organized free education and training to Rural and slum area.Under over objective- awareness for every poor people to build bright future.
    So we need grant from your organization for implementing this project.

    This project is beneficial for
    Population of madhya pradesh=800000

    Poor & slum families =255360
    So we are requested to your organization please give us grant for implementing this project in madhya pradesh

    People of madhya pradesh and our society is very thankful to your organization

    With regard
    Rakesh Gharde

  10. Avatar Afroja Sultana says

    I think this is the best opportunity for bringing the problem of violence. we wish that the funds will get the right people doing the work

    Afroja Sultana
    Executive Director
    Nari Unnayan Forum

  11. Avatar AJEENA MARY MSW says

    I am Ajeena mary msw, intrest and doing social work On behalf of ASST– I write this to you. Since we very much got involved in women empowerment and eliminate violence against women, old women protection and care we would like to join with your working team. So we need how to apply and what would be the format to apply. However please enroll ASST first in to your members list and let us know or wait for your further guidance. Thank you, Ajeena mary.

  12. Avatar Attakora-Asamoa Yaw Poku, Jnr says

    I think this is the best opportunity for bringing the problem of violence against women to the front burner. As the National Vice President of the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled, we are highly interested in highlighting the need for society to really take a good look on VIOLENCE AGAINST DISABLED WOMEN which most
    Africans would not want to talk about. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Avatar Cypriana from WODSTA-Women development for science and technology association based in Arusha-Tanzania says

    Thanks for the good idea of initiating strategy aim at ending women violence since this problem contribute much for underdevelopment and misbehavior of children in the affected society. Please may you give guidance of writing the required proposal! Good job!

  14. Avatar Namatovu Faridah says

    thanks very much for that initiative, in fact women in our country suffer serious injustices in many institutions like health, education,politics and many other fields.there is increased domestic violence against women and children. i work in CARA-Uganda as a human rights activist, but in most cases we right proposals to reduce and end violence against women, but the selection criteria end up missing us out, but we hope to join hands so that we can end domestic violence for economic development, because i believe that if women are empowered, development will be enhanced in the society. thanks. Faridah

  15. Avatar Azmera Yelimatna Bego-Adragot Mahber says

    I am program coordinator of one CSO in Ethiopia. The development and charity association i am working in is called “Azmera” committed to alleviate poverty via implementing various programs, one of which is women empowerment and children aid. So we are very eager to implement any program related to women empowerment with the UN Trust Fund.

  16. Avatar srinivasarao ch says

    dear sir i am running an NGO named Adrsdha Helping Hands Reaching Society i am interesting about the project.

  17. Avatar Boya sreenivasulu says

    Respected sir,
    we are interested to do this project.our socitey works mostly on women improvement physically ,mentaly so please give information about this project.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully,

  18. Avatar Enyonam Kugbeadzor says

    GLOBAL ACTION FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT (GLOWA) a non governmental and not for profit organisation is based in Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana. GLOWA is deeply involved in activities that empower the rural women and girls including promoting their reproductive health and rights and economic empowerment for sustainable livelihood.

