Call for Applications invited for the Global Youth Forum-Bali, Indonesia

Deadline– 15th September 2012

Countries/Region- All Countries

Applications are invited for Global Youth Forum at Bali, Indonesia which will be held on 4th-6th of December.The ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Youth Forum aims to address these questions and represents the peak of efforts by UN agencies, young people and civil society to translate the participatory aspirations of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) into a sustainable youth advocacy network. Specifically, it seeks to tackle emerging issues and priorities for young people globally and ensure that these issues are central to the outcomes of the ICPD review process.

The Global Youth Forum is being delivered in full partnership with youth advocates and will bring together all stakeholders to make recommendations that will influence the global development agenda for the next 20 years.

Eligibility & Criteria

  • A leader, or emerging leader, currently working at national level in an area that contributes to ICPD Programme of Action?
  • working in a paid or voluntary capacity for a civil society organisation engaged in policy development at national and local levels?
  • working in a paid or voluntary capacity for organisations that have a demonstrable national and/or international reach and mandate
  • Able to demonstrate outstanding youth advocacy and networking capabilities with experience high level of achievement in these areas across a wide variety of environment
  • Below the age of 30
  • leadership experience
  • innovation in the arena of policy development and application
  • desire to contribute to and improve the leadership potential of the civil society sector
  • willingness to learn
  • eagerness to lead debate and discussions during the Global Youth Forum
  • commitment to follow-up activities.

Important Note-

All participants must have a valid passport with a minimum of 1 year until expiry. While applicants under the age of 30 will be considered, particularly encourage young people between the ages of 18 and 24 to apply.

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  1. I have interest in the forum but my is 1 year above the mentioned age categories. I was born on 15 April 1987 and I did’n have passport with minimum of 1 year until expiry. So, can I still apply?

  2. Now , i am a teacher for the youths and i am interested in this but my age is over 2 years for your criteria.Can I join ?

  3. peter mwangi-kenya says:

    please in your criteria of picking the candidates,dont leave out the physically disabled,coz disability is not inability,

  4. Alhajj.Mohammad Fazlul Haque,Chairman & CEO of Jatiya Tarun Sangha(JTS) the national youth & social welfare council of Bangladesh says:

    I like to be a speaker for Bali Conference.I visited 109 countries & awarded as the outstanding young person of the world-1987 by JCI. Pl send us all kind of informations to me

  5. Okurut John Gilbert says:

    Skylight Production International was founded in 2008 after the members who had the same/common problems came together to find amicable solutions to the problems after realizing the varied potentials and abilities that they possess.

    The Skylight Production International was founded and operates in Kawempe Division, Wandegeya Parish, and Kimwanyi Zone in Uganda as a Community Based Organization [C.B.O]
    The major components why the organization was formed include; HIV/AIDS and poor hygiene, social, economic welfare of the population e.g. household poverty alleviation, fighting HIV/AIDS pandemic scourge, environmental protection, and economic responsibilities’ that make a vibrant civil society.

    The objectives which led to the formation of the youth group include the following:
    1 To increase awareness about HIV /AIDS, causes and impact preventive measures. So the motives to our work is to serve the community in the positive way possible through the various indicators of change in our society; so by appealing to the sense of sight, we hope to effect change, through giving hope, attitude change and thinking/mentality to HIV/AIDS. We hope for a free crime and HIV/AIDS pandemic environment.
    2 To effect behavioral changes so these movies acted are a form of behavior change communication.
    3 To expose the effects of drug abuse to the youth and community at large.
    4 To mobilize resources in order to support people vulnerable to suffering like, orphaned children and interest groups, women and the youth subjected to abuse, elderly and generally the needy.
    5 To increase environmental protection and awareness by proper management of garbage.
    Through our movies and charcoal briquettes making we appeal to the youth to;
    1 People Living with HIV (PLWH) should stick to the use of ARV’s drug schedule.
    2 Ensuring proper self control through observing the ABC’s; Abstinence, Be faithful and condom use
    3 Stop abusing drugs
    4 Promotion of life skills among the youth.

    Our vision is to curb absolutely the above mentioned problems in youths so as to turn them into useful citizens for the good of our country.

    Our mission is to alert the parents and youths about the dangers of child abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse and environmental degradation.

    Our activities so far include the following:

     HIV/AIDS and STDs sensitiziation
     Training of Trainer of Trainees (T.O.T) and peer educators.
     Sanitation and home-based care
     Training of the youth in environmenmental protection and proper garbage disposal.
     Employment of the youth.
     Drama and film acting.
     Crafts and mushrooms growing to enable youth living with HIV/AIDS virus to get employment.

    Our achievements so far include:
    Holding the best exhibitors award for the Youth Festival that took place at Kololo Airstrip in Uganda.

    People living with HIV/AIDS now well infromed of where to go for treatment.

    HIV/AIDS done at individual’s will i.e people are longer scared of taking the tests.

    People living with HIV/AIDS skilled in mushroom growing for employment purposes among the youth.

    Kawempe as a slum division has been turned into a model in terms of sanitation.

    We have managed to get funds from Action Aid Uganda but the funds are not enough due to overwhelming numbers of youths wanting to join the group and support for those already living with HIV/AIDS pandemic.

    We are a youth group (community based organization) based in Kampala Uganda whose aims of forming the organization include among the many, the following; training of the youth in environmental protection and solid waste management, employment of the youth, drama and film acting, crafts, mushrooms growing etc.

    It has come to our attention that The Global Youth Forum is funding youth. We are engaged in Environmental Conservation providing financial assistance for projects that enhance municipal recycling infrastructure through purchasing equipment or constructing facilities. We believe that getting funding will help us expand on local waste reduction programs and increase participation of the youth in these programs.

    We therefore, request for more information in regards on eligibility to receiving funds for our organization.

    Please find attached herewith our organizational profile.

    Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convinience.

    Thanks in advance.

    Okurut John Gilbert
    Executive Director
    For: and on behalf of Skylight Production International


    I am a journalist working for The Point Newspaper and also the national coordinator for Biodiversity Action Journalists-Gambia.

    I have interest in the forum but my is 2 years above the mentioned age categories. Can I still apply?

  7. I have sent application. FYI your email address does not work


    I highly commend your funding efforts and to include Liberia in Mental Health Education and Environmental Hygiene.
    Sincerely,Professor Duru earnest Chidi
    Executive Director,PVCR INC


    I would appreciate being included in the following projects funding in Liberia:
    No latrines in Maryland County and people are dying.

    Professor Duru Earnest Chidi
    Executive Director,PVCR INC Reg.No C&L/19/05/2000-367 established under the Laws of Liberia as a Non-Profit Organization,now establishing School for Mental Health Sciences and Behavioral Studies in Harper,Maryland County,Liberia

  10. Apio Monica says:

    Hullo,i would like to be helped to apply because i am eligible and i meet the criteria herein this call.

  11. Tofail Ahamed says:

    We are working with a NGO, now we work with self finance. How we can fund rise or how we can get foreign grant for our activities please?