Human Dignity Foundation’s Call for Proposals against Child Trafficking

The Human Dignity Foundation (HDF) has announced a call for proposals to strengthen the prevention, prosecution and protection of services for children at risk of, or subjected to, trafficking.

The purpose of this call is to identify projects that will reduce the incidence of child trafficking and improve access to quality services for those children who have been trafficked. The geographic focus of the call is India.

Key areas of focus are:

  • Effective implementation of existing legislation on child trafficking – enabling children and parents to better access their legal rights; building the capacity & commitment of law enforcers to make this happen.
  • Community-based prevention work – working with families in significant source areas to reduce vulnerability to trafficking; building community action to protect children from trafficking
  • Decreasing demand for child trafficking for labour – focused campaigns targeted at commercial and/or domestic employers
  • Successful reintegration – services that have a track record in successful reintegration of trafficked children back to the community

Applications are invited from non-government, not-for-profit organisations registered in India. We are looking for organisations that have a track record and are providing innovative solutions that put children at the core of their activities.

The application process will have two phases: Concept Note and Full Proposal.

Applicants are invited to submit Concept Notes by 17.00hrs GMT on Thursday 4th October 2012. For more information, visit this link.


  1. Jehanzeb Iqbal says:


    Respected Sir/Madam,
    Greetings from Jehanzeb,
    It is an organization “SEWA” (Socio Economic Watch Association). It is a non – profit, non –governmental and non – political organization. The association dedicated to all kinds of socio, economic, developmental nature. It operates on humanity basis without any discrimination of Cast, color, Race and Religion.
    We have been working since 1984 and have vast experience of struggle for rights of bonded labors in brick kilns worker, carpet industries and agriculture sides. In the beginning, we met worker on their working spots, talked about awareness against their working condition, wages, and health, hygiene and slave life different tortures by their lords and many other problems.
    Gradually we managed to promote our work through small meetings, seminars, and work shops at different places. Impressed by utility and importance of work, we shared with “Bhatta Mazdoor Mahaz” and like minded persons. Due to our continues struggle and efforts of our friends in different places of Pakistan, a historical decision was announced by supreme court of Pakistan to eliminate bonded labor in 16th Sep1988, thus slavery came into end.

    Besides this Pakistan is over populated country where every third person is living under poverty line. A large number of people living in Pakistan are illiterate, they don’t have knowledge about basic rights and they have not basic facilities of life. The Socio Economic situation of people in Pakistan is very miserable, due to poverty which causes illiteracy, ignorance, exploitation, slavery and other problems.
    Later on, it was felt by a group of our like minded friends that there should be NGO which will work for the poor considering their miserable condition, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, exploitation and other socio economic problems from grass root level.
    As a result we established association “SEWA” (Socio Economic Watch Association).
    SEWA has done activities by self help which is given below:
    1: SEWA is running a school with 325 children for the development and establishment for them from 2008 for the needy, orphan, crippled and deserving children by self support.
    2: SEWA is running a health care centre for the marginalized community. Through this centre SEWA serves the community in Women Delivery Cases and urgent need of care.SEWA provide medicine, arrange free medical campus, counseling the women for the family planning.
    3: SEWA has done and participated so many movements for the salvation of bonded labors their rights. And a large number of labors have got their rights.
    4: SEWA has done so many seminars, workshops and training on the issues on “Peace building, Interfaith Harmony, Reconciliation, Education, Women and Child Rights.

    Hope to be hearing a positive and prompt response on our struggle and request to join hands with the struggle of SEWA to serve forsaken humanity into life and prosperity. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly appreciated.

    In peace and love,

    Director: SEWA