Fundraising Resources for Women and Girls Worldwide

This resource guide seeks to provide an overview of resources, guides, and sources of funding for organizations working with women and girls.


Untapped Potential: European Foundation Funding for Women and Girls

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A 2010 survey report that summarizes European foundation granting to programs intended to benefit women and girls…[more]

Accelerating Change for Women and Girls: The Role of Women’s Funds

To understand the increased inclusion and role of women within philanthropy, the Foundation Center partnered with the Women’s Funding Network to chart the current landscape of philanthropy focused on women and girls and document the specific role played by women’s funds…[more]

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Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID): “Where is the Money for Women’s Rights?”

AWID has multiple publications available concerning funding for women and girls’ organizations…[more]

Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID): “WITMs Compilation of Resource Mobilization Tools”

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Quality and user friendly information on how to fundraise, write a grant proposal or find donors supporting different sectors and themes, this initiative has reviewed the existing online resources to produce this short document containing what we believe are interesting and good quality manuals, toolkits and guides produced by various organizations on how to mobilize and access funding…[more]

Fundraising for Change: A Practical Guide for Women’s Rights Organizations

Designed especially for first-time fundraisers, the Global Fund for Women’s updated handbook presents some key ideas about raising money to fund women’s rights work in today’s global political and economic context…[more]

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Funding Sources for Gender-Equality and Women-focused Projects

This resource is divided into five sections: Women’s Funds (those dedicated to gender-equality and women-focused rights projects), Foundations, International Development Agencies, Prizes, and on-line Directories…[more]


The Chronicle of Philanthropy: “Cultivating Philanthropy by Women” by Holly Hall

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Female donors now have the means, but they’re still not as willing as men to part with their money…[more]

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP): “Philanthropy and Gender: Not Your Mother’s Bake Sale” by Martha Keates

When it comes to giving money away, are there differences between men and women and their philanthropic behavior?  Numerous studies and countless anecdotal observations suggest that there are significant differences…[more]

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Networks & Institutes

Women’s Funding Network

Women’s Funding Network is more than 150 organizations that fund women’s solutions across the globe, making us one of the largest collaborative philanthropic networks in the world. Our members are women’s foundations that span public charities, private foundations and funds within community foundations…[more]

International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF)

The INWF is a unique network in which funders in both the North and the South are organized democratically, and are organically linked to the feminist movement – from which almost all of them emerged. Currently the INWF has seventeen members committed to expanding the resources available to women’s rights organizations around the world…[more]

Women Grants

A regularly updated compilation of grants available for women and girls’ organizations…[more]

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Women’s Philanthropy Institute

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute, a part of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, furthers the understanding of women’s philanthropy through research, education, and knowledge dissemination…[more]

Selected Foundations

The Global Fund for Women

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The Global Fund for Women is an international network of women and men committed to a world of equality and social justice. We advocate for and defend women’s human rights by making grants to support women’s groups around the world…[more]

Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Sigrid Rausing Trust is a grant-giving foundation based in London. It was founded in 1995 by Sigrid Rausing to support the international human rights movement…[more]

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Hewlett Foundation- Population Program

The Population Program has two goals: to enhance and protect the reproductive health and rights of individuals and to stabilize global populations in ways that promote social and economic well-being and sustain the environment…[more]

Mama Cash

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Mama Cash is the oldest international women’s fund – established in the Netherlands in 1983. She supports pioneering and innovative women’s initiatives around the world, because she believes that social change starts with women and girls…[more]

Nike Foundation

Nike Foundation works to get girls on the international agenda and drive resources to them. The Foundation believes the best way to do that is to prove that investment in her unleashes the girl effect…[more]

Packard Foundation- Population and Reproductive Health

The Population and Reproductive Health program works to slow population growth in high fertility areas of the world and to enhance and protect women’s reproductive health and reproductive rights, especially for marginalized and disadvantaged girls, women, and communities…[more]

