Where can NGOs find small and flexible grants for their projects?

Small grants are easier to get! Besides, they are more flexible to handle and can lead to creation of strong partnerships with international donor agencies for long-term growth and sustainability. But the question remains as to where NGOs can identify small grants. We have a developed a list to help them apply for such funding.

We have covered over 15 such foundations that provide small grants to NGOs. However, if you sign up for FundsforNGOs Premium, you can get instant access to thousands of more such donor agencies through our searchable donor database. Learn more here.

There are hundreds of donor agencies that provide small grants to NGOs around the world. In this document, we have picked up 15 such agencies with most of them open to receiving applications from NGOs.

ViiV Healthcare Issues Small Grants for Seed Fund and Community Grants

ViiV Healthcare is a global specialist HIV company established in November 2009 by GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK) and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) dedicated to delivering advances in treatment and care for people living with HIV. The company’s aim is to take a deeper and broader interest in HIV/AIDS than any company has done before and take a new approach to deliver effective and new HIV medicines, as well as support communities affected by HIV.

Work Inside ViiV Healthcare

  • Improving diagnosis & treatment of infants in Africa
  • World AIDS Day Celebrations

Types of Funding Opportunities by ViiV Heathcare

  1. ViiV Healthcare Paediatric Innovation Seed Fund – The seed fund specifically supports partnerships that focus on expanding the evidence base for paediatric care and treatment and the development of paediatric fixed-dose combination (FDC) medicines. As part of its ongoing commitment to deliver innovation in the areas of highest unmet need, it has created the £10 million Paediatric Innovation Seed Fund.
  2. Positive Action for Children Fund – The call is focused on non-governmental and community-based organizations that can deliver change at a community level thanks to their links with or representation of the communities affected. ViiV Healthcare supports organizations to deliver prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV services, which empower mothers and children across the globe.
  3. Positive Action Community Grants – The Positive Action Community Grants are given by ViiV’s local operating companies to in-country HIV community organizations that are innovative, sustainable and that produce tangible results for communities affected by HIV. The in-country teams work closely with grantees to ensure that programs are meeting the needs of the community.

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  1. We are a new NGO in South Africa. MEMPROW SA anticipates facilitating continuous peer learning and mentorship for girls and young women as a way of keeping girls in school, reducing gender-based violence & teenage pregnancy, and sustaining gender activism. We seek to provide spaces for girls and young women to learn from each other thereby promoting and protecting their rights within learning institutions and communities. This is envisioned through creating groups of mentors and training young girls in social survival skills that work from a human and gender rights perspective. MEMPROW SA programmes focus on: building capacity, as well as increasing girls’ gender-based awareness, knowledge & analytical skills; increasing girls’ social survival and facilitating their sense of a future. We equip girls and young women with self-knowledge, social intelligence and young women’s leadership. We are running out of the small funding we have and looking funders and ways of fundraising successfully.

  2. Avatar hope for vulnerable people says

    we are hope for vulnerable peopl,a regestered community best organisation in uganda.
    thank you the good work.
    please we are need of advise,trainings,conferevces in order to be able to change lives of our vulnerable community

  3. Avatar Vash Mungal-Singh says

    Hi. I am from the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa. We run a number of programmes nationally to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce heart disease and strokes in young people. We are seeking funding for a number of our programmes such as support group (for people affected by these diseases), a school tuck shop programme (to educate learners and create healthy tuck shops in schools), free health screenings (offered to people who cannot afford private healthcare) and public awareness campaigns to educate the public.
    Are their potential sources of funding that you can refer me to.

  4. Avatar Jean M Olibrice says

    I am Jean M Olibrice, CEO of a charitable organization that is building wells and schools in Haiti. Could you advise whom to approach for funding?.

    Thank you

  5. Avatar sanjay gandhi says

    v r regesterd ngo named western initiative development programme at kakamega kenya
    our vision better life for childern and women in our country
    n our mission working together with childern and women in county to identify available assets within and outside their communities so as to creat sustainable wealth for them/community

  6. Avatar Shina Zaccheus says

    hi am SHINA from NIGERIA, we are into training of youth especially in the informal sector mostly apprenticeships, IT and humanitarian right, in the past few month this said training and research into our organization has made series of impact on many youth in our locality and wish to expands more if we have a helping hand our organization is
    please do advice us on the way forward.

