ViiV Healthcare ‘Positive Action for Children Fund’ Call for Proposals 2014

Deadline: 11 March 2014

ViiV Healthcare is accepting concept notes for ‘Positive Action for Children Fund’ grant program 2014. The grant program is focused on non-governmental and community-based organizations that can deliver change at a community level. The Fund aims to support global efforts towards Countdown to Zero – The Global Plan Towards the Elimination of New HIV Infections Among Children by 2015 and Keeping their Mothers Alive. It also aims to alleviate the impact of HIV and AIDS on women and children’s health by supporting interventions that engage affected communities, developing their capacity to participate and lead.

80% of the fund will go to 15 priority countries (Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Burundi, Chad, Tanzania, Kenya and India) for PMTCT interventions. The maximum funding available will be £300,000 over three years. Minimum grant request to be made is £60,000 (over 3 years).

The PACF Funding Areas are –

  • Pursuing community engagement, participation and leadership;
  • Using patient focused and family-centered approaches;
  • Achieving integration between HIV services, and between HIV and Sexual and reproductive health (S&RH) services;
  • Generating demand for S&RH and PMTCT services;
  • Using an evidence base and generating evidence;
  • Supporting or delivering advocacy; and
  • Strengthening grassroots action and organizations.

Only the proposal relevant to one of the following five themes will be considered for funding –

  • Community interventions addressing loss to follow-up in Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)
  • Community advocacy for gender equity in education and health, including but not limited to, for positive mothers and their affected families
  • Preventing unintended pregnancies
  • Community intervention to keep HIV negative women negative
  • Early infant diagnosis



  1. Avatar Rodrick Mhlongo says

    We are based in South Africa working specifically on children and youth, are there no possibilities to be considered for funding. Or are there no others funders we can be linked to for possible financial suppport in areas of child and youth development

  2. We are fundraising for the street children hostel construction in Masaka Uganda. we are looking for Agencies and individuals who can fund raise for this project.

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello Mukasa,
      We are not sure if someone will come to fund raise for your cause through this portal but we suggest you to keep track of funding opportunities and apply for relevant one to get fund for this and other noble causes.
      Thank you!

  3. Avatar Kule Barnabas says

    I have prepared the concept paper to be submitted to Positive Action for Children but am not seeing the email address for me to submit the concept note. If posible please send me the email address.

  4. Avatar Rev. Amin Sandewa says

    Kindly tell me to whom I have to submit my proposal as the dead line is approching

  5. Avatar Daniel Mwaka says

    We have a national NGO in south Sudan we fight against the spread of HIV/AIDs and drug abuses are we able to apply?

  6. Avatar Daniel Mwaka says

    I have not seen South Sudan anywhere yet we have the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and its spreading like wild fire.

  7. Avatar Jeetendra Singh says

    We do not have FCRA at present can we apply ?

  8. Avatar emmanuel ruwa says

    we have such organisations in our county. I’m realy touched and would like to apply

  9. Avatar sunder singh says

    Ours is a non-profit making organization registered and working in India . We work with People living with HIV/AIDS, and children with HIV/AIDS. Can we apply?

  10. Avatar Fatar Marowero says

    We are a CBO operating in Zimbabwe .We are currently implementing a PMTCT Project that will end in November this year 2014. Can we apply to any one of the advertised programmes?

    • Avatar Gamala Luitel says

      Hello Fatar,
      You can apply for relevant projects/programs if you meet the eligibility criteria.
      Please make sure that you visit the link we provide at the bottom of the content.
      Good Luck!

  11. Avatar Focus Magwesela says

    Economic and Social support for Woman and Children (ESWC) is an organization based on supporting marginalized groups in remote areas where there is a huge number of human right violence. Our mission is to remove barriers and create solutions.
    How can I register to PACF system?

  12. Hi
    Is there any chance to get this funding for Pakistan as there are also lot of issues related funding area

    Pursuing community engagement, participation and leadership;
    Using patient focused and family-centered approaches;
    Achieving integration between HIV services, and between HIV and Sexual and reproductive health (S&RH) services;
    Generating demand for S&RH and PMTCT services;
    Using an evidence base and generating evidence;
    Supporting or delivering advocacy; and
    Strengthening grassroots action and organizations.

  13. Avatar goodsamaritan20club says

    hello please we also need the form we have people of HIV/AIDS , what can we do?

  14. Avatar Odida Robert says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    In view of the short time left for concept note submission. I would like to ask for the web link for on line application,i have tried to get it in vein.
    Thanks and regards,
    Christian Vision International-Uganda

  15. am from Mother and Child Development (MCDO) ethiopia I am glad for the tremendous work you are doing towards preventing HIV/AIDS.
    I however want on the email address or your links that we can submit on.

    Thanks ones again!



  16. Avatar REV. PETER OKELLO says

    I am a secretary in Grace Pentecostal Church Ministries in Uganda.
    May i take this precious time God has given me / us to thank you very much for the kind work you are doing !! indeed if you had to choose not to assist the sick, poor etc , then, who would do it or bother ……
    We are going to send you our proposal very soon.

