How to get Contact Information of Donor Agencies?

The development of a successful strategy to make contact with potential donors is vital in the process of securing funding for your NGO. First of all, you will have to compile lists of funding bodies that are most likely to become interested in your NGO’s activities; its aims, goals, and strategies. In order to do so, you will have to browse the Internet. Start from researching websites of the main agencies such as the UN and look up the various networks they sponsor or maintain to find potential interested parties. Another strategy to find potential donors is to constantly monitor calls for proposals or concept papers. In fact, even if you are not intending to apply for a specific call, it is important that you file relevant information from the donors in case you want to contact them in the future and when needed.

It is helpful to prepare a filing system in which you will index and archive all this information about relevant funding bodies. This filing system will be shared among those working in the NGO and it will represent the first document to be consulted throughout the year or whenever needed. This archive of donors should be consistently updated, so it will be useful to assign the task to one person. This person will constantly monitor call for proposals and the activities of agencies working in your field and in your region to enlarge the archive as well as to inform the group at large of any relevant change in the donors’ strategies.

Contact Information of Donor Agencies

Contact Information of Donor Agencies

The filing system will be arranged in two main sections: institutional donors and private donors. In the first section you will list governmental agencies supporting civil society and also the main development agencies such as those part of the UN family or directly funded by the EU or the United States. The second section will collect information in regards to private foundations, research institutes, and other private ventures interested in financially supporting grassroots initiatives.

For each potential donor you will list the following information: name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, main fields of action (for instance, whether they fund projects to train young people, agrarian development, post-conflict reconstruction or projects targeting gender equality). It is also important to add information in regards of the most recent projects funded by this organisation and summarise the goals, methodology, and outputs of said projects. Add a list of the NGOs they have already worked with. This last part will come in handy if you decide to approach them. In fact, by assessing the capacity and performance of the organisations they have funded, you will be able to understand whether your organisation is likely to interest them or not.

In order to find all the relevant details you will need to browse donors’ websites or to research the material made available on the Internet by organisations such as the UN or the governmental agencies of your country, which might have already gathered such information to support civil society actors working regionally.


  1. Muhindi Peter says:

    Am the coordinator of a registered NGO in Uganda that empowers orphans,children and the youth to be self reliant in life.We take them to technical schools for more skills and council AIDS affected young persons.We request all well wishers to support us morally, spiritually,physically and financially so that we can meet our goals and objectives.

  2. pastor Rose AND samuel ondieki says:

    Dear in Christ,
    May His grace continue to uphold you and His mercies carry you through, and the help of the Holy Spirit help you all the way in Jesus Name, Amen. We are a ministry which is committed to do according to God’s will and to preach God’s kingdom and assist the needy ie Orphans. To day have visited your web page of your ministry of with much beneficial of teachings like them most. We officially request you to here in kenya our humble prayer to establish your ministry teachings and your NGOS unto us here and to rename our assembly so we call upon the Lord for your help and prayer that the Lord will lead you also to come and visit us. May the lord bless you as to reach us and share with us. Your response and prayers will be of many blessings to us. Blessings to you all in Jesus Name.
    pastor Samuel ondieki and sister Rose

  3. Esther Makali says:

    Am an accountant working for Business Initiatives for Survival and Eradication of poverty (BISEP). We are based in Makueni and our operations are in Kitui,Mwingi, Makueni and Taita Taveta counties supporting Agricultural activites. we are looking forward to partner with organizations,volunteers and well wishers to help us with financial support to help us meet our objective. Please conduct us through this email ([email protected])

  4. Leela Prasad Uppadhya says:

    We are an NGO in nepal working for the health of elderly people, poor and down trodden, orphans, socially, economically and mentally retarded group of people. could you please suggest us whom to approach for funds to be able to help out these people who are really in need of care and help.


    • Chendelo Community School says:

      We are a Community School based in Zambia, Lusaka Kanyama Compound seeking for help….

      Waiting to hear from you


  5. Greg is the secretary of Hopkins Farmers Cooperative,Hopkins is a small poor indigenous village in southern Belize.The cooperative aims at producing cereal for children and adults out of traditionally organically grown root and fruit crops as we encourage healthy living .The cooperative has constructed a building for the factory with funding assistance and is seeking more funding from anyone whom our hearts touches to purchase processing equipments etc.If this is of interest to you respond to me at Email address above.

