Appointment Letter and Staff Orientation at the NGO

1.3.3 Appointment Letter

Any personnel employed with NGO will be issued an appointment letter prior to his/her employment by NGO. The appointment letter will officially announce his/her position within the organization, the place of assignment and the effective date of employment. The appointment letter will carry annexes, specifying the employee’s job description, terms of reference, salary and benefits and other relevant terms of employment (Refer 1.4 Employment).

1.3.4 Probationary Period

A probation period of three months shall apply to all new employees from the date of hire. Exceptionally, the probation period may be extended to six months. In case, if a new employee fails to perform in accordance to expectations of NGO staff/board, he/she will be given a notice, terminating the contract at the end of the probationary period.

1.3.5 Staff orientation

All new employees will get an orientation about the organization’s mission and strategies, its structure and the staff within it, the policies and conditions of employment, the internal rules and regulations, etc.

1.4 Remuneration

NGO believes in attracting and retaining a qualified and effective workforce through a system of payment that is both appealing and fair. All employees of NGO are entitled to a basic salary, depending upon their skills, qualification and experience. The basic salary will be mentioned in the appointment letter.

1.4.1 Salary Increment

Salary increment will be based upon an employee’s position and performance. Increment will be provided to employees on annual basis after their performance evaluation.

Salary increment is calculated on the basis of basic salary of the staff.


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