    P.O. BOX HP 1124, HO, V/R, GHANA

  19. Avatar Dora Ugwu Ikwunne says

    I must commend on your good initiatives. This is exactly what I crave for. We need some right and strategic thinking women activist to advocate for the rights of women in my country. I have the zeal and tenacity to execute this project mission on violence against women in my country. Others may have been doing it but not to the extent that I want to undertake this project. Mine is a peculiar case because I am a victim, so I want to fight for others facing abuses and violence. If we don’t fight now to erase this ugly mentality, our children will continue to face the same problem. So the best thing is to fight now and save our daughters/young girls from this dilemma and also teach them to be empowered economically to be able to absorb the shock and fight for their rights because these acts are inevitable.
    The issue of women policy: I would like to advocate for a body that guides and protects women against violence in my country Nigeria which will be punishable by an act of law if such case is reported. That includes forming a Ministry for women under the government and a crime commission in charge of violence against women.
    The issue of gender discrimination: I come from the part of country where it seems to be a taboo for women to contest or occupy a higher political appointment like Presidential post, yet so many of us are ably qualified than the said men. Power intoxication, bribery and corruption have lead to breading of leaders whose sees their position as an opportunity to emancipate funds rather than a clarion call.
    In commencement, I intend to apply the following strategy for this project:
    •Organize youth campaign on violence against women in my country
    •Organize youth debate on violence against women which will be aired on television a radio
    •Sensitize the media to be actively involved in all programs
    •Organize workshops/seminar and the target audience are; the stakeholders, media, urban and rural women, the youths, Lawmakers, religious leaders. And more.
    •Further campaign and advocacy on women policy and gender equality through the media, petition to the presidency and other bodies involved in passing the law.
    I am asking for a support and partnership to start and possibly actualize this mission. Obviously, this program will require funds and machineries. I really wish that this campaign will be sponsored and supported to wipe the tears of many women out here. Thanks! Proposed:”Women Alert for Change”

  20. Avatar VIJAY SINGH says


  21. Avatar Kuldip Kaur says

    Foundation for Developmental Research, Chandigarh, Working for rural women and abandoned children.we are interested to submit a proposal on empowerment of women and their rehabilitation, those who are effected with domestic violence.We want guidelines for prepration of project proposal.

    Kuldip Kaur

  22. Avatar isaac Ampomah says

    we are involve in a net work of NGOs call the ghana Human Rights NGO’s Forum cordinating human rights efforts with the commission on humnan rights and Admindtrative justic(CHRAJ). WE will be gratefull as an ngo called the Concern Health Education Project receive the proposal guide and format to submit to this call
    thank you.
    isaac Ampomah

  23. Avatar Daniel Meshach says

    I am Daniel Meshach, On behalf of Rural Education And Development Association – READA I write this to you. Since we very much got involved in women empowerment we would like to join with your working team. So we need how to apply and what would be the format to apply. However please enroll READA first in to your members list and let us know or wait for your further guidance. Thank you, Daniel.

  24. Dear. Sir and Madam

    People Health Development Association (PHD) is youth lead organization is committed to work with and for young people for strengthen local communities through building processes for positive contributions and young people’s participation for develop official youth capacity development mechanism for effective youth participation in civil society to create positive social change by improving and promoting youth participation in Cambodian social issues.

    PHD strives to improve and promote youth participation and empowerment in social work and community through promote youth rights, The organization enables people ages 15-27 to participate in the development and implementation of policies and plans that promote improved sexual and reproductive health and gender equality and prevent gender based violence, STDs including HIV/AIDS, and drug-related harm.
    The powerful participatory learning and actions will be applied in all project activities to promote youth participation and youth empowerment in response to youth issues related to rights to against of violence and increased understanding of the gender concern by linking to awareness of women rights and human rights, gender equality and to promote responsible and respectful behavior among young men as to respect of women rights (Women as Human and Women Rights is Human Rights) through communities and classroom- based learning, hand on leadership training in the work setting implementation of group leadership action plans, participated will broad range of skill and knowledge, including understanding in communities of personal leadership on right base approach and social mobilization

    Thus, PHD advocates and creates an enabling environment to support youth activities that improve of youth participation and empowerment in the development and implementation of policies and plans that promote improved through of youth rights, the social conceptions about gender relations, sexual and reproductive health rights and youth civic.

    Men Engagement to Stop Violence against Women Project of People Health Development Association (PHD) will be a 3 year project working directly with young university students between age of 18-28 in twelve universities in Phnom Penh focus on integrated gender mainstreaming and sexual reproductive health to promote responsible relationship among young urban male. The project seek to reduce levels of GBV and sexual harassment of beer promotion women in the workplace perpetrated by young men and increase understanding of gender equality and equity as well as sexual reproductive health of young man in the university. The project will work in partnership with CARE International in Cambodia, key government partners including Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, Ministry of Interior, civil society, private universities, young man, and beer promoters to address gender stereotypes and gender inequality that root deeply in Cambodia Society.

