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How to apply for the UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund 2012

The UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund is a funding opportunity specifically for small and grassroots-based NGOs in developing countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. However, small organizations often fail to participate in such opportunities because of their inability to access and develop a good proposal. With our primary objective of assisting such NGOs, we have developed some guidance material that can aid in accessing and writing the given application form.

Disclaimer: Please note that the guidance material provided here by is purely unofficial. It is neither complete nor accurate and does not make any guarantee of making your application more competitive or help you get any grant. Readers are requested to use this material at their own discretion.

The Urban Youth Fund accepts project proposals online – which means that you need to create an account at their website, log in and then complete the online application form.

If you are not able to complete the form at one time, you can always save it and come back later and rework on it by logging in again. Completed application form has to be submitted online with other relevant documents attached before the given deadline i.e. 15 April 2012.

NGOs with poor internet accessibility can check this link to download an offline application form (to be uploaded soon) to make notes before logging in to fill the online application form.

Below is a step-by-step guidance to help organizations to access the application form and write a proper proposal. Click on the links below one by one:

1. Applicant Registration at the Urban Youth Fund

2. Application Guidelines for the Urban Youth Fund

3. Application Form for the Urban Youth Fund

4. Information about the Applicant Organization: Urban Youth Fund Application

5. Explaining Youth Leadership in your Organization

6. Project Information for the Urban Youth Fund Application

7. Project Description: Urban Youth Fund Application Form

8. Project Outputs, Risks, Sustainability, Partnership…Urban Youth Fund Application

9. Background Information for the Urban Youth Fund Application

10. Logical Framework: Urban Youth Fund Application Form

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  1. SERD is a non profit organization working for the rural and urban how can approach your funding . we are ready to collaborate with your institution and work for youth.

  2. pastor David Serunkuma says:

    How can we be helped in getting funds with our church ministry of the orphans

  3. machief mallo says:

    Dina ithungu.
    i am a Nigerian and currently the coordinator of a small NGO in my country Initiative for Leadership and Development ILEAD geared toward empowering the youth and most especially women
    will love to collaborate with you on programmes and ideas as it affects these vulnerable majority

  4. Mangcha Haokip says:

    Iam Secretary of Hill People’s Devolopment Council (HPDC) whichan NGO working for the welfare of the Hilly Tribal people living in remote areas of Manipur State, India.

  5. Benjamin M Mwenda says:

    Hey We really want to get this funds but i went though the online requirement and there is too much needed for simple organization to get the funds, otherwise it is so difficult for a new organization to get this fund if you do not have background of organization or people who already funded you, the other challenge is most of information we have to fill it online and not everyone very good on line and some people like us we use scared internet so it difficult to fill all required information online, so if kindly you can help us in a different way which we can use to get fund to empower our society it would much easy and fair for groups of low class people like us who we do not have access to internet for long time.
    kindly I work with two small organization one is national organization for empowering youth and i have so many young people who would be glad to get funded to start small business in Kibera and other part of country, the other other one is small community based organization in the village which our aim and goal is to empower every child in education and for other older youth in creative ideas to keep them busy and out of drugs and early pregnancy and married and others, we would like to create a resource CENTER which they can get information and use their skill to empower themselves. any help would be so much appreciated, Ben

  6. Anita Haidary says:

    We are running an organization by the name of Complete Moon for Vulnerable Afghans; our specific field is tackling vulnerable women and youth issues.
    Yet the projects we have implemented are mostly in education and protection for young male and female,
    I am 27 years of age and function as the director of the NGO, I have work for more than 10 year for youth as a volunteer (started from school time up to date), I have establish a girl’s youth group, and later on that changed to youth federation (girls and boys) for the eastern zone of Afghanistan, with the time passage and my enthusiasm to serve for youth and implement sustainable projects for them, we the youth group enlarge our scope and change it to a national NGO. Our objective is to capacitate youth in a way that they not only help themselves and their families but to assist the vulnerable of this community. We believe in youth’s power, we have implemented country wide campaigns for children through our youth groups as volunteers.
    I will appreciate if I receive a feedback from you, since our group is intrusted to work on a project for those young girls and boys who are in severe need of job opportunities, they are less educated and some are not, in this tuff market completion they couldn’t adjust themselves, subsequently their potential mislead/alter to violent activities in the shape of revenge or they become drug users.
    Look forward to hear from you.
    Anita Haidary
    Director of CMVAO

  7. Kanyangeya Young Mothers Group
    P .O BOX 268,
    Kasese, Uganda.

    I m writing to ask and request for support for a project known as Reducing Women Rights Violations against young mothers and Street girls Children in the community.

    This project aims to contribute to the creation of a society where young mothers and Street girls Children enjoy their lives free of Women rights abuses for effective poverty reduction and development of the community.

