Action for Humanitarian Development

AHD was formed in a meeting of representatives from development sector in year 2000 and later registered in year 2005 under Social Welfare volunteer act (Ordinance X1, V1 1961). The registration No. of organization is DOSW-69. Since its inception, AHD has been actively working towards a healthy, impervious and prosperous community where rights are not negotiated.

AHD believes in working with and though government to address civic and humanitarian affairs of poor vulnerable community towards a sustainable society with peace and prosperity. AHD consider strengthening of local bodies and civil society organizations deem necessary to work effectively and efficiently for community development. AHD has been working in 3 districts of Sindh (Dadu, Thatta, Karachi) with local NGOs to strengthen their institutional capacity and provide consultancies on development of systems within organization to become a transparent and growing organization.

AHD has a team of experts with successful implementation experience on projects sponsored by Actionaid Pakistan, Oxfam GB Pakistan, European Commission, CIDA, National Endowment for Democracy USA, UNDP-GEF, and WWF Pakistan, SDPI, NCHD, and IUCN. This team has been working on various projects in various organizations on Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Empowerment, Health, Education, Water rights and Sustainable Livelihood.


Our vision is Healthy, educated, impervious and prosperous community where rights are not negotiated.


Mission/Purspose of AHD is research, advocacy, and campaign on gender mainstreaming, education, health and humanitarian affairs in poor vulnerable communities for development of social justice, self-respect, and human values through participatory development initiatives.


1. Awareness-raising in marginalized community to work for gender mainstreaming and violence against women.
2. Research and institutional capacity building of local organization for efficient use and protection of natural resources and environment.
3. Influencing government policy makers to change policies and practices that affect vulnerable and marginalized (minority) communities.
4. Advocacy and campaigning on free good-quality education, access to health, safe drinking water to every single human without any gender discrimination.
5. Research and institutional capacity building of local organizations and vulnerable community in development of skill and strategies to mitigate disaster loses and risks in droughts, floods, cyclone, earthquake and tsunami.
6. Relief and rehabilitation of poor communities especially women, children, and disabled persons in major disasters.
7. Research and capacity building of poor and vulnerable communities to build sustainable livelihood resources & strengthen their social safety net.


Strategically AHD works closely with policy makers, poor and vulnerable community on participatory approach basis and address their issues and problems at policy making level. Organization believes in systematic solutions to community problems that are believed to be result of weak policies and practices of government.


1. Promote Alternate Energy for Sustainable Conservation of Indus Delta Ecosystem with WWF-PAK
2. Rural Women Empowerment at District Dadu with Ministry of Women Development, Government of Sindh.
3. Community Model Primary School with ADP Inc., USA
4. Vetting of Applicants on PPRS Project with Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sind.
5. Green Johi Programme with BHP Billiton