Sauvé Scholars Program 2012-2013 open for energetic young graduates offering opportunity to spend nine-months in Montreal, Canada

Applications are now open for the 2012-2013 Sauvé Scholars Program inviting young leaders from across the globe that want to change the world.

It is expected that the Sauvé Scholars are highly motivated independent individual thinkers in the age group of 23 to 31 having demonstrated skills as agents of change. During this nine-month program, the scholars get the opportunity to remain away from their studies, careers or other formal commitments, leading to reflection and self-realization –personal as well as professional.

The program brings 14 young men and women from around the world to McGill University in  Montreal, Canada to embark on a rewarding personal and intellectual program combining reflection, study, travel and community engagement along with participation in conferences, seminars, cultural and sports events. Through a formal Memorandum of Understanding, Sauvé Scholars enjoy a unique status at McGill: they may audit courses at the undergraduate or post-graduate level (but not for credit) and may participate in the array of university activities and facilities for every taste and interest.

Sauvé Scholars also get opportunity to engage and network through seminars with eminent journalists, political figures and leaders in business, academia and the arts.

Focus Areas

Each Scholar is expected to undertake a new project in his or her chosen field – for example, arts, advocacy, business, communications, government or research – or complete one that is underway. Scholars are also invited to participate in some form of social or civic engagement for the benefit of the Montreal community.


  • Between 23 and 30 years old on 31 December 2011
  • A minimum of 2-3 years of professional and/or work experience (paid or unpaid). Experience may include positions in a volunteer or internship capacity
  • Completed your undergraduate education, or the equivalent, by 31 July 2011 (advanced degrees are welcome but not a requirement)
  • A record of accomplishment and ability to meet challenges
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Proven communications skills
  • A highly developed curiosity about the world
  • A strong interest in international and domestic issues
  • An eagerness to engage with the complex issues of the day

Allowances and Accommodation

The Program provides a monthly allowance to cover meals and incidental expenses. This sum will be deposited in a dedicated bank account set up for each Scholar for the duration of their stay in Montreal. Round-trip transportation (one trip only) to and from Montreal is arranged for each Scholar and paid for by the Program. Scholars are required to live in the House for the full duration of the Award term.

Last date for submission of applications is November 1, 2011.

For more information, visit this link.


  1. this is an excellent opportunity for me to explore myself as i am serving voluntarily in my village shimshal since i was in grade 12 in my studies. i have started a school for my fellow villagers. so i am curious to learn and contribute to the world.

  2. maniga sra stephanie says:

    I am a holder of a diploma in financial engineering. I lived in Ivory Coast I postulate(apply) for the grant(scholarship) to perfect better

  3. Princess Victoria Umoh says:

    This is a welcome development for our teeming population to learn more skills and to see first hand what is obtained in other countries.

    Princess Umoh


    My name is Wubshet Assefa,from Ethiopia.I am working at one local NGOs,Amhara Development Association,as an IGA project coordinator.I am too lucky being working in such area because today unemployment becomes the big problem of many countries.I have tried to exert my full skill on income generating activities and as a result I have seen a number of youths are benefiting from my association project,Breaking the poverty cycle trough education,since 2010.Hence if I have got an opportunity to attend in your program,I might contribute a good thing for the hide and seek play of poverty eradication by Ethiopian peoples.

    so if you are interested to allow me to join in your esteemed program,please contact me.i am ready to attend though I am needing your money support.

  5. Fondo Ngum M says:

    I am Fondo Ngum from Cameroon but currently in the Republic of South Africa. I am 27 years and studied Biology, Maths, and Chemistry. I have been volunteering for NGOs for the past 3years and as a Team Leader and had found it a a noble thing to do in suc institutions. I have very good communication skills as well but would like to empower myself with leadership skills in order to break through in various NGOs and more especially the younger generation of Cameroon who have completed studies but are desperately needing a pillot to direct thier course in life. I envisage forming an Association of youngsters who aren’t with jobs just to empower them and create job oppotunities within and without thier globe and the rest of world and having travelled to another country gives me an upperhand to best invest knowledge in them. Travelling has been a strategic way of learning on it’s own to me so i strongly belive and know that this is a great oppotunity for me to excel and take out that which has been deposited in my after receiving such a training. I am passionate about what am doing and so self motivated and enthausistic about different things that are happening in the world at large.

  6. kingsley oche isaiah says:

    My names are Kingsley Oche ISAIAH,27 years old,a Nigerian.I am intrested in this program because it will provide an opportunity for me to equip myself with the necessary skills i need to impart my world particularly Africa.
    I bagged a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and have always dreamt to be an activist.I have worked as a Youth Corper in Ekiti State House of Assembly, Nigeria where i put to practise what i studied in school. I have also worked with KONSEPT KOLTURE as a Personal Assistant. I am a creative and influential individual who always agitate for a better society that is democratic with a very low rate of crime.I am quite intrested in fighting for human rights in the society.I will be to be considered for this offer. Thank you.