    The project will bring together classroom- based learning, hand on leadership training in the work setting implementation of group leadership action plans, participated will broad range of skill and knowledge, including understanding in communities of personal leadership on right base approach,

    Some university students display high levels of arrogance, associated with privilege and impunity, and this can contribute to high risk behaviors, sexual violence towards their partner or sweetheart and entertainment workers including beer promoting girls. There is also peer pressure among some (male) social groups to buy sex and use drugs. Moreover PHD advocates and creates an enabling environment among stakeholder to support with young people activities to ensure the better of social concept about sexual relation, sexual Harassments, GBV and reproductive health rights and sexual behavior among young people as refer to beer promoter rights,

    Anyway Masculinity is deeply concept of social norm in Cambodia. The way men view themselves as men, and the way they view women, will determine whether they use violence or coercion against women. When women and girls are expected to be generally subservient, their behaviour in relation to their health, including reproductive health, is negatively affected at all stages of the life cycle. The prevalence of domestic violence in a given society, therefore, is the product of gender-based inequalities, and tacit acceptance by society.
    The opportunity for organisations like PHD is to more deliberately seek ways to break the silence surrounding violence against women in Cambodia, and to ensure that the voices of women are heard, especially among of beer promoter rights while at the same time, also more deliberately working to change the paradigm of masculinity that allows for the resolution of conflict through violence. This means engaging men– policy makers, parents and young men alike – in conversations about male socialization and gender roles, and the dynamics and consequences of violence. These are conversations that can and should be empowering for men as well as women. and create to ensure a safer and more respectful working environment for beer promoters (BP) from the harassment and violence
    The Men Engagement to Stop Violence against Women project will engage young men to promote social change and reduce violence in the live of women, this project aims to implement the project activities on reduced levels of GBV and Sexual Harassments of beer promoter in the workplace perpetrated by young men and increase understanding of gender inequality and society factor that support inequality among university students by to increase knowledge through the complement goals of developing a new generation of young people in the communities and strengthening the enabling environment for beer promoter free from sexual harassment and violence,
    The Men Engagement to Stop Violence against Women Project of People Health Development Association (PHD) has developed a sound of understanding of equality of gender, sexual harassment and violence to women and girl and specify link to beer promoter in the Cambodia social context as well as strong skills in the provision of life skills training, out reach activities, referral system as including with social services and health promotion through within the framework of a rights based approach of women rights is human rights ( Fundamental of Human Rights) and creating more respectful and safer working environment for beer promoter,

    I strong believed that PHD, it could be apart of Ideas project in Cambodia as activist of youth lead organization that is working on gender issues, gender based violence among young people and university students

  25. Avatar selvendran says

    we want to create a project on economic empowerment against domestic violation of women ,can you pls guide us or write a project for us ,for that we are prepared to pay.
    thank u ,
    with regards,

  26. Avatar Moses nduguti wanja says

    Quite good we are dealing with human rights matters and we would like to get more details and see our contribution to the same

  27. Avatar Bhaskar G.M says

    Ours is a registered voluntary organization working for the poor people who are belonging to below Poverty line. we now implementing many welfare programmes for the needy people who are looking for the helping hands.The major problem in the Developing countries is violence against women. we are also working now for these violence against women with the support of local government and public contribution.we are interested to collaborate with your organization and we will also submit a project proposal with your guidance and support. we are very much Thankful to your organization for giving and encouraging the social service organizations. (thanking you)

  28. Avatar Andréa Moraes says

    Santa Fe is a private, non-profit organization with over 17 years of experience in providing services to girls, abuse and domestic violence victims.
    We would like to know the last date for submitting proposals and What is the format for the proposal?