    The project is expected to conduct public awareness on young mothers and Street girls children rights among youth, women groups’ and leaders, religious groups, primary teachers, children, local leaders and police.

    This will be done through radio talk shows, dialogue/work shops, school and community debates, music, dance and drama, essay competitions in school and community to reach out to the general public for change of attitude and behavior.

    This project shall be implemented by Kanyangeya Young Mothers Group in Kasese District, Western part of Uganda.

    According to the baseline survey made shows that young mothers and Street girls Children rights are violated all the time in the community. Therefore, there is need to address these issues in the community for effective harmony and development of the area. We shall also implement and grow cassava,maize and grandnuts for food and brick making for income to maintain the girls children on street in school and the young mothers for survival in community. I would again request that if you are not in position to support this programme kindly pass it on to the probable funders over there for the noble cause.


    Mrs. Dinah Ithungu Kinyerere


  8. asma moustafa says:

    We Women’s Union Association of the workers care about the women widowed and divorced elderly and children and look forward to a prosperous future for women and children and sustainable development to them so please support us to continue our journey and thank you

  9. Little Angels of the Environment Cameroon says:

    Greetings, i write to acknowledge information about your organization again, i encourage you on the constant offers made to support the underprivileged NGOs in some developing countries. At the same time i will like to reming you that if your organization doesn’t extend the necessary support to any applicant could you kindly notify them , this is because we applied for funding from you some five years ago and had nor response it really made us feel bad with all the efforts we put in to come up with our initiative. thank you. Little Angels Cameroon.

  10. Mathewos W.Mariam says:

    I feel honored to be a partner with your organization in behalf of Kembatta Development Association. As regards your calls for funds for NGO’s Developing Countries, we are non profit and non government organization with objectives: to reduce poverty, to enhance food security, and currently we are working on low cost-housing demonstration as a pilot project in the town. There fore, we would deeply appreciate your kind consideraion and will look forward to receving your approval to submit the project proposal to replicate the pilot project in other towns at Kembatta Zone,Southren Nations Natinalites and People’s Reginal States, Ethiopia.

    Mathewos W.Mariam


    Dear Sir,Ma
    We are Non- charitable organization in The Gambia registred with The Goverment.
    We are working among the youths and orphans that they are sleeping under the bridge begging for money and they dont have anybpdy to help them.
    We provides food,clothings and acccomdation for them and we sent them to school.
    And we are helping alots poor famlies by giving them loan to set up small scale business and and free medical treatment from village to villages and school to school.




    I have seen this only on 11th April, Is there any extension of date to submit our application, please send reply to our email ID which has given above. We are running one NGO by name YOUTH WELFARE ASSOCIATION in Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh, India. Particularly we are working for the upliftment of youth.

    Kindly help us to get funding for our organisation.

  14. S.inbaraj says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub:- Micro-credit finance to the poor uneducated girls and women
    for income generating activities – maintaining 117 Self Help groups having 15 to 21 members in each group including women and girls together & some men’s group also.
    All the members are ladies and girls

    Prayerful wishes to you from I:REWARD. We are submitting a Project proposal to
    provide Micro credit finance to the poor uneducated girls and women and
    rehabilitation of the girls and women. To protect the right of girls and women
    is the reason for proposing this project. We aim at women empowerment, gender
    equality women’s human rights, their economic and political empowerment and
    supports innovative and experimental activities benefiting women. We improve
    the lives of women and girls. Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with women
    leaders We propose a 3 year project for Micro credit, from the Districts of
    Tuticorin and Tirunelveli. We will implement this project in Cooperation with
    the grassroots people and your esteemed and unique voluntary organization. The
    total Project Cost is Rs. 18,75,000- (US $41667).We request a grant of Rs. 18,75,000,- (US $ 41,667) from your unique esteemed
    service oriented organization.
    Kindly process this application and sanction the Project, for which all the
    people in this locality will be thankful to you sir always. Awaiting for your
    partnership or sponsorship and looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Please we have enough appreciation letters and evidences from Block Development
    Officer, Bank Manager, Priest, etc. If you are interested. We can send more
    details also to your kind presence. It is very urgent also sir.
    We get no help from government and abroad. We are managing with little donation
    campaign. We meet a large section of people. But the people themselves are very
    poor and there is no point in approaching them again and again. At this
    background we have decided to seek assistance from foreign source. Thus we
    approach your good self to help us tide over this crisis. We need funds to
    maintain comprehensive project to find out difference sources to develop their peace full life. With this letter, we have attached a project, kindly approve it for which all the old men and women and others will be thankful to you always. May you please give your sponsorship?
    Expecting your favorable reply with so much of curiosity.

    Thanking you
    S.Inbaraj M.Com.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,
    Founder cum Managing Trustee-I:REWARD,
    96A,Kamaraj Nagar,
    Sathankulam post,
    Tuticorin district,
    Tamilnadu state
    India-628 704.

