The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Seeks Applications from U.S. Graduates with business ideas for Global Scholars Program

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is expanding its Global Scholars Program and inviting applications from U.S. college graduates to join scholars from other parts of the world. This is an opportunity for the U.S college graduates with innovative business ideas in science, technology and engineering fields. The foundation will select only 10 students for the program who will learn and network with an international group of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs.

Eligibility Requirements

Ideal candidates for the Program are outstanding recent university graduates who have completed a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree in 2009 or later, and have innovative concepts for creating new enterprises from science (natural or physical), technology, and engineering fields. In exceptional cases, currently enrolled students may be considered.

The Program seeks applicants whose ideas represent significant innovations, and are capable of translating their ideas into high-growth and/or disruptive new enterprises. Applicants with early-stage companies are welcome to apply, but companies should not be older than 12-18 months. Participants should be prepared to devote themselves to full-time training during the Program.

Applicants should have demonstrated academic and leadership excellence and possess the energy, dedication, management skills, and character necessary to be successful entrepreneurs. Those selected should be prepared to respect confidentiality and adhere to non-disclosure agreements.

Participants must be United States citizens or legal U.S. residents. Applicants also must be enrolled in or hold a degree from a university in the United States.

What Scholars Gain from the Program?

The Program is an unparalleled opportunity for participants to examine, understand, and experience entrepreneurship with an international group of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs. Participants will meet and engage with leading scholars and thinkers, policy leaders, researchers, and business founders who will educate the Scholars about the skills and knowledge they will need to turn their ideas into high-growth enterprises.


Global Scholars is an educational and training program that exposes participants to all areas of entrepreneurship. Global Scholars find participation in the Program is beneficial to the development of their business ventures, and it is hoped that the Program enhances an entrepreneur’s chances of being successful. However, the Kauffman Foundation’s status as a private foundation generally limits the type of financial support the Foundation may offer a Global Scholar’s venture, and the program should not be viewed as a business accelerator or incubator. Except in very unusual cases, the Kauffman Foundation cannot directly fund an individual Scholar’s venture or participate in the building of a customer base, development of execution strategies, or acquisition of capital.

Where will Scholars Live for the Duration of the Program?

Scholars will travel around the United States, including extended stays in Kansas City, Mo., visits to leading universities in Boston and Silicon Valley, and a three-month internship at an innovative company.

Expenses to be Covered

The scholarship provided by the Kauffman Foundation will cover the costs of participation in the Program, program-related lodging and travel expenses for the duration of the Program, and a small living stipend.

Last date for submitting the applications is October 17.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.