  6. Dr.S.Badiani says:

    i have scalp vein sets to donate to somalia. is anyone interested?

  7. Kacodep is a registered local NGO operating in arid and semi-arid areas of Baringo county,Kenya.KACODEP believes that poverty can be fought through commercialization of agriculture through agribusiness and micro-finance activities and entrepreneurship. We are Looking for partners,volunteers and well wishers to help us with financial support to help us meet our objective.

  8. ONGOM RUFINO says:

    We form a local NGO in the village set up in Apala sub county to reduce GBV . HIV infection and to set up an orphanage center , Therefore we need funding support from any good organization around the word . Thank you God bless .

  9. Malawi Freedom Network says:

    Looking for wellwishers to help us with financial support to run our organisation

  10. IQRA Model School says:

    Hello Sir,
    Education in Pakistan is in bad shape and, with the growth of the population these last decades, the problem is getting out of hands.
    Support to independent learning aims at creating self-supported small schools which will carry on their work under their own means.

    We want funds to develop the poor lower caste girls and boys to get education properly.
    We would like to welcome new ideas in education and your support would be highly appreciated.

    Note: There is no Electrical Generator/Air conditions/ Problems in Bathrooms/Desk for Children s and so many problems.

    Note: if you needs more information,s please contact me on my e-mail address.i can send the video and pictures also of Iqra Model School.

    School Name: IQRA Model School – Province K.P.K. PAKISTAN.

    Registered from Government of Pakistan.

    Best Regards,

  11. Md. Aminur Rahman says:

    I am from Bangladesh the organisation of Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF). we are working about 3 three decades for socioeconomic development of the coastal people of southwest region of Bangladesh. You know that Bangladesh is a most climate change vulnerable country in the world. The peoples are regularly phenomenon the disaster, like cyclone, saline intrusion, tidal surge, flood, sky flood, drought, heavy rain fall, unexpected rain, water logging and many others hazards too. So this is the risky but already we are piloting to crop culture by vermi compost, and the farmers are benefited too. But there is unavailable of water for salinity intrusion and lac of drinking water if we arranged the pipeline water service by the layer water they must utilities their land for 3 times in the year round and their livelihood and food security be ensured. For this reason I looking for the corporate donor and how may we contact them or how may they assist me financially

  12. Noble Educational Empowerment society says:

    Noble by name means illustrious with excellent qualities has out rightly been chosen for a divine cause of forming a society like Noble Educational Empowerment Society (NEES). It is one of the fastest growing social development organizations in Andhra Pradesh in the skill development domain
    Noble Educational Empowerment Society (NEES) is an organization which is completely non-political, secular, not-for-profit and a social development society. Inspired by the concept of Each one Help one, the founder of this society Mr. D. Suresh Kumar is making a remarkable approach in the sector of youth empowerment primarily. NEES lays its prime focus on the Skill Development Training with Placement Assistance to the unemployed unskilled dropout youth. We strongly believe that only education and empowerment of the youth can change the destinies of the nations whom they are the responsible citizens. Our approach is holistic, social and marks the economic development with a pro-poor focus by working under the following functional areas i.e. Education, Empowerment, Health care services, Gender equality and Revenue generation. NEES acts as a catalyst by bridging the gap between the Industry requirements and market availability and we do this by building the potential capacities of these directionless youth and making them competent to exhibit their skills equally to the trained professionals available in the market. Undoubtedly, after striving for not less than eight years NEES now has gained momentum, credibility and demand for generating such productive employees by gaining a distinct recognition by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for its splendid services in this specific area of placement linked skill development training to the youth.
    Founded in 2005, NEES work has laid its emphasis primarily on the core issues of the society right from the Education to the under privileged, sustainable livelihood, Child rights, Community Development, Health of the communities, Empowerment to the deserving youth and women, Sustainable Agricultural practices in the rural India and of course the Disaster Management Programs.
    We believe that in the present scenario of being in a global village, any effort would be ineffective unless it is a combined effort of each and every individual in specific. The involvement and contribution of various stakeholders is making this effort more productive, responsive and sustainable. In this regard, we work directly or indirectly with different communities, governments, corporate society, civil societies by making constructive and collective use of the available resources i.e. human capita, network, finance etc, so as to accomplish the cause of reforming the deprived communities at large.
    NEES is a strong team of 50+ employees and hundreds of community workers working in the loops and corners of the remote locations in the eleven districts of the Andhra Pradesh namely, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Rangareddy, Ananthapur, Chittoor, East Godavari, West Godavari, Mahabubnagar, Prakasham, Warangal, Hyderabad. Throughout our journey, we have made a well bound public-private partnership which helped us to attain the sustainable livelihood by empowering the undeserved youth into productive, responsible youth.

