IPPF’s Advocacy Flexi Fund for NGOs for Promotion of MDGs

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has announced a call for applications from civil society organizations from low income countries under its Advocacy Flexi Fund. There are grants available up to US $10,000 to undertake advocacy work for the promotion of the Millennium Development Goal 5b (MDG5b): universal access to reproductive health by 2015. The MDG5b comprises of:

Millennium Development Goal Five: Improve Maternal Health

Target a: Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio

5.1 Maternal mortality ratio
5.2 Proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel

Target b: Achieve universal access to reproductive health

5.3 Contraceptive prevalence rate
5.4 Adolescent birth rate
5.5 Antenatal care coverage (at least one visit and at least four visits)
5.6 Unmet need for family planning

According to the Fund’s guidelines, “Advocacy means identifying and calling for change. It refers to the different ways we can build political, financial or public support to bring about action for change. It involves influencing leaders and decision-makers to address the root causes of problems and to generate long-term sustainable solutions.”

The Fund supports activities in the three thematic areas:

  • Recognition of the need for MDG5b  in statements at international, regional and/or national meetings;
  • Increase financial resources for MDG5b at country level;
  • Promotion and coordination of civil society action in promoting MDG5b  in national policy, programmes and budgets

There is a strong focus on young people and the Fund will support NGOs working with youths to advocate for the promotion of MDG5b and ensure sexual and reproductive health rights. “Meaningful youth participation refers to a range of processes that empower young people to take an active role in all phases of decision-making that affects their lives. It enables young people to take up leadership roles to identify, address and promote the issues that matter most in their lives. This includes engagement with local and national government and UN agencies”

Applications have to be downloaded from IPPF’s website and can be emailed after completing them. They can be submitted in English, French and Spanish. The last date for submissions is 15 February 2010. For more information, visit this link.

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