  29. Avatar Zanele Dlamini says

    Thank you so much and I hope this will take Women in Swaziland a long way since they will be able to stand for their Rights after being capacitate by our Organisation through this project. Looking for more details from you.

  30. Avatar Zanele Dlamini says

    I am very interested to this proposal and I know this will help women in Swaziland. We are looking in developing them in order to be able to feed themselves and their families than to depend. It is not easy to stand if you can’t put bread in your table and your voice won’t be heard also. I hope as an organisation we will help them in capacity building as well as equip them with their human rights.

  31. Avatar Forum of Anglo Indian Women says

    The Forum of Anglo Indian Women has been in existence from 1996.However in March this year on International Women’s Day we launched “The White Ribbon Campaing for Violence Against Women in Chennai India. To highlight November 25, 2010, we launched a sentisation programme among 300 autorickshaw drivers in Chennai.Autorickshaws are a commonly used form of transport after the public bus service. So we used the drivers of autorickshaws to be our Ambassadors in this campaign. They were made to read the pledge from pledge cards which were given to them, wear the white ribbon, stick posters on the glass of their vehicles and tell their passengers what White Ribbon is all about.It was a very successful campaign. India as you know, lives through many centuries at the same time. We are top of the world in IT, but the caste system, dowry system, female infanticide and many other biases against women still exist, making them the weaker sex and hence the butt of male violence. Hence we have started this campaign and plan to go to other cities in India and publicise and make men aware of the campaign.What are the guidelines for funding and how do we apply – please let me know.

  32. Avatar Gobardhan Pradhan says

    Plz tell us the last date for submitting proposals and What is the format for the proposal?
    Thanks a lot fot this effort.

    Gobardhan Pradhan, Pallivikash, Odisha, India

  33. Avatar Gobardhan Pradhan says

    Innovative project ideas to prevent violence against women have become the pressing need of the time. It is relevant, humane, genuine and worth doing announcement of grant support will definitely increase our confidence level as small ngos for we have been working hard with the women groups in this field for last couple of years.

    Thanks a lot for this relevant step.

    Gobardhan Pradhan, Pallivikash, Odisha, India

  34. i am ready to run the project i am in villupuram distick in tamilnadu india my cell number 9865160049 this is my number the project full details send me my mail id. thank u

  35. Avatar Enamul Kabir says

    This project idea will help our organization Prova Society to develop quality project proposal for prevention of violence against women in Bangladesh.

  36. We are involved in socio-economic up-liftment of the rural poor who are living below the poverty line peoples in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Chittoor District in India, 30 to 40 per cent of the people in the country were below the poverty line and have no access to basic amenities.

    Our programmes are aimed at Children Welfare, Women Empowerment, Basic Education and Literacy, Water Aid, Animal and Agricultural, family Helper Projects. etc…

    2-851, S.V.Colony,

  37. Avatar Azhar Tanwri says

    “Combined Youth Council Pakistan” (CYCP) is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Religious program for the betterment of the Youth of Pakistan. Youth is the backbone of any society and if it is well trained, it can play constructive role in the progress and prosperity of nations and people. Such a nation is truly wealthy because its youngsters are capable of lending a helping hand to people in need. So, Combined Youth Council Pakistan (CYCP) is providing the platform to the Youth Of Pakistan.

    CYCP focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual development of the Youth of Pakistan to build their skills and capacity, and is struggling for better quality of education, bringing a change through civil society activism, advocacy for human rights and getting the Youth to realize its importance in community development. CYCP also works for building up leadership qualities and career counseling of youngsters for their sustainable development, which is in the favor of themselves as well as for the country.

    CYCP is a Public Organization and we are working at initial stage so we need technical and financial support from you so that we can progress in our mission.