  15. Sajid Ali says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    First of all on behalf of all poor youth participants, I am very much thankful to UN-HABITANT for the great opportunity, currently I am working with BEFARe in backward and flood hitted areas of Sind-Pakistan, after flood 2010, and we provide NFIs for 3250 families.
    Personally I don’t have any interest for the financial support because through the current Job I am earning some money for my family life survival.
    My aim of life is that, I want to do something for those peoples who have need of food, shelters, and other financial support for the better life survival.
    Mostly UN-Agencies are working in the flood affected areas of Pakistan on different components like, food, shelters, Health & many other emergency relief services all services are on temporary basis, I want to do something especial for those peoples who have real need of financial support as they long term sustain their families.
    I have an idea and I am very much glad to share & request to all UN-Agencies that they should implement their projects on “Livestock forming & small grants for small shops) as they start their businesses and earn some money on their self help basis, according to current situations and my recent survey after emergency services, pepoles are still demanding for foods and supplies through the support of food and going to habitual for begging and in future they only wait for NGOs, at the end in the results peoples lost their energy of life against the hardworking.

    With Best wishes

    Thanks & Regards

    Sajid Ali
    Assistant Program Manager
    BEFARe-Qambar Shahdadkot.

  16. Henry Julius says:

    Our Organization- NENBUIMA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION SIERRA LEONE WEST AFRICA- NeCDOSL is non-profit making registered voluntary organization working for the cause of downtrodden and suppressed persons without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion and gender etc. At present we are working in the areas of disability, community development, rural development, women and childrens’ rights, Traditional irrigation sources, natural resource management etc. Our target groups are women empowerment, education for especially children, water and sanitation, farmers, education of HIV and AIDS in the communities, landless migrants, small and marginal farmers etc. We mobilize them to become self reliance. In this connection we are running a vocational training center for handicapped persons to make them capable to get the jobs to live with dignity and self reliance.
    We have already implemented various development programs successfully. Many of them are still in progress. We involve local community in planning process, design, implementation followed by constant monitoring and evaluation to make the programme sustainable and replicable. Due to our progammes and strategic plan the local people are supporting us on every front. They contribute us with cash, kind and materials. Peoples are our asset .We realizes that these people should be developed in such a way so that they could raise their voices for entitklements of socio-economic, cultural and political rights to live with dignity and self reliance.
    Our management is sound having been dedicated personnel with grass root level workers to intervene in any development programmes effectively with module of sustainability.
    For the past years, we have been finding so difficult to have funds for the various activities and we assure you that, if your organisation will support us we develop a module project for the expansion and proper implementation of our organisation.

    Hope u will consider our application and will write us for the same, so that, we could develop a detailed project proposal for providing support.
    With warm regards
    Yours faithfully
    Henry Julius
    Programme Manager

  17. Njuba Godfrey says:

    This is a good programme for the development of youth especially to the backward continent like my Africa.
    i introduce to you Butemba pro-education network(BUPENET) is a registered community based organisation youth group in Kyankwanzi district central Uganda East Africa it\s goals is

    -TO co-ordinate all education stake holders in the district.
    -TO support school stay of children
    -To develop children sport talents
    -and many others we see we eligible to apply for that support

    Njuba GOdfrey

  18. Mukisa Mariah says:


  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    We are organization working in Southern Bangladesh and our organization is Call Society for Human Awareness Promotion and Technical Activiets for Rural People with Sharing Information(SHAPTARSI). we are welcome your call for the projects proposals

    Please send your guidline and project proposal form.


  20. Child Saving And Rescue Centre says:

    Kindly send us application forms.

  21. Marko Fulla Health says:

    Name of Organization: Marko Fulla Health organization
    Country of Location: South Sudan
    Name of Executive Director: Marko Vuni
    Thanks a lot for the good work you are doing of updating us on the latest call for proposals, concept papers among other opportunities highly sought by Non Governmental Organizations.
    Let me take this gracious moment to first appreciate all you are doing in order to create a smile in many people’s faces. Marko Fulla Health organization is an organization geared towards; “Having a Transformed and Empowered society that values human dignity and equality for all”. For the time that we have spent now we have been in position to draw the attention of people on things that they never valued greatly like; Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness , Sensitizing People on the role of Proper Nutrition on health living, environmental problems , Culture like food taboo Child Protection and so on… On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Executive, I seek for your HAND as we reach our people. We will be very much interested to partake in submitting the Concept notes.
    Thank you
    Marko Vuni

  22. M'MONY NGABO says:

    More and More, this is a wonderfull occasion for Youth,
    Nous disons que les opportunités pour la nouvelle génération est une bonne occasion pour limiter la délinquance juvénile, le CEIFD se joins à UNHABITAT pour répondre aux besoins de la jeunesse du SUD KIVU meurtrie par dix ans de guerre en République Démocratique du Congo

  23. Director Agro Tech organisation society says:

    This is Mr sebuuma James Director Agro Tech Organisation Society . Assist me on how to apliy for this grants. we are
    community Based Organisation .we have worked for a period of five year since 2007 to 2011

  24. Nocky Kaapehi says:

    I m Nocnky Kaapehi National Chairperson of HANO Youth Foundation.. we want to have an exposure trip to other countries across the world, any interested organizations plz

  25. Faiz Ul Haq says:

    I want to submit a proposal for Youth Fund.

