ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Children Fund 2013 Call for Proposals

ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) provides grants to support diverse programmes globally and also offers a Technical Assistance programme through its partners to support smaller community organizations. It is presently open to accepting proposals from NGOs and community-based organizations to offer them larger grants available under this Fund.

PACF provides larger grants NGOs and CBOs that can deliver change at the community level. The 2013 call for proposals focuses on one or more of the areas of PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV). The proposal should be relevant to at least one of the following five themes:

Community interventions addressing loss to follow-up in PMTCT

Working with communities to address and overcome causes of loss to follow-up of PMTCT services; objectives should demonstrate how community interventions can improve loss to follow-up of women, children and partners to the local PMTCT services

Community advocacy for gender equity in education and health

Projects by and for the community should promote women’s and girls’ access to education and/or health services; objectives must demonstrate how improvements in access to education and/or health can deliver educational or health outcomes for women and girls

Preventing unintended pregnancies

Improving women’s knowledge of and access to SRH services, projects should enable women living with HIV to exercise their right to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services

Community intervention to keep HIV negative women negative

Targeted primary prevention at a community to level to ensure women who are HIV negative stay negative; with special emphasis on women planning to have families, pregnant women and new mothers

Early infant diagnosis

By using community developed interventions and testing to promote continuing care of infants and young children of HIV+ parents, projects should reduce the numbers of infants who go undiagnosed or who diagnose too late for successful care and treatment interventions

Applications can only be submitted online through ViiV Healthcare’s website. The deadline to submit the concept note is 12 March 2013. For more information, visit this link.