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Deadline- April 20, 2012

Despite the many human rights instruments setting clear obligations for action by states and non state actors, human rights laws are rarely invoked by those fighting against these abuses. They are ready to use all of the tools at their disposal, including human rights law.
Human rights can and should act as a platform upon women stand to demand housing and land, freedom from discrimination due to their gender and/or HIV status, and equal respect with men. Huairou Commission, with members in Peru, Philippines and South Africa, as well as COHRE, UNDP and OSF Law and Health Initiative (LAHI) have developed the human rights manual Tools for Change (TFC) to clearly lay out these rights and how they may be claimed.

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Grassroots women strengthen, using human rights as a tool, their ability to effectively claim, gain and maintain land and housing, especially in the context of HIV/AIDS.

  • Grassroots organizations better understand human rights concepts and law through use of the TFC manual and learn and apply new strategies in their struggle against asset stripping;
  • Grassroots organizations share their gains and challenges in fighting for land and housing as a human right through communication and exchange and develop and implement a common advocacy strategy;
  • Demonstrate that human rights are a viable tool to facilitate women to (within the context of land and housing as related to HIV/AIDS) identify and shift power relationships, build strategic partnerships and implement effective advocacy strategies in their communities and at national level;
  • Insights into utilizing human rights in the struggle against asset stripping and for land and housing in the context of HIV/AIDS is documented and disseminated as a basis for further advocacy and action.

Eligibility –

  • Groups must be in an African country.
  • Must be organized at community level.
  • Must be women led.
  • Must have a grassroots constituency.
  • Must work on issues of land and HIV/AIDS.

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