  7. Avatar Jeanne d Arc Habarugira says

    Dear all,

    As the coordinator of a new Rwandan NGO called SYNERGY, with mission to fight poverty through capacity building(in different kind of trainings to financial illiteracy population especially rural women and young), could you please tell us the grant opportunities? And as a massotherapist/orthotherapist,in order to fight stress and prevent burn-out, we would like to set up a training center in the area in my country;and we are seeking your kind advice on how to make successful fund raising.

    Thank you for your help.

  8. Dear all I am small NGO CEO in South India Andhra Pradesh. I want orphan home building construction grant. Already I started the building. But lack of funding source the building construction is pending from 2010. So, any body can help? to the noble cause.

  9. Dear all respect donor

    we are from Cambodia, Asians country, in here i would like to share you about our organization profile. we always seek fund to help small scale farmers in our country.

    • Avatar Lucky Martin Bogere says

      We take pleasure to appreciate your interaction and very helpful news.
      I am the Executive Director and founder of a CHILDREN helping Organization called; HERITAGE OF ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN ORGANIZATION (HOVCO) under RETHEM International ministries and we’re registered with the Local Government of Uganda as a Community Development Organization.
      We’re a real operating organization that gives all necessary assistance to improve on the lives of the less privileged children who are even hopeless because of their burning sorrows.
      We have been doing this work since 2012 until now and we’re committed to continue doing this until we make them hopeful and much able citizens who can live a self-sustained life and contribute to the Development of their communities.
      Currently we’re having a program of an Orphanage Construction to build them a better home where we can take good care of them and train them in many things so that they can be able to live meaningful lifestyles.

      We have therefore written a PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE ORPHANAGE HOME and we’re seeking for funding Opportunities.

      May I ask where we can submit our Proposal to; International Foundations that Give Small grants to NGOs?
      Thanks very much.
      Yours EV Lucky Martin Bogere. Director

  10. Afro-Canadian Evenglical Mission is nonprofit church based organisation operating in south sudan we serve the community of south sudan with emergency food security program, Orphanage shool construction in war toned areas of south sudan, Adult Education program,child protection,GBV, program, livestock program as well there for we are seeking for the support as south sudan going through difficulty times millions of people have died and we are desperately seeking for support.

  11. Avatar Bernard j chawetey says

    hi am Bernard from Ghana we are into training of youth especially in the informal sector mostly apprenticeships, information and technology and humanitarian right, in e past few month if training ans reseach our organization has made series of impact on some youth and wish to expands more if we have a helping hand.our organization is GEEKS FOUNDATION GHANA.
    please do advice us on the way forward.

  12. Avatar Benjamaine Kanyenda says

    We are an organization promoting the integration of environmental,economic and social sustainability in community development to achieve sustainable development in Malawi.But we don’t have a specific donor to support sustainable development interventions. Can you please assist us with appropriate links

  13. Avatar TUMUKUNDE VICENT says

    Our organisation is a community based organisation working in Rubirizi district South – Western Uganda and our area of operation is mainly based on child rights promotion, child health, gender and equality and issues to discuss critical governance and development issues and influence their attainment. Last yer we have been involved in citizens mobilisation to take action on issues that affect their community through advocacy. In our work gender disparities has been a key upcoming issue that in fact has perpetuated domestic violence and led to loss of a number of lives. We would like to secure a fund for an intervention that can reduce the conflicts that emanate from the gender disparities in Ankole sub region.

    vicent tumukunde

  14. Avatar Philip Topaiman Ouyoumb says

    Ecological and Community Forestry Inc, a Community Base Organization in Papua New Guinea. The organization is interested to register with Fundforngos in terms of information sharing and seeking funding assistance for Environmental and Climate Change Awareness and Community Livelihood Development Projects in Papua New Guinea.

    So please assist us in how to be registered.