  17. Avatar Dewan Abu Wasek says

    Bangladesh is a developing country and the risk factors exist in the country. So, it should be included Bangladesh for this fund. For writing good proposal. Expect, the authority will consider the matter in future.

  18. Avatar Okorie Margret says

    Please, the application form link is not functioning. what next should we do?

  19. Avatar Crosbel Maic Chilongo says

    I am a director of youth organisation based in Nthalire (Chitipa district of Northern part of Malawi, central africa)

    Kindly please give us application forms if any for this proposal. what is the address where we can route this proposal applicaton.

    please help

  20. Avatar Berhanu Faye says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    How can I get PACF system to be registered a head of time?

  21. Avatar MUGISA ISAAC says

    Humura Vulnerable Children/Youth Support Organization (HUVUCSO) is passionate to reach people affected with HIV/AIDS in communities. How can we send you the proposals?

  22. Avatar elema kone says

    Chariteskenya – community health actions revival initiative to eliminate suffering is an integrated comprehencive community-based primary/preventive health care organization that is envisioned to attaining a sustainable, less morbid, healthy and thus wealthy societies by providing the communities with economicaly affordable,universely accesible and culturally acceptable sustainable solutions to health in accordance to the ALMA ATA DECLARATION.


    consider chariteskenya. THANKS

  23. Avatar Emmanuel Kudaya says

    please, we are an NGO located in Ghana and interested in sending our proposal to you on one of your five themes, but the problem is the email id to use. please let us have it to forward our proposal to you.

  24. Avatar Aman Foundation says

    Aman Foundation is a not-for profit organisation registered act XXI of 1860 in Pakistan. We are located in the KPK(northern region of Pakistan and have vast interest in• Education
    • Health Care
    • Environment
    • Food / Agriculture
    • Children’s Rights
    • Human Rights
    • Culture
    • Women Rights

    Can you join us and are taking interest to help people of Pakistan.


  25. Avatar Lincoln Villanueva (FOROSIDA Honduras) says

    Can FOROSIDA from Honduras apply to these funds? The nature of NGO FOROSIDA matches one of the proposal relevants.

    Thanks in advacnc for your answer.

  26. Salam
    Can ngos from pakistan apply for funding?

  27. Avatar Md. Kausar Alam says

    Great initiative for children. Can NGO from Bangladesh apply for this fund to work in Bangladesh?

    Member Advisory Committee
    ARK Foundation

  28. Avatar Anne Kgomo says

    It is great job for our children around the clobe. I just want as what about South Africa?

    Warm regards

  29. Good evening,

    I am from South africa, my NPO focus is to prevent gender based violence to women with HIV and promotion of HIV treatment adherence to ensure they live longer and prevent spreading HIV to partners and their babies. South Africa is not in your priority countries, does that mean we cannot apply?

  30. Avatar daniel abiong says

    hello thanks once again for your service care .
    i have tried my best but i cant access the application form can you endevour to clearly direct me to the application form.

  31. hello thank you for your care. but may be you let us know the link

  32. Avatar Nelson Damiao says

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Am from Mozambique, Co-operation to Development Association. We have gone through a call for proposal and wish to apply. But we could not find the application form/concept note template. May you help us to access this information.

    With best regards,

    Nelson Damiao
    Senior Program Officer

    • Avatar Gamala Liutel says

      The article is in series. Click ‘Next’ and read the whole document. Finally you will find a link that directs you to find application form and related guidelines. Good Luck!

  33. Avatar Sintayehu Hailu says

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Am from Ethiopia, Mary Joy Development Association. We have gone through a call for proposal and wish to apply. But we could not find the application form/concept note template. May you help us to access this information.

    With best regards,

    Sintayehu Hailu
    Senior Program Officer

    • Avatar Gamala Liutel says

      Dear Sintayehu,
      Please click next, read the whole information and you will find a link which will direct you to the link where you will find application form/concept note template. Good Luck!

  34. Avatar Opia Benita says

    You are doing a good job. Kindly send detailed information on how to access you funds for children and HIV interventions.
    Best regards.

  35. Mary Lottriet says.

    We are a community base non profit organisation and would like to know if we can also apply for the childrens fund? we are working with children living and working on the streets, we are a south africa based organisation who work with the poorest of the poor in our community we also have a hiv aids programm where we work with woman men and children who are affected and infacted .

  36. Avatar Uganda Disabled Women's Association says

    Hello there
    I am glad for the tremendous work you are doing towards preventing HIV/AIDS.
    I however want on the email address that we can submit on.
    Looking forward to hear from you

  37. Avatar samuhik Vikas Sansthan says

    Samuhik Vikas Sansthan , India
    I am interested .I want to connect with you. How can i apply.

  38. Avatar Claudia Mangwegape says

    am from south African and we have a registered NGO how doe one access your funding and application forms

  39. Avatar Savelio Lavelua says

    I have been receiving informations regarding funding opportunities and have been wanting to apply, the problem is, I don’t get an application form or even a concept note template. Please help me on this. Good day.

