University Scholarship opportunity for Tanzanian students to study in Switzerland

Federal Commission for Scholarships, Switzerland is currently seeking applications from Tanzanian students for a limited number of university scholarships for the academic year 2012/2013 enabling them to pursue studies at one of Switzerland’s 10 Universities and 2 Federal Institutes of Technology.

These university scholarships are basically aimed at post-graduate students only, with a special emphasis put on Research Fellowships. Applicants who already hold a Master degree and wish to undertake a second (or 3rd) Master degree are not considered a priority for the Swiss Government Scholarships. Multiplying the Master degrees will not be encouraged by the FCS. Besides, please be aware that for Master programs, the FCS does not pay for Master tuition fees.

Maximum age limit is 35 years (i.e. born after 1 January 1977).

Language Requirements

For Master programs, the applicant has to be proficient in the teaching language in order to be eligible for a Swiss Government Scholarship and must provide the relevant language certificate with the application package. If the teaching language at your chosen university in Switzerland is English, and you have completed your bachelor courses in English, a letter from the university confirming this will be sufficient.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship amounts to a monthly payment of CHF 1,920 Swiss Francs

Semester tuition fees and Master fees

The Federal Commission for Scholarships does not pay for tuition and/or semester fees. In most cases the universities and the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich ETHZ do not require scholarship holders to pay the semester fees (generally around 600 CHF per semester). In some cases the universities do not waive the Master fees. Some programs can cost up to 40’000 Swiss Francs. Should the Universities and/or Universities of Applied Sciences and fine arts schools not waive the fees, it is up to the grantee to pay for the fees.

Travel Expenses

Grantees from non-European countries pay for their own travel expenses to Switzerland, but the FCS pays an allowance (lump sum) for the return ticket at the end of the scholarship.

However, the return allowance will not be paid if scholarship holders extend their stay in Switzerland beyond six months after completion of their studies, if they take up employment pending the continuation of their studies or if they move to a third country.

Miscellaneous Information

Before applying, you must find out whether your planned study program or research project can be carried out at the university concerned. For Research fellowships, the applicant must contact a Professor in Switzerland willing to supervise his research project. A copy of this contact must imperatively be part of the application package. Should this contact not be made, the Swiss Embassy will reject the candidature. For Master programs, the applicant must, at the same time he applies for the Swiss Government Scholarship, apply for the chosen Master program. The two procedures are separate ones and the applicant must undertake both procedures.

Application forms need to be filled electronically and printed out to attach to your file. Forms filled in by hand are not acceptable.

The complete application form with annexed documents in triplicate should be submitted to the Embassy

Last date for submission of documents is December 29, 2011.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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