    • Avatar Rashmi Kanti says

      Hello Philip,
      We are not a funding organization, we provide you fundraising guides and inform you on the latest funding opportunities to help your organization apply for the relevant opportunity and secure grants. Please make use of our vast resources and make your project sustainable. You can consider our premium membership to link yourself with thousands of donors funding in environment and many other areas. To consider, visit – http://fundsforngospro.com/plans-and-pricing.aspx
      Thank You!

  15. Avatar Philip Topaiman Ouyoumb says

    I am the chairman of Ecological and Community Forestry Inc, a Community Base Organization in Papua New Guinea

    The organization is looking forward to registering with Fundsforgos as a Premium Member to have access to important information and funding opportunities in Environment, Climate Change awareness and Community Livelihood Projects Development in Papua New Guinea.

    Please assist us in the registration process to be a member.


    Philip Topaiman Ouyoumb

  16. Please Sent me the cost of register for premium member

  17. Avatar safi agnes says


    We are a social NGOs who needs information guides in order to have the resources and funding opportunities for help us to better raise funds and obtain grant funds.
    We are working on children, young people (football) and women in Africa Central precisely the Democratic Republic of the congo

    Thank you!

  18. Hello
    Our organisation is sub national platform of CSOs working in Ankole Sub region – Western Uganda and we provide a platform for civil society organisation in the region to discuss critical governance and development issues and influence their attainment. Over the years we have been involved in citizens mobilisation to take action on issues that affect their community through advocacy. In our work gender disparities has been a key upcoming issue that in fact has pepecuated domestic violennce and led to loss of a number of lives. We would like to secure a fund for an intervention that can reduce the conflicts that emanate from the gender disparities in Ankole sub region.



  19. Avatar Riaan Cleophas says

    We are a group of persons with disabilities We recently registered an organisation as npo (Not-for-Profit Organisation)

    We are recipients of a disability grant and with the npo our objectives are to epower people with disabilities and lead the to financial & econoic independence

    Our question is therefor: Are we as newly established organisation allowed to apply for assistance.

  20. Thank you for this,we would like funding to help us give hope to the less privilaged and hopeless orphans and widows affected with HIV/AIDS.


  21. Avatar John Par Kagl says

    Rural LinkPNG is a small not for profit organization committed to working with disadvantaged rural based communities in the areas of education, health and climate change resilient programs. We would like to engage the service of fund raising consultancy firm to assist us in our fund raising drive.

  22. I have today visited your portal.I have tried to know if you can help me grow this orphanage but have failed to know if I qualify what can I do?

  23. Avatar Hassan Adan says

    We are working for youth empowerment and human abuse in Somalia. We face a lot of human abuse. Please help us!

  24. Avatar Mohmed Ali says

    We are International NGO working in Somalia, Keya and East African countries. We are running out of budget to continue our implementation of humanitarian support projects and we are seeking your kind advice on how to make successful fund raising,
    With best regards,

    • Avatar Rashmi Kanti says

      Hello Mohmed,
      fundsforNGOs is an online fundraising platform working for the sustainability of NGOs by increasing their access to donors, resources, and skills.
      We suggest you to subscribe our premium membership that offers a vast range of resources like sample proposals, resource guides, webinars & all the details of the funding agencies/foundations offering funds in different areas. Our donor database profiles have 7000+ donor/funding agencies around the globe with their contact details – web URL, email address, phone & fax number and contact address.
      All this can help your organisation to secure funds.
      To consider our premium membership, visit – http://fundsforngospro.com/plans-and-pricing.aspx.
      Thank You!

      • Avatar LALRAMSANG INFIMATE says

        Dear Rashmi Kanti,
        The new presentation of the web site is much much better and user friendly.

        All the best and keep up the good job

  25. Avatar alieu sonkoa says

    Our organization has been applying a lot of these nature but no respond whether consider for approval or not .
    anytime when ever we come across such we will do our our best to either to fill a form we will do but we always disappointed.

    • Avatar Ben Angulo says

      Hi Alieu,

      What is you organization about and where are you located?


      • Hi Ben,

        We are a social enterprise that provides fundraising guides, resources, and the latest funding opportunities to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding.

        Thank you!