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Deadline: 24 April 2015 GlobalGiving is an online fundraising platform that gives social entrepreneurs and nonprofits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money they need to improve their communities. It offers a secure and trusted platform to receive donations; connects you with new individual and corporate donors around the world; and provides non-profits with the tools, trainings, and resources they need to upgrade their fundraising. Non-profits and Social Entrepreneurs will … [Read more...]

Global Giving

Global Giving is a charity fundraising web site that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. Since 2002, Global Giving has raised $169,634,755 from 429,598 donors who have supported 11,939 projects. Thematic areas Education Women and girls Health Economic development Geographic focus: Global Eligibility: non-profit organizations worldwide within focused themes. This resource … [Read more...]

Water invites you to become the Fundraiser to Provide Safe Water to those in Need

Deadline: 30 September 2014 One of the most critical problems in developing world (rural and urban area) is lack of access to safe water. Around the world 2.5 billion people have no sanitary facilities and 1 billion people defecate in the open. If you are an NGO supporting Water and Sanitation projects, you can make your fundraising easy partnering with Water and if you are an individual who care for health & hygiene of people around the globe, this is your fight against world poverty. You … [Read more...]

9. Businesses for NGOs

Businesses run by NGOs are part of the non-conventional funding sources for NGOs themselves. The first and the foremost question about NGOs running businesses is that whether it is ethical to do so since they have been emerged from the spirit of nonprofit-ism. If nonprofits become profit-oriented, then the very basic values are challenged. In this context, one should note that organizations also have their own expenses. Usually, small and medium-sized organizations are not supported by any … [Read more...]

10. Cost-Recovery for NGOs

NGOs need to be more professional when they are managing businesses. The idea of cost recovery is critical for this. While operating donor-funded projects, this may not really be of much concern for organizations, but while they are investing financial and human resources into a project so that businesses are operated for the benefits of the community and also for the sustainability of the organizations, the first thing they need to think about is covering the costs incurred by the … [Read more...]

8. Communication for Local Fundraising

We know how as organizations we struggle to put ideas on paper while preparing proposals. We also try to present our organizational work in the most attractive manner through publicity material. We also try to present all these ideas in a relatively foreign language, which is usually English and which is one of the most accepted languages for donor agencies across the world. But many native speakers have problems in writing or expressing themselves in English. In fact, in many developing … [Read more...]

6. The Alternatives

If NGOs start thinking about lessening their expectations from foreign donor support, their first question would likely be, “Then, what is the alternative?” Of course, there are alternatives. NGOs can exist without foreign donor support. But this kind of existence not only means sacrifice, but also some creativity and effort involved in the way of doing the work. NGOs can always welcome foreign aid, but should avoid depending upon it all the time. Alternatively, they can seek non-conventional … [Read more...]

7. Non-Financial Resources for NGOs

If carefully planned and managed, NGOs can benefit tremendously from the non-financial resources. But what are the non-financial resources? They are many. There is volunteer time, first of all. If NGOs look around, there will be many supporters who are ready to keenly provide their services. They can be sought among friends and other known people. Students who wish to gain some valuable experience can be involved in volunteer service. Volunteer skilled service may also be required by NGOs. For … [Read more...]

5. The Dangers of Foreign Funding

Foreign funding to NGOs has been one of the most controversial issues for governments in many countries. Often the governments try to introduce new policies to scan and restrict these funds to the detriment of the very survival of the NGOs. But governments are not the only obstacle between NGOs and foreign assistance. There are also activists and other types of organizations continuously opposing foreign aid for a variety of reasons. Foreign aid is mostly determined by trade and international … [Read more...]

4. Unsustainable Funding Support

Most of the NGOs in most of the developing countries are now aware what unsustainable funding support is. Every organization, small or big, at one point of time or another has encountered the problem of unsustainable funds. The over-dependence of NGOs on foreign funding has been the biggest factor for un-sustainability. The foreign funding and donations are determined by certain factors that are beyond the control of the NGOs. The twenty-first century has witnessed some unprecedented challenges … [Read more...]

2. NGOs need Resources for…

Before we try to understand what different types of alternative resources are available for NGOs, we need to reflect a bit for what purposes do we need resources at the first place. Actually, we need funding to implement projects that would lead to the development of the communities. Determination of these projects as to what they should address and how they should be implemented mostly depends upon case-to-case. But overall, these projects conceptualized by different stakeholders need to be … [Read more...]

3. Major Sources of Funding for NGOs

Let us examine the various sources of funding available for NGOs both at the conventional as well as non-conventional level. Conventional sources are those that are mostly existing and donor –based and non-conventional sources of funding are those that also include alternative fundraising for organizations. The bilateral and multilateral aid is one of the biggest sources of funding we have seen over the past fifty and more years. These originate either from the foreign offices of the developed … [Read more...]

Alternative Fundraising for NGOs: 1. Current Funding Challenges for NGOs

Donor funds are the lifeline of NGOs in developing countries. It is a fact that if there were not many donor funds available from developed nations, there would not really be so many organizations, as we see today. The NGOs have mushroomed more out of the supply of aid than out of the demand for more work with the community. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that these donor funds have tremendous limitations and restrictions that sometimes challenge the very ideals of social work. NGOs have known … [Read more...]