The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit 2015

Deadline: 5 October 2015 Making Cents International is inviting youths for The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit 2015  in order to provide a demand-driven Knowledge Management (KM) platform to build the capacity of positive youth development stakeholders worldwide to design, implement, and evaluate high-impact youth economic opportunity programs, policies, and partnerships. The Summit will be organized from 6th October to 8th October 2015 at Arlington, United States. Participants … [Read more...]

Webinars on Human Resources by the Positive Action for Children Fund

We are all serious about the various problems that our world encounter each day. We want to contribute and make a difference. For it we start with organizing people to work together and create greater impact. But sustaining an organization takes skill and money both. Keeping the team organized and focused, well managed and dedicated is as challenging as raising fund to address the cause/project. The Positive Action for Children Fund thus invites organizations around the globe to participate in … [Read more...]

The State of Fundraising for Women and Girls

Fundraising for prospective institutional donors for women and girls’ programs can be an overwhelming process and many NGOs don’t know where to start. We've gathered up the key facts that will guide your fundraising strategy and help to kick-start your projects. If you're looking for the leading donors of women and girl's projects then a great place to start is the Foundation Centre's Research into recent trends in the sector. It includes figures from around the globe as well as details on … [Read more...]

Upcoming Webinar: How to raise Funds from the European Commission

The European Commission's regular call for proposals and various other funding resources provide several opportunities for NGOs to seek grants to address a range of issues in different countries. It has been considered as one of the largest sources of funding organizations for NGOs. Despite committing a vast number of financial resources for supporting civil society organizations, many NGOs are unable to apply successfully for funding from the European Commission. This could be because your … [Read more...]

Webinar on ‘How to Write a Proposal’

Topic: “Write Winning Proposals: An Introduction” Date: November 1, 2012 Timings: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM GMT Proposal writing continues to remain a challenge for NGOs. With so many donor agencies requesting proposals in different formats, the entire process has complicated fundraising efforts of grant-seeking organizations. Besides, proposal formats evolve, new concepts are developed and terminology seems to be new. In such a scenario, how can NGOs write effective and winning proposals to … [Read more...]

Webinar on ‘Fundraising from European Foundations’

Donor foundations in Europe have been continuously providing financial support to NGOs around the world. Despite tough economic challenges, the foundations have recorded a rise in providing grants to address global problems during recent years. There are foundations such as the UK's Wellcome Trust which has been issuing grants of nearly one billion Euros. Other foundations such as the Atlantic Philanthropies and Fundacion La Caixa have given grants of over 500 million Euros. Besides, there are … [Read more...]

How can NGOs successfully raise funds from foundations in United States

In 2011, grantmaking foundations provided $47 billion dollars as grants. In 2009, out of the $46 billion dollars given as grants, 24% of it was given to organizations around the world. What this means? In simpler terms, this clearly means that there is lot of money available for NGOs from foundations in the United States. But can I successfully raise funds from these foundations? Yes and we will show you how! The webinar on "Fundraising from US Foundations" will be held on September … [Read more...]

How can NGOs raise more funds from corporate and local businesses

Corporates and local businesses have been a potential source of funding for NGOs. In United States, they have contributed around $16 billion as grants for philanthropic work around the world. There is also much more in terms of gifts in kind, corporate sponsorships, and through the personal donations of individual corporate leaders. In such a situation, how can NGOs benefit and seek grants from these corporates and local business community. The webinar on 'Raising More Money from Your Local … [Read more...]

How to improve the fundraising skills of your Organization’s Board

The Board of Directors or the Board of Members in your organization plays a critical role in planning and management of the organization. But often, the Board may not be ready for adopted new ideas or work on new innovations for raising funds for the organization. It often happens that the Board of your organization may not be interested in fundraising at all - they just prefer to leave to the staff. In such a scenario, how can you get the Board involved in raising funds? How can the Board play … [Read more...]

How to raise Funds from the European Commission

The European Commission (EC) is a highly potential source of funding for NGOs worldwide. Its regular call for proposals and other grant opportunities offer a substantial amount of funding resources for NGOs. These calls and opportunities seek to support projects and programmes aimed at reducing global poverty, ensuring sustainable development and promoting democracy, peace and security around the world. Although being one of the major multilaterals, the European Commission is still one of the … [Read more...]