Multilateral Organizations

UN Women

In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly created UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. UN Women provides grants to fuel innovative, high-impact programs by government agencies and civil society groups through two funds—the Fund for Gender Equality and the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women…[more]

The Fund for Gender Equality

The Fund for Gender Equality is a multi-donor initiative designed to advance high-impact gender equality programmes that focus on women’s economic and/or political empowerment at local and national levels. The Fund is unique in its focus on turning local and national laws and policies into tangible gains for women’s rights…[more]

UN Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women

The UN Trust Fund is managed by the UN Women on behalf of the UN system. The UN Trust Fund is the only multilateral grant-making mechanism that supports local, national and regional efforts to end violence against women and girls…[more]


UNDEF was established by the UN Secretary-General in 2005 as a United Nations General Trust Fund to support democratization efforts around the world. UNDEF supports projects that strengthen the voice of civil society, promote human rights, and encourage the participation of all groups in democratic processes. UNDEF has a specific interest in women’s groups…[more]


  1. Avatar ROSEMARY J. SAINA says

    fundraising resources for women and girls are good iam happy to read that. deaf women and girls who live in rift valley province in kenya are big challenging alot because of trauma during post election voilet 2007 deputed president candidates. i rquesting you for grant fund to help our group about civic education training and hiv/aids awarness. hope to hear from you


    Our organization, Social and Humanising Action for Rural Poor (SHARP) is a non profit, non governmental and non political organization registered under Society Registration Act 1350 Fasli of Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. We are pledged to work for the welfare of the human beings and the society. We are the grassroot organisation working in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh State, India since 18 year with donation In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind perusal.

    It is very useful to NGO’s to find more resources. We want PRINTED EDITION. Please send to the following address in INDIA.

    P. Yesobu
    H.No. 14-71/3,
    Near Govt. Jr. College,
    KALLURU-507 209,
    Khammam District,
    Andhra Pradesh, India

    So, kindly send us the detailed information/guidelines regarding the submission of the proposal.
    Looking forward to your support and co-operation.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    P. Yesobu

  3. Dear Sir,

    It is very useful to NGO’s to find more resources.

    Please send to the following address in INDIA.

    Bula Dey.
    PRABALA Samaj Sevi Sanstha
    Jamtara Road.
    Mihijam -815354

  4. Avatar Matilda Nantogmah says

    Funding directed at a community as a whole creates obstacles for small NGOs working at the grassroot level. Patriachy relegates women’s issues to the periphery. Support for Women’s programmes cannot be over emphasized. Women know what they want, they are the specialists. All they need is the support to empower them to achieve their aims – economic empowerment and independence, enhance their participation in decision making at the community and national level, knowledge and information sharing.

  5. Avatar Ritah Atwongyeire says

    I work with Better HAG Uganda (Better Health Action Group Uganda), a NOT-FOR-PROFIT NGO pursuing drastic reduction in maternal, neonatal and Child mortality, better Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), HIV prevention as well as support to OVC.

    We seek funding support to foster realization of the above goal through advocacy, community dialogue, capacity building, networking and empowerment.

  6. Avatar duata e maa org. says

    We are a women human right org.Educating youth girls and women in the rural areas to have a chance to go to school and empower to improve their living standard independently.By moblilizing them through mico-finance,bead-work and educate healthwise,eg.Stopping of Female Genital Mutilation and Early forced marriages.

    Duma project

  7. Hello dear friend
    I am from Bangladesh,where laboratory facilities are very poor,I want to go to the European and American country to do some reasearch work as a student of Masters,could u tell me how can i get any kind of financial help and from here?