    “Young people should be at the Forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for Development and Peace. If, however, they are left on society’s margins, all of us will be impoverished. Let us ensure that all young people have every opportunity to participate fully in the development and progress of their own and their society.”

    Azhar Hussain Tanwari
    Chairman, CYCP

  38. Avatar Kaweesa Rashid says

    Developing ideas has always been a challenge to many organisation in developing countries. An initiative like this gives a chance to many to realise the gaps that they can fulfill. I commend this idea as the best way to encourage organisations to come up with orginal ideas using the examples given. Let organisations use this, in a way of fighting for the rights of the marginalised groups and development in Africa

  39. Avatar Delfina Dança says

    Thank you for this guidance. It will help the organization that work in women issues in Mozambique. Domestic violence against women is a cronic problem in our country and we are open for new ideas on how to deal with this problem.

  40. Avatar Pastor (Brig) Sunday Joshua Eminue says

    Thank you very much for this great development. This is a welcome idea as a channel to fight Violence against Women most especially the Vulnerable Widows. I was one of the representative from Cross River state in the Zonal Consultation of Girls and Women forum organize by The United Nations UN at Delta State from 9th – 12th November, 2010. I raise a vital point about the case of a Widow driven away by the husband people and the house properties cease from her. I really appreciate this Idea as a tool to empower the women. As a Clergy fighting for the right of the Widows in my organization and calabar Municipality at large, I will love to take up the project of Empowering of the Vulnerable Women through Knowledge and Awareness.
    Thanks for this God’s given Vision for the women to arise and shine like the star in the sky.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Pastor(Brig.) Sunday Joshua Eminue
    President:God’s Manifestation Orphans and Widows Organization
    (GMOWO Single Ladies Club)
    Calabar,Cross River State,Nigeria

  41. Avatar Samaila Garba says

    These guidelines provide support for us in the rural communities of Northern Nigeria where culture has been unkind to women who lost their husbands to AIDS. Some were sent packing from their homes when they tested positive for HIV when they underwent the mandatory test at the ante-natal clinic.We need your support.
    Samaila Garba
    Amana Association

  42. Avatar Younis Ahmed says

    The Founder’s development Organization Badin is one of non-Governmental Organization which is working for the socio economic empowerment of the rural peoples and striving for the poverty alleviation through implication of different development program in the rural areas. it was established in 2009 by a group of energetic youngsters representing the both sexes of Badin.
    The organization registered under Social Welfare voluntary Organization Act: 1961 with Directorate of Social Welfare / Community Development Department Government of Sindh. Home The Organization has been working, since its inception, on different sectors of social development focusing on Education, Agriculture, women development, youth problems and environment for the betterment of the poor and needy peoples of the area through their active participation and the help of various donors.


    Social economic empowerment of the rural peoples through formation of CBOs for sustainable development initiatives in the villages.

    Involve rural communities in micro enterprise for alleviating poverty in the rural areas.

    Improve the living standard of the rural peoples through providing them health finicalities at door step and awareness among the women children about the health hazards.

    Advocacy of the social problems and involve communities in the solution of problems.

    Mitigation of the flood disaster in the area.

    Raise literacy in the area specially girls, women, through establishment of non formal schools and adult literacy centers in the slum areas of the Cities and villages.

    Capacity Building of the rural communities through establishment of the Research Center.

  43. Avatar Abukaya K. Yonosan says

    One of the thing/issue to be addressed in Violence against Women in Developing Countries culture, because most of the African cultures consider women as property of the man once he has paid for the cows, goats etc as required by the cultures so we need to address culture as the root cause of Violence against women.

  44. Avatar ABUKARI DAVID says

    Thanks for the guidance and support for the achievement of a common goal. An empowered woman affects several generations positively.
    Lively Minds operates in Ghana and Uganda with communities through women and the youth to creat active minds. Targeting early Childhood and Hand washing for children within the ages of 3 and 6, encouraging parents to enrol and retain their children in the formal education process. We also develop the capacities of illetrate women to realise how valuable they are in supporting their children in the formal education.