  13. Howard Matope says:

    We formed a foundation that helps and prevent deaths through suicide. The ZIMBABWE FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE. Suicide in Zimbabwe is the third largest coz of death. We therefore came up with a foundation that does counselling and provide educative solutions that stops and prevents suicide. So we ar kindly asking for assistance for us to aquire vehicles for our programs and payment of salaries to the counsellors.

  14. Debajyoti Adhikary says:

    My name is Debajyoti Adhikary, Secretary of Jiaganj community based Action welfare Soceity, situated in Murshidabad District under the state of Westbengal,Our organization wanted to set up a BLACK BENGAL GOAT Farm in Jalpaiguri District and VERMI COMPOSE PRODUCING UNIT in the mentioned District, kindly assit m for this programm .

  15. Sugato Basu Ray says:

    I am an associate of Mirzabazar Janachatana Samity an NGO with the main office in Midnapore district of the state of West Bengal, India. The NGO is actively involved in areas related to Financial Inclusion related issues and Rural Healthcare & Well-being. The NGO has set up an association with the Farmers’ Clubs of a number districts to work in the above segments as well as go deep into Agriculture and related development initiatives aimed at Earning Enhancement of the poverty ridden people largely dependent on farming. The situation is becoming so acute that able bodied people of the villages are drifting away from their homes to work as laborers often under miserable conditions. Right now there is a huge plantation of Mango trees (1 year old) covering around 1000 acres of land and options available for developing agricultural initiatives over 2500 acres. We are looking for Investments / Grants & Development Funding and associations with corporate groups who could utilize the business opportunities so created from the above initiatives. If it is done, it could be a major reversal of the now threatening tide or drift to cities for disaster.

  16. Sadashivamurthy says:

    I am from the organization named SESCO – Spandana Educational Social and Cultural Organization, we are situated in the Karnataka, India. This NGO is run by our family and we have executed couple of projects in the field of Education, Environmental awarness and Solid waste management. We are welcoming for investors and funders for our forth coming inhouse thought projects especially in the field of renewable energey for the rural and urban energy requirements. Interested partners please contact me for any additional information.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  17. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lam (Ms) says:

    My name is Nguyen Thi Phuong Lam and I have served as Centre for promotion of Integrated Water Resources Management – IWRM (CIWAREM) Deputy Director of NGO in VIETNAM, Asian country, to advocate for the Water management towards IWRM of Viet Nam. We are trying in our outreach to meet the needs of water management followed with IWRM those women and young that have been impacted mainly due to water pollution and water shortage orientation. What can we do as an NGO to provide outreach resources, knowledge and skills…ect in IWRM. Viet Nam are facing more and more water use conflicts between sectors and localities.

    We are looking for cooperate & institutional donors & looking for resources and answers of how to apply IWRM approach in our real water management targets. I am desiring to bring the concept of IWRM approach to improve the awareness of community and different sectors of water uses.

    Any assistance and comment will be greatly appriciated
    Kind regards

  18. AHON Foundation says:

    Good day!

    I am from Acts of Hope for the Nation Foundation. Our organization donates new books to public elementary schools in the Philippines. We are currently looking for benefactors and partners. Should you be interested to work with us, please send us a message via e-mail or like us on Facebook (AHON Foundation) and follow us on Twitter at @ahonfoundation

    Thank you very much!

  19. alsadig says:

    am executive director of Meidod mountains org for development & construction (MMO-DC) is an registered humanitarian NGO in Sudan was founded in 2003 as nongovernmental and nonpartisan organization working in the field of : education, capacity building training, empowerment of women in rural and urban, water and youth. we are drastically working hard in Darfur and in Khartoum where people fled to. as all of the world knew the Sudan political crisis that led the innocent people to the devil hell, so we looking forward to be a partner of any INGO of humanitarian or any funding institution to cooperate with them to achieve our humanitarian activities.
    my best regards
    alsadig yousif
    executive director of MMO-DC


    Our organization called THE ALLIANCE FOR ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION the organizations deals in environment and social change. the head office is at Tanzania East Africa. we are looking for donors to partner with us.