  8. Dear my good friends,
    I am Betty, a Ugandan and i work with a rural micro-finance in Buikwe, Uganda, where i am mobilizing my fellow female youth to save and start their own home based business.
    Now i wish to know which organization can fund my activities to reach out to more rural women who are in the poverty shaken situation.
    Secondly, i wish to undertake a Master’s degree any where in the world, please who out there can sponsor me?
    Yours truly;

  9. Avatar James K. Addo says

    Thank you for these vital information. Rural Education and Development Programme is an NGO based in Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of Central Region of Ghana. We have a project code named women empowerment. Under this project women are trained to have skills for their livelihood. The women are made to acquire skills in economic ventures like soap making and they are doing very well. However funding is very much needed to train more women in soap and bread making. Many women groups like palm oil and kennel, farmers, garri making producers have approached REDEP for support.

    Executive Director
    Rural Education and Development Programme
    P.O.Box SK 483
    Ghana, West Africa

  10. Avatar joseph .o.likung says

    Development of deaf opportunity international is seeking fund to advocate for the right of persons with disabilities and willing work in collaborates with other partners working in the disability built capacity of persons with disables in self advocacy for women and girls (deaf women and deaf girls too) hope you looking at our side

  11. Avatar Boniface Mbundungu says

    I am really impressed by these resources and would want to say that what is critical is to develop the concerned persons like the women and girls from an early age. Secondly, we need to support the groups that are supporting women and girls including those on technical skills development coupled with financial services specifically for the same group. This would uplift the group off course not leaving the men as some men can be a hindrance to the programmes that may be initiated. I am one of the persons heading an organization that links students to the labour market and my experience is that women are difficult lot to sell to a particular company even for apprenticeship so I feel the possible option is to have them specially targeted for guarantees of credits to enable them come out of the trap.

  12. Avatar ranjan jena says

    Our organization, samrudhi foundation is a non profit, non governmental and non political organization . We are pledged to work for the welfare of the human beings and the society. We are the grassroot organisation working in ODISHA, INDIA, since 3 years. with donation In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind perusal. So, kindly send us the detailed information/guidelines regarding the submission of the proposal.
    Looking forward to your support and co-operation.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    P.Anitha project co-ordinator.

  13. Avatar Rugiatu Turay says

    Amazonian Initiative Movement (AIM) is a human rights organisation working on the elimination of female genital mutilation (FGM), early/forced marriage, rape, wife battery and teenage pregnancy. AIM also work on the improvement of girls education and the empowerment of women.
    Our organisation is based in semi-rural town of Lunsar. working with FGM practitioners, mothers, teachers, girls, men, religious and traditional leaders, schools etc.

  14. Avatar Nyarwa Cissy Edith says

    Thanks for this vital information.

    Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA)mission is focused on Families equipped, through entrepreneurship skills and capacity building for sustainable livelihoods.We are seeking for support in empowering and mentoring the youth both male and female in entrepreneurship skills for job creation.

    Nyarwa Cissy
    Programme Coordinator.Woman Achiever

  15. Avatar kosa paul says

    i wish to request for the researched copies and be sent to Pallisa civil society organizations’ network ,p.o box 18 Pallisa

    also am seeking for partnership in areas of domestic violence,good governance, human rights and operate a community resource center

    looking forward to your positive response

    Kosa Paul

  16. Avatar S.A.SHAFIUNNISA BEGUM says


  17. Avatar K.RAMADAS says

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings. It is very useful to NGO’s to find more resources. I want PRINTED EDITION. Please send to the following address in INDIA.

    INDIA. PIN: 621212.

    Thanks from K.RAMADAS.


    Our organization, Priyadarshini seva madali is a non profit, non governmental and non political organization registered under Society Registration Act 1860E of Government of India. We are pledged to work for the welfare of the human beings and the society. We are the grassroot organisation working in Andhra pradesh since 19 year with donation In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind perusal. So, kindly send us the detailed information/guidelines regarding the submission of the proposal.
    Looking forward to your support and co-operation.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    P.Anitha project co-ordinator.

