International Donors for Women’s Projects Around the Globe

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Women comprise close to half of the world’s agricultural labor force. When women farmers can access the resources and skills they need to sustainably cultivate healthy nutritious crops, their production increases, making it more likely that their families are well nourished and happy. As significant food producers, seed savers, and resource managers, women are on the frontlines promoting agro-ecological solutions towards food sovereignty. Globally, six out of every ten women experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Violence against women (VAW) produces devastating emotional consequences, many times irreparable, and has grave impacts on physical, sexual, mental and reproductive health. Violence, or even the fear of violence, raises women’s vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. We want women around the globe to enjoy their human rights and live dignified life. With effort of hundreds of supporting donors and thousands of organizations around the globe, we hope to achieve a significant position for women. Here we have profiled the donors for women’s projects supporting organizations around the globe.

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