  21. Vivian Anagbonu says:

    WOMEN AID FOUNTAIN is a newly registered NGO which seeks to EMPOWER WOMEN and ‘YOUTH AT RISK’ in the underserved rural communities in Ghana through capacity building in Agriculture, Agribusiness, Aquaculture, Vocational and Technical Skills and ICT. The Foundation has acquired a very vast land in Mafi Kpatoe in the Volta Region to start its pilot base project in Cassava Farming and Aquaculture. The Foundation also has its long term strategic plan to build Vocational and Technical Skills Training Centers in all the ten regions in Ghana. These centres will train school dropouts in various skills to financially empower youth and women in the rural communities.

    WOMEN AID is therefore looking for donor agencies and Institutions to sponsor or partner with them to realize this big vision.
    Thank you and God bless prospective donors and sponsors in advance.


    Anselem Foundation is created to reduce the high rate of employment. In Nigeria the rate of unemployment is so high that the youths have nothing to do to end a living, so am trying to come out with a program that will create job opportunities for the youths in the whole states of Nigeria, and the program is an agricultural programm titled: GRASS CUTTER FARMING this will help the youths to be empowered with knowledge on how they can start this business. Anselem Foundation is seeking the aids of NGOS that are willing to work with us to see that the youths are empowered, let it be after the training each trainee should be given at least a family of grass cutter which comprises of one male and 4 females
    it is sold at the rate of N48,000,
    Anselem foundation is looking for partners who will support its activities. Funders and partners are willingly welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards

  23. Isaac Sirali Lubiya says:

    Human Support Organization(HUSO) is a registered community based organization working in Busia County in the Republic of Kenya. HUSO is committed to working with vulnerable members of the society including children, women and youths through improving their capacity through Education, Health &HIV/AIDS and socio- economic empowerment. HUSO is requesting for people of goodwill, development partners, religious bodies among others to partner with us and improve the live of a child, women or youth. Please don’t hastate to conduct us.



    The archdiocese of Tororo is the catholic church doing God’s work in the eastern region of uganda.It has an education department(commission) that takes care of school from primary to tertiary.
    Funds are required to equip these schools with educational materials as well as building maintenance and repair. The education department of the archdiocese of tororo in looking for partners to do God’s work in education.
    Your are welcome to partner with us.

  25. Daniel M. Klopp says:

    My name is Daniel Klopp and I have served as Founder & Executive Director of two NGO’s here in Peru, South America, to advocate for the marginalized communities of Peru, South America. We are branching out in our outreach to meet the needs of those adolescents that have been abandoned due to their sexuality orientation. What can we do as an NGO to provide outreach resources, shelter, food, water, etc… We are struggling right now with the violent interaction between drug cartels, gang violence, and sex trade.

    We are looking for cooperate & institutional donors & looking for resources and answers of how to go about making these transitions in our humanitarian outreach targets. I am desiring to branch out into the “humanitarian perspective” to reach these individuals who have been judged based on their sexual orientation, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated,

    Kind regards,

  26. Joseph Asuo Kudom says:

    The Rural Peoples Foundation is non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organized based in Jaman North District of Brong Ahafo of Ghana. The organization is registered the following institutions, Registrar General’s Department and Social Welfare Department. Our mission is to undertake developmental and innovative programs and interventions towards reaching the un-reached, relieve the poor and distressed and support the vulnerable through education, care and support services, rehabilitation and empowerment. The organization is contributing to the achievements of the national targets of reducing malaria morbidity and mortality in the communities within the Jaman North District in the year, ensuring that 85% of those at risk of malaria, particularly, the pregnant women and children under five, have access to the suitable and affordable combination of personal and community protective measure such as Insecticide Treated Net (ITN) use, IPT uptake, prompt and effective treatment for malaria.
    The organization is looking for partner to support its activities.
    Best regards