  19. Avatar Lakoch John Bosco says

    That is a great opportunities foir the young women here in northern Uganda. we as mission for rural transformation Uganda we look forward empowering women entreprenuersihp skills thus create employements to self sustainability. Lakoch jb

  20. Avatar Aniah David says

    I work with the Ghana Federation of the Disabled Youth in the Upper East Region of Ghana. We have the wing known as the Association of Women with Disability which works for the welfare of women with Disability in the Region. we make good use of the website.
    thank You
    David Aniah

  21. Avatar Dipendra Dubey says

    Dear sir/madam,
    Our organization, Kishori Devi Foundation is a non profit, non governmental and non political organization registered under Society Registration Act 1860E of Government of India. We are pledged to work for the welfare of the human beings and the society. We have applied for FCRA. We are the grassroot organisation working in Uttar Pradesh since one year by our own funds. In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind perusal. So, kindly send us the detailed information/guidelines regarding the submission of the proposal.
    Looking forward to your support and co-operation.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Dipendra Dubey
    President (Kishori Devi Foundation)

  22. Avatar Hellen Akwero says

    very vital support for empowering women.

  23. Avatar Raul Langa says

    Project: Building Key Skills for the achievement of to achieve of gender equity in light of the (National) in the Gender Policy perspective.

    LADC´s has the objective is to promote formal and informal education through the increase of – ‘KNOW HOW’ within communities and to hereby to facilitate their social and economic sustainable development of for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society (children, girls and women) and higher empowering communities to greater participation in decision-making processes and governance atin local and central levels.

    The project “Kkey Skills competence for the achievement of ing gGender eEquity” intends to monitor the gender policy, and empower civil society organizations, local advisory councils, and boards of schools in matters relating to gender equality in various spheres of social development and help set the gender strategies in organizations of civil society define their gender policies in light of the national gender policy and Beijing Action Plan. perspective

    The Project aims to develop monitoring systems for the gGender policy atin provincial and district levels and in the Local Advisory Councils, boards of schools and district governments such as through ground visitsing to the sites where the of implementation local of governments programs and civil society implement their activities, which will enable the project to for the collection of information through various research methods in order to check periodically the levels of knowledge and implementation of gender politics and their impact on the s well as it directly affects the lives of women, girls and children.

    In At schools and communities LADC intends to hold lectures and discussions on gender and gender relations in order to remove cultural barriers that prevent girls and women from participatingon in decision-making bodies since childhood, which leads to low no retention rates among of girls in schools, gender roles within the domain of women in the family and discrimination in society.

    The institutions of local community participation as local advisory councils, boards of schools, must be trained in matters related ing to the Ggender Policy and Beijing Action Plan Beijing to develop an ability to analyze programs, projects, strategies and budgets and influence decisions makers at the local level for to benefit balance of equality of opportunities between men and women.

    To give improve the deepest knowledge of the communities in-depth knowledge on the situation of gender, the project will be carryied out researches, studies on the perceptions andof local perspectives of views on gGender equality, it will allow the defineition of clear strategies to be adopted to achieve the goals set out in policiestics and gender relations social gender in a balanced way in diverseeach aspects rea of social intervention.

    The studies also will help to define key indicators for the assessment of the gender policy in the current context as well as identify new challenges related to achieving the gender as a function of current and new challenges for achieving the objectives of the Gender Policy.

    As there is no specific support in this area, For the civil society organizations need assistance to implement effectively the gender policy. there are need of defining the Gender Politics in Civil Society since there is no guidance in this regard.

    The dissemination sclosure of the gGender pPolicy will consist in promoting discussions with members of the school in boards of schools on gender with the participation of tTeachers, sStudents and gGuardians on with issues related to of interest to the dissemination of the gGender pPolicy and Action Plan for Beijing in its fullness such as .

    The purpose of this disclosure of the gender policy is to create moments of reflection on the feminization of poverty and HIV / AIDS, mobilization of stakeholders in development processes, in particular civil society, society in general and youth associations, and support for these to develop the its projects, programs and activities the light of current legislation in the areas of promoting human rights of women and strengthen their participation in implementing these important tools to achieve the equality of social relations of gender in our country.

