Sample Admin Forms for Small NGOs

Avatar About Satya Bhusan Rath

Satya Bhusan Rath has fifteen years of experience working in the development sector across South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. He is an expert on subjects such as livelihood, income generation, water management, rural energy & renewable energy, green building, ICT, Microfinance, Micro-insurance and innovative education systems. He has rendered services in innovating and developing proposals, project management, training & capacity building, mid-term review, appraisal, organizational management, finance and accounting, procurement administration, recruitment. He has served in various positions and now he is pursuing as Operational Head of READ Foundation in India.

NGOs as legal entities are required to follow certain procedures while managing their institutions and projects. These procedures help strengthen the administration of the organization and also ensure its long-term growth based on principles of accountability and transparency. Many large organizations have proper systems in place for implementing effective governance systems, but small NGOs struggle for adequate resources fail to hire dedicated personnel to manage the administrative accounting systems in their organizations. In order to assist such organizations, the following guidance material has been developed for strengthening the capacities of small NGOs in developing countries.

Here, you can find some sample forms related to the administration needs of NGOs. You can click on each of the link below to read more about them:

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