USAID Grants for ‘Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development’ (Round 4) for all

Deadline: 27 March 2014

Saving Lives at Birth Challenge Partners- United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Government of Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, and DFID invite applications to respond to ‘Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development (Round IV)’. The grant program is an outcome of the realization that there is intense need of groundbreaking prevention and treatment approaches for pregnant women and newborns in poor, hard-to-reach communities around the time of childbirth. The call invites proposals on innovative ideas that can leapfrog conventional approaches.

The grants program will provide support to two kinds of innovations –

  • Seed Funds – to innovations that provide solutions to positively impact health outcomes for pregnant women and their babies in low resource settings. Seed funds are for up to two years and total of 25 applications will be funded. Depending on the scope and scale of the innovation, the grant amount can be up to $250,000 USD per project.
  • Transition to Scale Funds- to develop, refine and test the impact of integrated solutions. Transition Funds can be for up to four years and around five applications will be funded. Depending on the scope and scale of the innovation, the grant amount can be up to $2 million USD per project.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications from all types of organizations including foreign and domestic for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, foundations, academic institutions, civic groups and regional organizations are accepted for the grants program. Individuals and governments are not eligible to apply. For the purposes of this RFA, publicly-funded universities or universities with government affiliations are not considered governments.
  • Proposed solutions for seed funds may have been previously tested (but preliminary data are not required), but should not be current standard practice; however, innovative variations on existing approaches may be considered (e.g., a new means to deliver an existing service or a new way to make an old model demonstrably more effective or cost effective). Incremental solutions that are only slight improvements over existing approaches will not be funded. Previous Saving Lives at Birth seed grantees are eligible to apply. Applicants may need more than one seed grant to reach proof of concept.
  • Projects for transition funds must have strong evidence in a controlled or limited setting of promising health outcome(s) and/or the reduction of significant barrier(s) to health (i.e., proof of concept) and demand for the solution to warrant expanded support. Applications must provide sufficient and credible evidence to demonstrate their proof of concept and the link to positive impact on maternal and newborn health.

For more information, please visit and search for funding opportunity number RFA-OAA-14-000071.


  1. Emmanuel Ringo says:

    we are a community based organization in Tanzania suited in Kilimanjaro District, it started to initiate the preservation and restoration of indigenous knowledge on traditional medicine, producing medicine, capacity building among the community, with the goal to start producing quality medicinal product in quality preserved tablet or liquid medicine. practically forming groups in the community participating in saving lives of many in rural and urban community.

    we would like to enter on the seed money grants to be able as an organization to grow strong, produce better researchable herbal medicine and supplied to the community.

    On behalf of the Agency, i am kindly requesting the full application form or Concept note form including its guidelines.


    Emmanuel Ringo

  2. Dr. T.K Oduola says:

    Thanks for this new opportunity on innovative ideas that can leapfrog conventional approaches of saving precious lives at birth. Royal Impact Health Care Society appreciates this great intention and wish to contribute towards achieving your objectives in poor, hard-to-reach communities in Nigeria. kindly send us details to enhance our active participation.

  3. Mathias Zimba says:

    Am the Executive Director for Rising Fountains Development Program in Zambia and we are key partners with the Ministry of Health in Eastern Zambia promoting interventions to reduce Maternal deaths in Lundazi district. We are interested to submit a project proposal and kindly we are requesting for application guidelines and application forms.


    Mathias Zimba, Director-Rising Fountains Development Program

  4. I am from Uganda working for an FBO. how can we access the guidlines and application forms

    Thank you

    • Sonia Pun says:

      hi Ruth,

      For guidelines you have to simply click on the link then you have to visit the tab Search Grant their you have to put funding opportunity no. or keyword for that opportunity then it will displayed you automatically. Then you can easily access guidelines and application form.

  5. Aloys BWAYOYA says:

    In hte headline of this announcement, it is indicated ” Home: Afghanistan”. Does it mean that only projects to be implemented in this country are eligible?

  6. Lucy Monk says:

    When I do as directed in the text above and “visit and search for funding opportunity number FA-OAA-14-000071”, the response is “No Records Found”.
    Please advise.

    • Sonia Pun says:

      Lucy Monk

      For accessing you have to visit then you have to click on search grant tab after that you have to search it by funding opportunity number RFA-OAA-14-000071, if not searched you can search it by putting keyword of that opportunity. You can take keyword from the title of that opportunity.

  7. mizanur rahman says:

    DDC is a peoples development organization working for the better Bangladesh.
    We are interested to submit an innovative idea on savings lifves at birth.

  8. Emmanuel M. Fawundu says:

    I am working for Rural Agency for Community Action Programme-Sierra Leone (RACAP-SL) as a Program Director. Some of our areas of intervention are: Health, Water and Sanitation, Agriculture, Human Rights Promotion etc. We only targets rural communities in southern part of Sierra Leone

    We therefore i want to take part of the implementation of Seed Funds project in some part of our target rural communities.

    On behalf of the Agency, i am kindly requesting the full application form or Concept note form including its guidelines.

    Thanks in advance

  9. tsheltrim dema says:

    I am from Bhutan and my name is Tsheltrim Dema .I worked in the community here in Bhutan and i mostly help HIV positive people here and we have a funding shortage and we would like to apply for the funds and if you can help us how to apply we will be very greatful and ilike your funding announcement on USAID Grants for ‘Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development’ (Round 4) for all.

    Plz help us how to apply.



    I ran a project under House hold Support and Educational Programme. We support young people with Educational facilities,skills training in order to remove them from bars and clubs were they engage in ilicity sex and other vises.We are also engaged in Climate Change issues and are currently making home-made stoves which uses timber off cuts instead of cutting trees for charcoal.I hope our Organization shall benefit greatly from your support.

  11. Moses Mbatidde says:

    Dear Liutel,

    Thanks for sharing this. I would wish to know whether you fund project that seek to improve
    livelihoods of rural or peri-urban women or even urban women through improved agricultural practices especially those that help them at harvest time. Our project is an eight-year old project and has enabled single mothers improve their income through improved agricultural practices, but now the harvest poses a major challenge. Our project is called ‘Naome’ and seeks to help women find new livelihoods. It is a faith-based organisation with an objective of restoring the glory of women through improved incomes, housing and settling broken families by encouraging reconciliation of children with their parents, and where possible their spouses as well.

    Incomes are very important because we they are the catalyst to stable families and homes.

    We eagerly wait to hear from you.

    Kind regards


  12. Monday Moi says:

    We are community Initiative for long-term development we are doing integrated production program.
    we would like to apply if we can be provided with the email address we are in South Sudan.

  13. peter Ahunarh says:

    please am highly interested, where and how can i apply this to support my deprived community?