  27. James K. Addo says:

    The Rural Education and Development Program (REDEP) is an all-volunteer non- governmental, non-profit organization based in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in the Central Region of Ghana where it works. The organization was granted NGO status by the Department of Social Welfare in April, 2001. REDEP is engaged in activities that bring hope to the people it serves through community development program that help fill the needs of the people for Health, Education, Environment and Livelihood (hence the acronym ‘HEEL’). Our HEEL programs have the goals of (1) improving the level of health care available in the district (including education in HIV/AIDS), (2) providing instruction and assistance in developing good environmental practices, (3) assisting in the public education process by helping students to stay in school as long as possible, and encouraging those that can to become teachers in the district, and (4) helping people to develop marketable skills and become productive members of their communities

    REDEP is looking for partners who will support its activities. Funders and partners are willingly welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards


    I have to thank all donors to good job they are doing. My greatest concern is how to assist the Masaai community. they are having problems on starvation, medical, Water, Sanitation and education. Recently we registered an CBO with Ministry of Gender,and Children so that we can help them. This Christian Based Orgasition Has the Name: MACSO: Meaning : Magadi Adventist Community & Support Organization. Now I am appealling to Donars to assit us to assist the entire community. Imargin travelling 6 KM to get water. Children abandoning School because of food and school fees and very many other problems that I can’t mention them all.
    Please Donors assist us.
    Says Jacob Alwang’a Abuti

  29. Raghunath Pratihari says:

    We are a Trust running under banner “Maa Tara Socio Economic Rehabilitation Foundation” mainly in Orissa. We are having a very big project on Socio Economic Development and this is a very good lucrative and innovative Project. We need financial assistance to complete our project. If we do so it will bring a drastic change in socio economic development.

  30. Christopher M. Briama says:

    My organization, Humanist Watch Salone (HUWASAL)is working towards the enhancement of sustainable peace and development in Sierra Leone, West Africa through inclusion and participation of women, youth, children, physically challenged and people living with HIV/AIDS.

    our key intervention areas focuses on Gender equality and women empowerment, child protection, youth empowerment, human rights and good governance, health and agriculture. We are working in rural communities especially those that are hard to reach.

  31. Neema Komba says:

    I work with RESANE, an NGO aim at eradicating youth unemployment. We are in the process of establishing a training institute. We are looking for prospective Donors

  32. Neema Komba says:

    My name is Neema Komba, from Dar es Salaam Tanzania, I am working with Reach and Save the needy an NGO which is in the process of establishing a vocational skills institute aiming reducing you employment. If there is any Donor or partner on this, is warmly welcomed

  33. Mohamadou Oumarou says:

    VSO my organisation, is working with international and national volunteers to share knowledge to overcome poverty in 37 countries of the world.

    In Cameroon, we support women to actively participate in decision making process, their income generating activiies, education as well as reproductive health in the most disadvantaged areas.

    We would like to establish a strong prtnership with organisations which mission to support through grants on the above mentionned domains.

  34. Francisco says:

    My trust”ADICO-NIC” is from Larreynaga Malpaisillo- Leon, Nicaragua. It has the mission to eradicate poverty from the community & committed to provide eco-friendly environment , healthy life for sustainable development.

    We are in search of grant partner to carry forward our mission.Please feel free to contact me for any further information. We could also arrange for a Skype meet.

  35. Turyamureeba Sam says:

    Iam from uganda , woking with a minig company which produces alot of tailings composed mainly of Jarosite and gypsum. I need a donor(s) who can assist me to attend a hyraform training programme at at hydr form training academy scheduled for 18th June to 28th June 2013. Iam looking at utilising the tailings and other mine solid waste like Bentonite, barite to produce building material by applying hdraform technology which is Eco friendly.


    Wambura M.C.Mbusi:
    I am a Write-Up Officer of a privately owned secondary school in Mwanza,Tanzania who are searching for Global Funds Donors.Our school is legally registered with Ministry of Education and Vocational Training with registration # S 4368 for offering both Arts and Science Subjects to their both boys and girls of A & O Levels..
    We are looking for Global and International Funds Donor as well as partnership with them for expansion of our school.
    By this Comment, we are kindly inviting you to Tanzania and see how our school is striving for excellence.

  37. Prema Nanda Biswal says:

    My trust”SAMPARK” is from Odisha, India. It has the mission to eradicate poverty from the community & committed to provide eco-friendly environment , healthy life for sustainable development.

