Y2Y Fund is now accepting proposals from youth-led organizations in Uganda

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Deadline- July 8, 2012

Proposals are accepted from youth-led organizations in Uganda for Y2Y fund.

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The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) enables African Youth to turn their energy and ideas into business opportunities to increase their income and create decent work for themselves and others. It is an initiative by the Africa Commission, implemented by the Youth Employment Network (YEN), and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The Facility’s mission is to contribute to job creation in East Africa through youth entrepreneurship development. The five components aim to i) foster a culture of entrepreneurship among young people, ii) introduce entrepreneurship education in schools, iii) ensure that potential and existing young entrepreneurs have access to business development services and finance, iv) provide opportunities for youth to actively engage in employment generating projects through a youth-to-youth fund, and v) promote evidence-based advocacy to better understand what works in youth entrepreneurship development.

The Youth-to-Youth Fund in Uganda will have a special Thematic Window for projects by and/or for disabled youth. Proportion of the grant funding will be dedicated to entrepreneurship development projects that are led by youth with disabilities and/or create entrepreneurship opportunities for disabled young people.

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The proposals should include project ideas that contribute to the promotion and/or development of and business opportunities for young people as a means to create employment. The winning organizations, through their projects, are expected to create opportunities for young people to start or improve their small enterprises or other entrepreneurial initiatives. The proposed project ideas should thus focus on how to empower and enable youth to establish enterprises, whether micro or more growth oriented.

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    Project: Putting up a girl’s dormitory to accommodate 150 students
    Contact person: Daniel Ngangasi II – Director
    LIDEFO Uganda Ltd
    Maliseri Road, Kasese Municipality
    P.O. Box 104, Kasese Uganda

    Background of the project
    Liberty College has steadily imparted knowledge, skills and confidence in over 500 graduates who have attended the college since 2004 the time of existence. The college has professional and qualified staff with relevant experience and skills to pursue better education systems. Many of the team has been engaged in teaching for the last six years.
    However our strong focus, we clearly intend to improve the accommodation system of the college. The management strategic objective has tried her best to coordinate resources to spark off quality service delivery to the disadvantaged persons of Kasese. The current dormitory is a rented building and is not enough to offer accommodation to the overwhelming number of girls and this has affected the disadvantaged students who have no capacity of hiring a place to sleep, due the expensive costs in Kasese Municipality. If we put up better dormitories to accommodate 150 vulnerable students this will enable improved living conditions and several girls will be able to attain skills for self-reliance offered at Liberty College.
    Though the government of Uganda has launched numerous educational schemes, this is limited to only public institutions and however, this has not changed the plight of girls who come from poor families in the project area. In Kasese girls/women are still exploited and deprived of their many basic human rights like education and access to proper medical care 80% school going age girls come fro poverty stricken families and they cannot afford fees for accommodation, even though Liberty College has created scholarship scheme to provide for tuition fee.
    However, the concerted efforts of Liberty college management to steadily coordinate resources to put up an outstanding dormitory for needy ladies seem to strike a balance in uplifting education background of girls in the projected area.
    The rationale behind the project is socio-economic crisis of the college and perpetual poverty of girls in the project area. It is clear that Liberty College has no dormitory for girls and such a call has limited many of them to have fewer chances to attend the college. The 80% literacy of the women in the project area culminates from lack of accommodation at learning centers. Therefore our strategic plan to have a better girls’ dormitory is so critical to increase the number of girls joining the college to spark off quality and secure livelihood.
    Target group
    The target beneficiary will be 150 selected vulnerable girls who have at least completed senior four and six with prequalification to join the college.
    Project goal
    • The ultimate goal of the project is to uplift education standards of girls through offering free accommodation at the college
    Specific objectives
    • To construct six roomed girls’ dormitory for proper accommodation
    • To mobilize and coordinate quality materials for the construction
    • To enhance the monitoring and evaluation during the course of implementation

    Out puts
    • Six roomed girls’ dormitory constructed
    • Dormitory equipped with relevant materials and fixtures
    • The overall benefit of the project is socio-economic empowerment of girls from disadvantaged families through offering them quality accommodation at Liberty College.
    Projected budget:
    The project is expected to take a period of 2 years with a total expense amounting to UGX 183,616,800 US$ 75,564
    Above all we seek your organisation for support and technical guidance to enable us put up a better dormitory for girls at Liberty College.