    The purpose of this disclosure of the gender policy is to create moments of reflection on the feminization of poverty and HIV / AIDS, to reduce social inequalities based on sex, fighting domestic violence, promotion of gender budgeting and mobilization of stakeholders in the processes of development, in particular civil society, society in general and youth associations, to develop their projects, programs and activities in light of current legislation in the areas of promoting human rights of women and strengthen their participation in their implementation important to the achievement of equality in social relations of gender in our country.

    The LADC is currently working on spreading the law on domestic violence against women in Maputo, through lectures, debates, cultural activities such as community theater, films about domestic violence in schools for students in the markets for sellers and communities to the general population

    The LADC conducted two surveys on domestic violence shows that there are many people who suffer from domestic violence without reacting against such acts, identified many victims of domestic violence in communities, markets and schools, and found the lack of knowledge about the law domestic violence against women which was approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique in 2009

    The idea, based on using the same methodology to expand activities to other provinces and communities to reduce the impact of domestic violence and monitoring the implementation of the law on domestic violence in the justice’s institutions and monitor implementation of the National Gender Policy and its Strategy.

    The LADC will develop a chain of monitoring systems to monitor the implementation of the gender policy at both the central and local level, in ministries and local government sities, since the town advisory board, district development councils, school councils, the advisory board of the district, provincial council and the civil society organizations such as unions, provincial forums, student unions. These will, to collect at various levels the information that the LADC as a coordinating organization will use the data or information monitoring at various levels to promote advocacy for changes in matters of gender equality.

  24. Avatar Hussien Ismail says

    Women constitute more than 51per cent of our population here in Zimbabwe and our Organisation represents the Voices of Victims of political motivated violence I have daughters and I understand how vulnerable snd sensitive young women are and have recieved many reports of rape of minors and heard of rape of mionrs in other countries too.Our founding member just had his daughter raped at 11 by a 21 year old youth who confessed and got 25 years theres no gauratee what he will do next since he will only be a middle aged adult when he is released. Now my point is I would like to work with other women and girl organisation in challengig United Nations, law enforcement agents such as the courts to consider castration for rapist of minors.

    Meanwhile I am determined to introduce systems and programs that will mobilise and encourage the world to support my move and am grateful for the information you have posted.

    Many Thanks
    Hussien Ismail
    Victims Action Committee(VAC)Trust

  25. Avatar Yusuph kutegwa says

    This guide is very nice because it answers the question “how to empower women” women have been left behind in community and development activities especially Tanzania where am.

  26. Our NGO is into health, disease control and poverty alleviation programs. This is centered around women, youth, widows and orphans. We are happy this resource guide has been provided. Thanks

  27. Avatar Crispin Swedi Bilombele says

    Give us the application form so that we may apply.

  28. Avatar Tuyizere Alice Peace says

    Kisoro District Women Empowerment Human Rights Education,
    Dirctor Tuyizere Alice Peace

    Please consider funding;networking and mentoring the mentioned young NGO that was founded in 2010.It fights gender based violence against women and girls;empowers them with strategies,skills and projects that help women and girls to eradicate poverty;human rights abuse and illiteracy.It also provides skills to women that mitigate HIV/AIDS infection;population explosion and enviromental degradation.It supports girls education;widows and orphans. I will submit the proposal for 2012 upon your request.

  29. I appreciate you that providing Fund raising Resources for Women and Girls. The resources have opened an entire different network for me. GREAT!!!

  30. Avatar Becklyn Ulzen-Christian says

    The organization I am heading is a women oriented organization that research, education and sensitization of poor/neglected communities, or women/girls living in remote rural areas and has GENDER issues at heart when it comes to project implementation and development. We organize annual gender audit to asses how our activities fare during project implementation and impact on women and girls.

  31. Avatar Anne Stella Fomumbod says

    There is nothing as fascinating and encouraging to Women’s Rights Activist and Development Practitioners like these resources posted here.