  26. Robert M Sakutaha says:

    As a child and youth sponsorship organisation based in Kafue district of Zambia, we are currently training o group of 15 youths in bricklaying and poultry management. Afetr this training, the youths should put up low cost housing for urban workers to rent. I believe with support from your program, our youths will reach higher hights. We are sending you a proposal shortly.

    Robert M Sakutaha
    Federation Programs Coordinator
    Kafue Child Development Agency (KCDA)

  27. Kasanvu Geoffrey says:

    My name is Kasanvu Geoffrey, Mission for Youth Rights in Uganda.
    I thank you so much for that initiative. However I want to comment that, there is a need to correct us in case our proposals have gaps, because I participated in the World Urban Youth Forum in Nanjing and the launch of the fund brought much hope to us however several attempts made to apply for the fund have not been fruitful but this is not the point I want to stress my point is, I know that, UH Habitat has a enough staff that can provide response to the individual organizations and tell them their mistakes sometimes they we don’t get a feedback. To me I think we need to be realistic and translate ideas into actions as we all recall that this was the massage that we share in Nanjing during the launch of this fund.

  28. kennedy omondi says:

    please help to get application form

  29. Obaidullah khan says:

    respected sir/ Madom
    Many thanks to you for the opportinity you give us to submit a project to you and get funds for youth .We are in Pakistan, khyber pakhtom khawa. when our youth is facing to many difficulities after a long civil war .No way for our youth people so this opportinity is welcome

  30. Md Abdur Rashid says:

    Please send your guidline and project proposal form

  31. DEREK EMMANUEL M. says:

    Dear.UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund .
    “Should You please Decide To Accept It in helping our .HARVEST INTERNATIONAL”
    To return dignity, livelihood, and to a Great extent humanity to these and to the forgotten poor in West Africa.. More than YOUTH AND children now live without Parents as result of these unprovoked assaults. These Children have in a very Tragic way, Lambs that can no longer care and feed themselves. Many of the children do not have mother and father..
    .HARVEST INTERNATIONAL and has accepted the Challenges sent 2004 to provide food, shelter and medical supplies, and education assistance to as many of THE forgotten poor in West Africa. in Ivory Coast .The purpose for this.HARVEST INTERNATIONAL is to carry out the At the same time,we are committed to bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor in West Africa. Our volunteers and team are ready to serve, supplies are stocked, hearts are prepared, and thousands in the impoverished nation of desperately need the hope and healing brought . We ask for your consideration .We are a nonprofit organizations in the following areas:L”HIV/AIDS Programs. Orphan Programs. Food Programs. Educational Programs & Schools.Village services for the poor.
    . We are desperately indeed, in need of safe water and basic sanitation YOUTH AND orphans Children Refugee and depleace people due to the present war in IVORY COAST for

    Many Thanks and Consideration For The Help Gaven To N.G.O.HARVEST INTERNATIONAL I hope to here from you soon
    857 Abidjan Cote d Ivoire

  32. stars-Nagpur says:

    This application regarding about as per subject line mention
    We are working since 2008 STARS has worked in Nagpur currently we worked in Nagpur slum. Our work for poor enhancement and development. Improve the Quality of life of abandoned and vulnerable group of people. The basis of STARS work lies in its commitment to the principle of Equality and Rights, improve the Quality of life of abandoned and vulnerable group of peoples developing the capacity of civil society to enable them to meet their needs. We are just new born baby and we try to hunt endowment support for NGO development we look forward to your encouraging responding last year we had applyning for same project we will allso wish to apply this year.This is a wonderful opportunity for

    Ujjwal M. Bhagat
    Social Treatment Analysis &Research Socity
    26,Omkar Nagar, Manewada Ring Road , Nagpur-440027

  33. Moses Atia says:

    PROGRAMME FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SUSTENANCE(PESS)is a registered community based NGO in Ghana in the Sene District of Brong Ahafo Region.The District is predominantly subsistant farming and fishing communities.There is a very high rate of porverty and illiteracy rate.
    the District is amoung the five(5) most deprive Districts in terms of infastructure in the country.It is for these reasons among others that PESS seeks to partiner with other development partners to help reduce/eradicate porverty through formal education and other youth enpowerment activities.

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