  45. Avatar Ijeoma Nnaji says

    Thats a good idea. In the eastern part of Nigeria where YOUTH-CHILD SUPPORT INITIATIVE an ngo that works with abandoned children and youth from distablised homes really understand the psychological impact voilence against their mothers and sisters in their various communities and the gory details of their stories. Thanks for making this gude available as we wish that the funds will get to the right people doing the work.
    Ijeoma Nnaji
    Executive Director.

  46. Avatar Abdulai Danaah says

    Centre for Initiative Against Human Trafficking is Non-governmental organization based in Tamale Ghana. It main aim is to combat women traffficking and prostitution in the Ghana through community advocacy programme to enable wemen to know their rights and responsibility and exstblish trauma counselling centre .For women to self independent sustainable livelihood projects to engage women in production project to earn high income, so that their advices can be heard.
    If your support this project would bring a great chance in the community.
    Thank you

  47. Avatar Justus K Chelangat says

    Very encouraging for the guidance.

  48. Avatar Joseph Sangosanya says

    Good morning. This is a good initiative. Violence against women in Africa especially in Nigeria where we have highest number of women in Africa is unquantifiable. So, Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity, Jos, Nigeria which is an Independent Human Rights Organization has for a decade now campaigning against this and we will like to be supported inorder to achieve this goal.
    Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
    Joseph Sangosanya
    Executive Director

  49. Avatar Human Inborn Freedom, (Hi-Free) says

    Dear sir/madame
    Thank and congratulate to ideas collected.
    Can Hi-Free that working for Poor Awareness Community Development and Strengthening of Democracy apply for funds?
    Best Regards
    Human Inborn Freedom
    Leav Roeun

  50. Avatar Munduru Esther Drilliga says

    I am a self styled, unemployed, volunteer advocate of women’s plight at my own capacity though not recognized at a wider scope. Encouraged by this zeal, i initiated and founded a baby organization called Women Effort for Peace and Development with 12 other ladies, with its registration under way. At the moment we are actually operating on petty contributions from the 13 members for initial stage costs.
    Thank you very much for this new wave of opportunity to help improve women’s lives world over. My concern is the limited nature of the interventions at Urban or Peri-urban areas. Most of the women involved are normally in urban areas and therefore, not willing and ready to go in to grass roots owing to the appalling conditions therein.
    Donors or grant organizations also give criteria that do not favor new players in to the field owing to the series of demands in form of requirements to access the funds. This makes it if not difficult but impossible for new initiators of programmes or organizations, after a serious assessment and analysis of what is on ground, to access such supportive funds to help them grow and render services to rural women. For instance, asking for full employment details yet one maybe a volunteer coming up with such an initiative due to the untold suffering of abuse and discrimination of unemployed women, with an intention to create jobs for self and other women. How best can such category of women be helped out even with start up grants? It would be good to have a strategy whereby the grass root women have to be fully involved and participate vigorously in bringing the desired change as they know their own problems better thus better placed to identify befitting solutions if supported. Unlike an intermediator who does not even know the exact problem but deals on sample assumptions. I’ll be very much available and willing to participate just as i registered to join the “SayNo” campaign by Good Hope Ambassador Nicole Kidman. Thanks, Esther

  51. Avatar karani Edson sekiete says

    Being one of the stakeholder in this issue i commend the ideas given or provided.i am sure they have broaden our understanding and skills on how to prepare a good proposal to tackle this problem in our society.Thank you very much for the ideas given.

  52. Avatar Priyanka Konsam says

    I would like to know 1.The last date for submitting proposals, 2. What is the format for the proposal? Apart from the objective and Outcome what else are we expected to describe?


  53. Avatar This a good start for Women in Africa BY Wangola moses says

    Can organisation that work to promote the welfare of old persons also apply for this fund