    We are in search of grant partner to carry forward our mission.Please feel free to contact me for any further information. We could also arrange for a Skype meet.

  38. Turyatunga Joseph says:

    Am The Director of a Community Based Organisation (Youth Action For Community Development) Working in Northern Uganda, Registered with Gulu District Local Community Services Department, Reg. No. CDR/ 5071, E- Mail: [email protected], Telephone: +256 781609100

    Working in the Field of Vocational Skills Development and Training, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Poverty Reduction Program among the Young People.

    Please link to us the Donor Agency who can support us. We are well informed that Donors support Organisation in line with the Donor objectives. please We shall Appreciate your effort.

  39. Irene Banda says:

    I would likeinformarion on contacts and links to donor organization that support the work of religious NGOs. Our ministry works towards spreading the gospel at the same time help those who are underprivileged in out country Malawi. Our initiatives include provison of schol fees, start up capital, food security, clothing the poor and many more. Future plans inclde trainings for out of schoolnyouth in leadership and business skills. Your support is appreciated and if tou know any please contact me.

  40. Asraful Hassan says:

    we have been engage in social welfare activities particularly for the down trodden, poor, backward people during the last fifteen years with the meager financial ability on behalf of our NGO “GORACHAND SEBA SAMITY”-registered with West Bengal Society Registration Act1961, (Registration no.-S/93983)and located at 14/1, Parcus Rd. P.O.+ Dist- Burdwan.

    In addition to the local patrons we hope and believe that an appeal to institutions or NGOs like you can never be refused and in sense of that mission our humble submission to your honor for providing financial assistance to our ngo to strengthen our activities in the field of work for mankind.

    In this regard please be informed that our ngo registered of Income-tax Act u/s 12AA and u/s 80G.
    We want donation through our ngo for the help of poor people in West Bengal

  41. Oguntayo Mathew says:

    I am the Project Manager for DHCC, and NGO based in Nigeria catering for Diabetes, Hypertensive and HIV/Aids victims. We are looking for donors to partner with us in achieving the collective goal of making life easy in prevemtion and care of those aFfected with these dieases.

  42. PAUL WELIKHE says:

    I am a Director for Golire Haven Ministries Uganda and looking out for Donor Agencies to start up an IT training centre and tailoring School for young children ages 12 to 16 years here in Uganda.
    This program will help us to reach the local market to supply services of Paper Printing Industry for schools, offices and also make Uniforms as need will be.
    This market will be act as a project sustainable income activity for further growth and further funding for needy and vulnerable children.


    I want to start an NGO targeting persons with Disabilities, empower them with education and skills so that they can challenge their physical limitations and achieve a sustainable livelihood. I need funding to start off, I have already made the necessary arrangements and the targeted groups are already in place. My cell No. 0726285298

  44. Khalid Mehmood Tahir says:

    I am the chairman of an NGO “Zunnooran Foundation” that works in the fields of human rights and freedom, poverty elevation, health care and sanitation, educational facilitation, construction of shelter houses in quake hit areas,improvement of livelihoods through improved water & health services. The organisation is being funded by local donors. Due to insufficiency of funds we cant not extend our services to the masses at large. Please link us to donors so that we can get necessary funding to achieve our goal for the best interest of humanity as a whole.


    we started an ngo to conduct forums on peacekeeping, poverty eradication , achievement of EFA GOALS, MDGS, human rights campaigns, dealing with the HIV / AIDS perndemic and its effects, improving livelihoods through improved access to health services, water and sanitation among many. please link us to donors so that we can get the necessary funding to achieve our goal.


    Iam the Program Manager of Global Initiative For Self Empowerment ( GIFSE) a national Ngo with a
    vision of empowering Orphans and vulnerable persons in Kenya.Our offices are located in Murathe Plaza in Thika Town. We need international partners and Donors to enable us to fulfil our dream.

  47. Davit Ananidze says:

    I’m from Georgia, David Ananidze. – One of the NGO’s chairman that works in the field of human rights and freedoms. The organization recently founded by the students, we need donors of various activities or projects. if you are interested call me.

  48. Daniel Johnson says:

    I am the Manaiging Director of DOFIA Microfinance in Liberia, West Africa. We are involved in microfinance activities. Providing access to underpriviledged rural women in Liberia. Those who do not have direct access to commercial banks lending.

