‘Positive Action for Children Fund’ Application Procedure

While applying for ‘Positive Action for Children Fund’, collaborations with other groups is highly encouraged if they address community needs and make sense diagrammatically with clear roles and responsibilities. One organization will have to submit as lead organization and the online application system will require you to enter both/all organizations details.

A project needs to be new, innovative work, not the simple continuation of previously funded activity. It must have an objective that is achievable and measurable within the period of funding requested. It must be identifiable as a discrete program of work alongside or within any larger program the organization runs; it should have a name that can be used by the implementer and the funder to describe the project.

Application Procedure –

  • Applicants should submit a Concept Note through online method before deadline. Applicants need to register their organization on PACF system to be able to submit the concept note.
  • Applicants will receive a response regarding the Concept Notes by July 2014. If the Concept Note is successful, the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal by PACF’s board members.
  • Reviewing the submitted full proposals, successful organizations selected for the grant will be announced in October 2014.

While preparing Concept Notes, applicants should consider what PACF is looking for –

  • New needs assessment linked to objectives
  • Appropriate interventions matched to these
  • Clear outcomes for each stated objective
  • Numbers of beneficiaries and cost effectiveness
  • Relevance of projects to local settings
  • Strongest projects in countries with multiple proposals
  • A good spread of themes, focus areas and a balance of interventions

For more information, please visit ViiV Health Positive Action for Children Fund  page.



  1. Aber Margaret says:

    we have a self help organization named Gen Ma Anyim. we would like to apply for funds. please guide us where possible.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Margaret,
      Please apply for relevant funding opportunity. Confirm that your organization/project meets all the eligibility criteria of the opportunity you are applying to.
      Good Luck!

  2. Susan Kammies says:

    CMR Uitenhage is a registered child protection organization. It’s main areas of intervention is Family Preservation, Aids Education, Awareness and support as well as Child Protection services. We do want to start a program on keeping girls in school which includes the following: Puberty, Preventing teenage pregnancy, Parent-daughter communication, HIV/AIDS and Thinking About the Future. We need programme material to implement this programme.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Susan,
      Please visit the link on the bottom of the article and proceed.
      Good Luck!

  3. Dawn Theys says:

    Love this! I’ am the fundraiser of a South-African Based NGO’ in the field of child protection and advocacy on their rights and development.

    please advice on how to apply for funding from your foundation?



    I have an NGO named “B.R.D SEVA SANSTHAN,”We have been working in the field of healthcare. We would like to work through your help. So, may we apply for any fund from yours. Seeking more info.

    Dr Abhinav Tripathi
    Project Director

  5. kisitu Richard says:

    The project is wonderful and we can implement it at full capacity may you please guide me on how to apply.

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Hello Richard,
      You can volunteer anywhere. You should first decide where you want to volunteer and apply to that particular organization as per their requirements. Remember to attach your curriculum vitae, experiences (if any) and relevant certificates along with the application. Good Luck!

  6. philemon okelloh says:

    we are a children’s group and are seeking ways of funding. could you give us more insight into the funding process.

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Dear Philemon,
      Please find the link (at the bottom of the content) that directs you to a page where you will find all the details on the eligibility, funding process and how to apply.
      Thank you!

  7. Akera daphline kinyera says:

    get me inform on how to apply for the funding

  8. Akera daphline kinyera says:

    i am so amazed with the project to be compited for may i know how to apply for this funding

  9. Syed Abdullah Ahmed says:

    We have an NGO named “Institue of Educational Studies and Research”. (IESR). We would like to work through your help. So, may we apply for any fund from yours. Seeking more info.

    Thanking u
    Syed Abdullah Ahmed

    Syed Komruz Zaman
    General Secy(IESR)