    Thank you for providing these openings to enable my organisation, InterFaith Vision Foundation Cameroon, to seek support from the appropriate quarters for her ongoing task of increasing female participation from the grassroots to the nation.

    We are looking forward to setting up and running a Center on Community Education for Participation and Development, which will be a converging ground for social debates and interfaith dialogue on the varying issues of Women’s involvement and growth.
    Thank you,
    Founder and CEO,
    InterFaith Vision Foundation Cameroon (IVFCam)

  32. Avatar imtiyaz rasheed says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    IMET 2000-Palestine (IMET2000-Pal) was set up as a branch of the registered UK charity in the year 2008 to exploit the IT revolution and the UK’s proven track record of excellence in medical education to improve the training and education of all healthcare professionals in Palestine. It aims to develop and pioneer novel learning methodologies which are cost effective and readily accessible to all. In the last 3 years, IMET 2000-Pal has become established and through its experience now provides a service in e-learning and face-to-face workshops and conferences, as well as travel bursaries for higher specialist training in the UK, to a range of health care professionals. Continuous healthcare education, disease prevention and multidisciplinary teamwork are the core outcomes, and blended learning (self-learning as well as traditional) the routes to success.

    On a very low budget, IMET 2000-Pal has run very successful pilot studies and projects in Palestine. Our successes so far include (see enclosed report for details):

     Establishing a virtual education network in Palestine across multiple university and hospital campuses so that healthcare professionals can obtain the benefits of multidisciplinary learning and modern on-line teaching practices and minimizing the detrimental effects of free movement created by the conflict.
     Running a continuing health (medical, dental and nursing) education programs
     Running a comprehensive programs of e-learning in which our web site is expanding regularly with extensive training for doctors, nurses and dentists on internet harnessing to seek knowledge.
     Running an academic career development program tackling matters of interest for health care professional such as teaching the teachers, time management and leadership.

    The aforementioned projects are not a wish list, they have all been established, completed and/or currently running. Our challenge now is to build on these successes and expand the programs so we can bring the benefits of these schemes to even more people and improve the quality of ever more lives.

    However, it is also clear that in order for IMET 2000-Pal to achieve this expansion and meet the increasing need, it must now put its organization on a far more professional footing in the format of “Continuing Health Sciences Education Centre”. We have built up a huge matrix of expert contacts primarily in the UK but also in Europe, and America in addition to a local Palestinian network. It can, therefore, invariably provide a rapid response to demands and needs, but only if the core infrastructure is in place to service this Centre.

    We are confident that as this structure is developing in place, the website is getting constructed and maintained, the track record of our pilot projects becomes more known and, above all, the added value to our reputation in healthcare educational excellence becomes obvious, we will be in a strong position to effectively implement our continuing health education program.

    For the aforementioned objectives to be achieved, we seek to launch an innovative partnership with other charities and institutions for funding. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you to help us on this front which involves running this extensive program of health education for all.
    Thank you for considering our request. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue in person.

    P.S: attached is a progress report for IMET2000-PAL for 2009-2011.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Imtiyaz Rasheed,
    Director personal assistant for fundraising and public relations affairs

  33. Avatar Md.Moshiur Rahman says

    Fundraising Resources for Women and Girls is fantastic. The resources have opened an entire different network for me. GREAT!!!


  34. Avatar David K. Adesina says

    Women, especially the vulnerable ones need to be helped. I hope those who are genuine in seeking funds to uplift them will be funded.

  35. Avatar Bamidele Obahon-Ogedengbe says

    This is a good one for women and girls. It will help develop their potentials and tap into the vast resources and power imbedded in women.
    My wife Mercy Ogedengbe runs an NGO that caters for widows, orphans, vunerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS.
    Funds and grants from bodies like this will help her NGO reach out to these class of people and keep them useful in the society again.
    I do hope her application will sail through by the time she applies for funds.
    Thanks for wiping out tears from the faces of many.
    Bamidele Obahon-Ogedengbe

  36. Avatar Suzie Rivo Solender says

    Fundraising Resources for Women and Girls is fantastic. The resources have opened an entire different network for me. GREAT!!!

