The Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research Award 2013 – Call for Applications

Deadline- 5 July 2013

The Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR) is inviting applications for annual Award for scientists working for a Swiss institution in agricultural research for development. The purpose of this award is to support relevant agricultural research for development (ARD) and to promote knowledge on and visibility of Swiss ARD.


  • Sharing information between ARD stakeholders in Switzerland
  • Promoting the visibility of Swiss ARD
  • Playing an advocacy role at policy level
  • Serving as a national partner in international initiatives
  • Promoting collaboration between actors in Swiss ARD

The SFIAR intends to award new, innovative and result oriented research. Recent achievements or milestones can be awarded, however no future plans or project proposals.


The prize sum of the SFIAR Award is CHF 5’000 for a young researcher, PhD or Post Doc project and CHF 10’000 for a team
project. The Award is offered annually.

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • has been carried out at or in close collaboration with a Swiss institution involved in ARD
  • has appropriate linkages in developing countries
  • has been completed preferably no longer than three years ago

For more information, visit this link


  1. Kettly Excellent says:

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