    We have been working since 2010 in Monrovia, Tubmanburg and Robertspots cities. Our client base is now 245clients with a portfolio of US$45,000 and a PAR of 4.8%. We intend to expand to other remote areas in rural Liberia. Our request is a concessional/soft loan that can be repaid to donor funding agencies in a pspecified period of time.

    This loan can be used to make our expansion drive achievable. The loan amunt requesting is in the neighbourhood of US$75,000 at least for a period of between 4 to 5 year repayment plan.

    Our contact is: DOFIA Microfinance Inc.
    2nd Floor, Kaba Building
    Mechlin & Benson Streets
    Monrovia, Liberia

  49. sule ibrahim says:

    I have philosophy which established KAV FOUNDATION and MAV FOUNDATION GHANA.I believe it is a philosophy and NGO which can solve most of the conflicts and poverty in Africa and in Ghana.Right now am financially weak so am calling for your support and am always ready to illustrate it when am call to do so.Hope to hear your responds.Thank You.

  50. Kwesi Attah says:

    I am the CEO of Humanitarian Care and Relief Organization with acronym, HUMANCARE. The organization’s goal is to scale up for food security for climate change adaptation and resilience especially in the northern regions of Ghana. The organization also focuses on other areas as Sustainable Forest Management, hazardous child labor and women enhancement. We need international partners and donors to enable us fulfill our dreams to deprived communities.

  51. chitambo chimfutumba says:

    am the founder of an org called positive generation youth and it is extremely hard to find sponsors in Zambia especially if it has to do with very big projects, I have written a very good project proposal but nobody seems interested. What do I do next because I do not want to give up

  52. Elangwe Christina says:

    I am the President and Founder of The International Christian Orphanage, a not for profit organization in Cameroon which is out to help young children in distress. We all know that children are the leaders of tomorrow and all children have a lot of potential whether they are orphans or not. At the orphanage, we make children feel loved and know that they are children like all others. We would like individuals of goodwill to join forces with us and to restore human dignity

  53. onyango denish says:

    I am a secretary of a CBO (UNITED YOUTH PROJECT) which was formerly registered with the Gulu District vide certificate Number CDR 5962 we are concern about standards in Agriculture as our Motto to empower Young Youths in Northern Uganda but our support is not enough for them and funds is our main problems and we need undertake steps on what to do ,how can we be helped?


    I have a foundation in Kenya to help needy school girls with underwear and sanitary towels to avoid them missing school when they have their menses.I have been funding it on my own for the longest.I also have a campaign for the endangered boy child in Kenya who needs mentors and positive guidelines to be a responsible man in our society.Please email for any donations or information on where we can get donors.Thank you.

  55. Mweru Samuel Byachi says:

    I am a Patron of a CBO that is upgrading to an NGO called Centre for Life Improvement. It is in Uganda . The organization focusses on three main areas: Post Traumatic Stres Disorders; Girl Child edcation and climate change. Could you kindly direct me to where i can access future support. The organization has its own premises, is well equipped with furniture and computers plus one motorcycle all from the contribution of the members.

  56. Oruga MATTHEW says:

    I am the founder of Concern for Elders Initiative (CEI). We are concern about the growing population and needs of the elderly in society, but more worried and disturbed about their abuse, neglect, exploitation and deprivation societies of Africa. We want the elderly to be protected, to participate precisely in areas where their contributions will have meaningful impact on society. their inclusion in cultural arts and science, it is important. Finally their image.

    Every elderly is a potential grandparent. CEI perceives them as living heroes, but they are in abject poverty for obvious acts of dishonesty in leadership, lack of care and attention. How can we get funds to fight for their rights. Their mentoring service and values is facing extinction now. How do we find sponsors?

  57. emilly ninsiima says:

    I started up a project to help orphans [CAFETO] but my support is not enough for them and funds is my main problem and i need to take a step on what i started so i request for support.

