CBM SARO(N) seeking new applications for Bihar, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh (India)

CBM is an international development organization, committed to improving the quality of life of Persons with Disabilities in the poorest countries of the world. Based on its values and over 100 years of professional expertise, CBM addresses poverty as a cause, and a consequence, of disability, and works in partnership to create a society for all.

CBM works through partner agencies—secular and governmental—enables them to provide high-quality preventive, curative, educational, and rehabilitative services in order to maximize the quality of life of an increasing proportion of people with disabilities and those at risk of disability.

Partnership strategies

CBM SARO(N) has just completed the formulation of its regional strategy. In line with the specific objectives spelt out in the regional strategy document ,CBM SARO(N) is in the process of selecting partners from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh.

  • In this connection, CBM SARO(N) is requesting suitable agencies working in the above mentioned three states to submit proposals which:
  • Promote persons with disabilities, their rights and entitlements and strive to make a tangible difference in their lives through inclusive development approaches.
  • Have a strong belief in community based approaches to dealing with disability issues in urban and rural settings.
  • Work with people with multiple disabilities.
  • Have a strong belief in rights based approaches to development and sustainability of programmes.
  • Complement government programmes by working on gaps in programming and by conducting relevant needs assessment studies.
  • Possess strong strategies in advocacy and is able to create and strengthen and demonstrate links between grass-root level advocacy initiatives with macro –level policy.

Please note that buildings, vehicles and other capital investments will not be considered for funding.

Eligibility Criteria

Registered Non Governmental Organizations and Trusts, in the states of Bihar ,Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh states are eligible for applying. Technical and financial review of the applications received, will be carried out by the Review Committee at the regional office. The review will be carried out using the following eligibility criteria.

  • Registered under Societies Registration Act or Trust Act in India
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in conducting field interventions.
  • Proven experience in Disability programming in the above mentioned states.
  • Employs a minimum of 3 professional staffs, with experience in Disability inclusive development, participatory rural appraisal and Community based rehabilitation.
  • Should have carried out similar projects earlier.
  • Proven skills of writing and publishing technical reports/papers
  • Proven skills of community level interventions
  • Should have good financial track record and handling of bilateral and multi-lateral funding
  • Should not have been black-listed or notified by Government of India or its departments or by any international or national agency.
  • The organization should possess a valid FCRA certificate

The deadline to submit the applications is November 30, 2011, 5.00 pm after which applications will not be encouraged. The management reserves the right to reject any or all applications. Please note that receipt of applications may not be acknowledged. For more information, download the document at this link.

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  1. CBM SARO(N) says:

    Dear Dr.Dominic,

    If you feel the need to apply, please refer to the ad and send us an application.


    For CBM SARO(N)

  2. dr.dominic says:

    we are working for tribal peoples welfare in chhatisgad.we are working with mentally handicapped children in the c.G,India.we have been caring the 30 mentally challenged children.we have 7 staff including qualified staff.the school is running in rented building.food and educational expenses borne by mere donations of people.children needs more equipment for learning. staff also paid very meager salary.we request you that kindly do help to our children home.thank you.

  3. CBM SARO(N) says:

    Dear Mr.Bose,

    Please click on the link provided in the advertisement. For more information, please refer to http://www.cbm.org.

    For CBM SARO(N)

  4. Prateep Chakraborty says:

    Dear Mr.Bose,

    Please click on the link provided in the advertisement. For more information on CBM, please refer to the website http://www.cbm.org.


    For CBM SARO(N)

  5. Rajesh Bose says:

    warm greetings.
    plz. send me the web address of CBM SARO(N) along with the address for correspondence as soon as possible.