    I am a 25 year old Indian. I am interested in this programme in order to contribute in entrenching democratic culture,to have a wider analytical approach and enhance economic prosperity in my nation as well as travel and build my understanding about different places.
    I have done Chemistry Honors and a Masters in Communication Media for children. I have worked as a lead Facilitator with different NGOs in India like SAATHI that works with Platform children,Doorstep, Akanksha and many more. Worked as an intern with I.S.R.O. that is Indian space research organization in its media department.I have made my own short film on CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE where I have researched,directed,scripted and done the camera work too. I am presently doing a fellowship for India named as GANDHI FELLOWSHIP in Kaivalya education foundation. Here,I am working with the Principals of government schools on leadership and school development for improving the quality of education system in INDIA and at the same time try to increase the learning outcome of children.I am working with Mumbai Government schools.
    This opportunity will help me in personal and professional growth.It will provide me confidence and will help me in my journey of EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION and as a way to help link our world to dominance of peace.


    I want to apply but can you exceed atleast 2 days for me as I am not in network and will be able to apply only by 2nd nov’11.

  9. Ms Faith Inegbe says:

    My names are Faith Ehione Inegbe iam 29 years old, iam intrested in the program because Media has always been my core course from inception also i will want to use this oppourtunity to enchance my self and my profession.

    I bagged a bachelor degree on Sociology,Certificate in Media and communication(school of Media n Communication,Lagos business school) A Post graduate studies in Brand Management from Africa Marketing Business school(AMBS)and so on.

    Iam currently the Brand Manager of SpiceTV for 3years now. SpiceTV is your fashion and lifestyle brand from the stable of the No1 leading content provider from Nigeria CMA(Consolidated Media Associates) We are content provider of Soundcity the music brand,Televista tellenovella programs and VillageSquare the brand that showcase the nollywoods movies in Nigeria.

    I will be highy honoured and privilegde if iam picked as my main goal is to enhance my abilty as a brand personnel and social skills and be one of the youngest enterprenuer in Nigeria.
    Thank you!

  10. chikwendu chukwudi emmanuel says:

    I am a 29 year old Nigerian. I am interested in this programme in order to contribute in entrenching democratic culture and economic prosperity in my country.
    I have a Bachelor degree in English Literary Studies and a Master of Science in Media and Communication. I have worked as an Administrative Officer with Federal College of Education, Umunze, Nigeria. Worked as an intern with Tell Communications Limited, publishers of Tell magazine and Broadstreet Journal. I presently work with True Moment Media Limited, publishers of The Moment newspaper, both in Nigeria.
    I am a deep thinker who constantly reflect on human nature to constantly identify winning formula. I am also deeply interested in Propaganda and Agitation studies.
    This opportunity will help me in personal and professional growth, and as a way to help link our world to dominance of peace.


    I am MATTHEW K. NYAMEBEYE from Ghana and would be completing my BSC.PUBLIC HEALTH in MAY 31st, 2011 and would be grateful if you could consider me for a scholarship to persue masters in health related courses so as help in the health delivery in my country especially the hinderland.
    Thank you

  12. Edward FG Massago says:

    Iam a Sierra Leonean and have just had my first degree with Honours in Accounting and Finance at Fourah Bay College (FBC), fREETOWN. I am highly interested in this programme. I want to have some grounding in Financial Management especially now that our country is just coming from a decade long war.

    I want to carry out some financial management research in the country. I have had a year internships experiences and am currently working as an Accounts Officer with SEND FOUNDATION OF WEST AFRICA for ten good months now.
    Thanks in advance for your timely support.

  13. Lekh Nath Poudel says:

    Dear sir/MAdam
    This is really best programme for like mine graduate student who thinks always for the better of the country . I am from the underdeveloping country Nepal. If i got chance for this programme, I find myself a golden oppertunity for my county success.
    I want to play a main role for the development of the country.

  14. i want to know how can i do to benefit this program?thank

  15. Salim Kinyiri says:

    I am a Ugandan aged 27 from kampala. I highly interested in this programme. My interests are in research and development.

  16. Pirwoth Herbert says:

    This is really interesting. I kind of needed this for my work progress, i recently completed my programm of entreprenuership at the university and i have been stuck with managing the company’s finances for the last three year and i think this could be a great opportunity for me.
    thanks, will be glad to keep in touch.
    Best regards, herbert.

  17. Sheikh Yakubu Abdul-Kareem says:

    October 21 2011,at7;30 .pm
    I am 53 years old professional and the founder of a local NGO operating in the northern region of Ghana- West Africa.I am also a graduate of the COADY International Institude , St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish -Canada.I have really made change in region through my leadership and organizational management skills acquired from COADY
    .i Still need to share with other in other parts of the world to reduce poverty in society.Best wishes and hope to hear from with favourable response.broadcaster

  18. martin bwalya kampamba says:

    this is great news for me and the other youth in my country aim a youth worker working with the ministry of youth sport and child development in Zambia, aim the provincial chair of the African youth net work (AFRIYAN) and at the country level Zambia it is called national youth net work on popularization development

    i have served in this capacity for the past three years i would love to be part of this program

    aim a grade twelve and a trainer of enterprenuership and computer skills
    i would love to hear from you soon
    yours martin

  19. Mokhsharif says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is very interesting program for me. During the last 6 years I had only the managerial positions and would like to improve my leadership skills. But can I participate in this program if I have family – son and husband? My birthday is 29 July, 1981. I am Master of Public Health, medical doctor hygienist-epidemiologist.

    Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards, Mohsharif.

  20. peter kairu kagotho says:

    i am 35years with an experience of ove 10 years in leadership,,,can i get help on the same??