  58. JUNE WAMBUI NG'ANG'A says:

    Hi am June from Kenya i want to get a donor who can help me in making dreams of children in our country come true. i have these idea of helping unfortunate kids who are in the streets and slums to get better education and basic need. These can be achieved if we time up coz for me i have a passion for kids. I am a transparent person who is ready to document all my ways about of these project. Please help me get a donor who will help me make these whole thing come true.
    For more information please email me



  59. Jose KONGOLO says:

    Our NGO as knowns by the name of Voice of Africans for Change (VAC) based in South Africa,our aim is to empower the refugees living in this country to know their rights, we offer paralegal Advice, documentation issues, labour and housing issues. we’ve already started our projet Reading and writing English

  60. alieu colley says:

    Am presently working with HIV/AIDS interest group called GAMNASS (Gambia Network Of Aids Support Societies). Funding is our biggest problem in addressing gender violence, stigma and discrimination and positive living. I would like to invite all donors to kindly come to our Aid.

  61. henry muli says:

    am from machakos ,kenya from a group called masaku juakali, since 1994 ,these informotion is vital for us as we a looking funds to fund our projects ,am the secretary of group ,please fiill invited for this greate matter and support us

  62. Santosh Paudel says:

    Thanks for your kind information. I am from Youth Campaign Nepal, a NGO in Nepal and we are dealing about youth empowerment, leadership, HIV/AIDS, self employments and other programs.

  63. samuel john luseni says:

    i am a working with the partners in agricultural development services(PADS) which have undertaken major activities both in agriculture and youth sensitization in different location and we really need funding to help us achieve our goals.i like the directives on this site thanks…

  64. David Rukandiza says:

    Dear Sir/Madam ,

    Thanks for this information it will be very usefull to us, I am from SUPREME NGO here in Mwanza ,Tanzania, we invite donors who can work with us

  65. SAM GATERE says:

    Thanks alot for this information.We are a local NGO based in the Coast region and are dealing in Education ,Environment and Peace bldg.We are looking for funds to run our activities and such info is so informative in that we look forward to using it to make more development partners.Thanks alot

  66. SAM GATERE says:

    Am the CEO Chenda NGO in Mombasa Kenya,where we are 8 months old after registration.The issue is getting funds to run our activities.But with this info,we are on right path. This is good and please do keep it up.GATERE SAMMY

  67. juma garigo says:

    our organization is known as BUKAMA GROUP ASSOCIATION we mainly deals with the environment maintanance, we make the environmental concervation. so we need support from you so as to accomplish our aim.

  68. Marvella Odili says:

    Thank you very much for this article. It has been very useful to us here at Save Our Needy. We hope to get sponsors, partners and donors from all over the world in order to accomplish our goals and objectives which is mainly poverty alleviation and economic empowerment for young people and women. Right now, we are trying to tackle the AIDS epidemic in West Africa particularly in Benin Republic and Nigeria where we have offices. We hope to get support for these projects.

    Thank you once again for this very useful article.

  69. am executive director of Meidob Mountains org for Development and Construction (MMO-DC) was founded in 2003 as nongovernmental and nonpartisan NGO in Sudan. working in the field of humanitarian, provision capacity building training for rural communities people, education, water, health care and construction schools.
    since its inception the MMO-DC is drastically working in these fields. the obstacles facing the org operation and function is lack of cars and IT.

  70. denis mila says:

    Thanks alot i believe this information will be helpful to us at rights defenders a human rights organization based in kampala uganda in seeking potential donors for our activities

    best regards
    denis mila
    Assitant grants officer
    Rights defender and promotion organisation (rdpo)

  71. Thanks alot for the article. It was informative and insightful.

  72. Ernesto Cassinda says:

    Nice article, specially these days.

  73. Tim Patterson says:

    Happy to come across this post. Useful for the NGO where I am volunteering currently

  74. Brij Dev says:

    Thanks for posting this info.

  75. This information is very useful, although I have come across it before, but now it is a little bit more informative. Especially so as our organisation is still in the formative stage still trying to get Donors. Thank you.

  76. amir banjara says:

    Thank you for the information. hope it will help in my work.

  77. Alexandre says:


    We are CHODPJ,an Organization working for vulnerables children we run an orphanage we have 200 children at list some live in our orphanage some out orphanage we are in very needs to take care of these children regarding food and materials supplies for education,we appreciated your work you do. We also work on several way,environement project,development comminuty etc… Thank you for the information you provide, which is very useful

    Kind Regards,
    Alexandre Jean Renel
    Director Founder CHODPJ
    7,Brouette Jeremie Haiti (Office)
    Gebeau ( Orphanage and Nitrutional Center Program