  37. Avatar DUNIA KATEMBO Colomba says

    I’m very much interested by these resources about to support women and girls who are living in difficult situations , I’m the coordinator of a NGO which is working and framing women and girls from armies groups , your organization can help us , we are doing all to reduce their vulnerability state , I like to read you in few hours .

  38. Avatar Ida N. Moore Jackson says

    We would like to know your funding guidelines so as to support the work we do in rural Liberia. We are very interested in supporting women and children in cluding the youths.
    We are grateful that organization like you is operating in the world. We appreciate the kind of work you are doing, most especially in the interest of women and girls.


  39. Avatar Ida N. Moore Jackson says

    Education & Youth Development
    RUWOS Education and Youth Development program finds urgency in
    pervasive brain drain coupled with untold devastation dealt to the education sector; both products of long years of neglect and the 14-year civil conflict.
    Working with education stakeholders and the young people themselves, the
    program seeks to, amongst other things, organize litany of advocacy and lobbying activities that press Government to keep its commitment to
    providing quality education and developing the Liberian youth achieve their full potential. It also includes sourcing funding to secure scholarship for needy students, establish and/or support technical literacy and vocational education and recreation centers for young people.
    With these information, we would aoppreciate were you to please in which direction we can be assisted by you.
    Thank you very much for your usual understandfing.
    Peace Education & Peace Building
    Liberia’s recovery and development agenda is unachievable in the absence of a solid assurance for peace and stability, most especially involving the youth who are the future leaders. In recognition of this fact, RUWOS Peace Education & Peace Building initiative mainstreams research and surveillance/early
    warning on conflict issues, with particular focus on conflict-prone communities and homes. Thus, in addition to spreading the message of peace and harmony via children talk shows over our community radio and town hall meetings,focus group discussions and other media outreach activities; RUWOS builds the peace by working with the youth and children, most especially boys and girls.

    Youth and Adolescent sexual reproductive Health is of critical concern in post conflict Liberia as this segment of our population is particularly susceptible to risky sexual behavior which leads to teenage pregnancy, STIs and HIV/AIDS
    We support on-going efforts to provide safe spaces for psychosocial support in youth centers and communities for girls affected by GBV, SGBV, and harmful traditional practices.

  40. Avatar Sk.Shamsuzzaman Ahmed (Selim) says

    seeking funds for women empowerment and violence against women.

  41. Avatar Ibrahim Abdul-Ganiyu says

    Found resource useful for fund raising.

    Thanks for the effort made for compilation of noble guide.

  42. i myself is very great full about the funding will help the women’s empowerment.mostly those women deserve help in income generation training and doing some trade for the supporting the families.women is the main pole of the family life and if women health and financial condition is good then whole family will be happy. in our INDIA mostly tribal areas the fund for women’s empowerment is very essential.

  43. Avatar Ogenyi Morris says

    Dear thanks very much for the resources and guidelines that you are providing to help CSOs, we shall make use of them.

    Thank you
    Ogenyi Morris
    Executive Director
    Action for Socail Economic Development-ASED (Uganda)

  44. Avatar Vimbanai Chakarisa says

    Thanks. This website is very informative. I liked this section a lot because there is need to evaluate how aid associated with women and girls is being utilised the world over. We need to start seeing bogger results.

  45. Avatar fatuux mahamed says

    we are youth womens organization in somalia so that, please send us the application form.


  46. Avatar bhupinder sheth says

    We are working with on a plan to empower women of lower section of the society in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. The plans are to a) train them to be a ‘care-companion’ of an elderly lady and b) to support the construction women laborers by giving [two hours each for thrice a week] basic education; counsel them on family planning; impart the same empowerment program and hold inspirational sessions for the men folk.