  40. Avatar Emmanuel M. Fawundu says

    Rural Agency for Community Action Programme-Sierra Leone (RACAP-SL) is charity and Non profit making Organization based in Sierra Leone working in rural communities in the southern part of Sierra Leone.

    HIV&Aids is one of our priority areas of intervention and there are a lot of people affected with HIV&Aids in some part of the country and beside all there should be a very serious attention on Health Care services in rural communities especially in hard rich communities which are marginalized because of river line situation.

    However, because of the interest we have in your funding, on behalf of the management and the entire staff of RACAP-SL, i am kindly asking you to consider our Agency to Access funds to help poor rural communities for them to gain good/quality health although Sierra Leone is not a priority country on your funding agenda.


  41. Grate of VIV Health Care for the committed year 2014.
    Kindly send us the application processes and format.
    Hope for positives


    Hi,We are Community servers Tanzania,non profit and non government Organization which aims to reduce risk of spread hiv aids to yong people in Tanzanian societies.Please,we are interesting to apply for fund in your organization.What mptre steps which we are needed to do?
    hope to hear from you soon.
    community servers Tanzania

  43. Avatar John N\diraba Kiyaga says

    I have read about your noble work funding HIV/AIDS concerns and i am very much interested to know more about your funding procedures.

    Our organization is NGO and is called Action to positive change on people with disabilities formed twenty years ago with a mission of promoting disability initiatives in Uganda.

    One of the objectives in the organization, we sensitize the members about the need to guard against the scourge and those infected how to live with it in a health manner without infecting others.

    We would like to know therefore,where we fall in categories of those fitting to apply.

  44. Avatar Mrs.Heidy paye says

    Hi, I am just concern on the recent post. about Vivi health project, positive action for children. For my organization who deal with women and children Liberia.according to the requirement there are priority county. you left Liberia out. its implied that Liberian can not partake.

  45. Avatar Somali Youth concern says

    What about Somali country? Somali Country cant get like this support and we are highly appreciate to contact us

  46. Avatar kunal shokeen says

    hi my my name kunal from india delhi i am also starting a ngo in delhi iam also to help some people so that they have problem in education made something from them so that they can some support for their family for get proper food , proper medication help solve some proper camp for doctor team they get some treatment for them their is some problem for ladies for no scope of money give some stitching machine for clothes so that they earn for their family so many ideas i am just thoughting but i need give some suggestion for work help for my support give reply.

  47. Avatar Mr Numfor Yedy says

    Community Empowerment Association (CEA) is a none profit community based organization with one of it main objective to:- Set up educative and information resource in the Bakassi community, South West Region of Cameroon. we members Felt-Need to Increase awareness among youths more especially teenage mother on HIV and AIDS so as to keep HIV negative women negative in our Community.

    we will wish to apply for funding and need proposal format, hope to hear from you soon

    • Avatar Gamala Liutel says

      Please read the whole document and find a link which will direct you to the page you are searching for.

  48. Avatar OLAYINKA Toby says

    We need assistance with children suffering this terrible disease. As a US trained public health practitioner/registered nurse with my Ngo in collaboration with other health professional in Nigeria, i will love your organization to work with us to reduce the prevalence of this deadly diseases. Thank you.

    • Avatar Gamala Liutel says

      Please read the whole document, find the link that directs you to the page where you will get full information on how to apply. Apply for fund if your organization is eligible. Good Luck!

  49. Avatar yifeglobal development foundation says

    Yifeglobal touches lives of children, women and people with physical disabililties in the western region of Nigeria including the remote areas where people are poor, ignorant and inaccessible to health care. Can you pls send your application or proposal to help the communities? Thank you

  50. Avatar Doreen Kotuwila says

    Jeewaye kathun isa non profit orgenization registerd as a NGO located in Srilanka.workinginterest in social advocacy, enpowering women, and against rape and child abuses specialy under 16 children and child girls .And we are working against all discriminations among women. we need your helping hand and it will be grate to work with you. I want to send a proposal to your orgernization. please let me know how can i send it.

  51. Avatar A.K.M. Rabiul Islam says

    What about Bangladesh? This country is more risky than the others which you selected..

  52. Avatar Centre for Identification and Utilization of Talent and Skills (CIUTS) says

    We thank God for you this year for given us this opportunity to bring out inborn abilities of the youth. please give us more details about how to send our proposal.

    Thank you

    Mr. Eric Osei-Bonsu
    (Project manager of CIUTS ghana)

  53. Avatar farida javed says

    I have read your website and become glad to know by your relief for poor children i want to contact with you by the cause of my N G O[insaf-e -zindgie welfare originzation i very thankful to you and grateful to you.

  54. Avatar nsubuga davisfrancine says

    am intrested since my project works in that area. how can i apply?

  55. Avatar Hon.Kingsley Ntui Isong says

    The name of the organization is Rural Package Community Development Initiative (RUPA), we are a registered NGO in NIgeria.
    Please, what are are the processes of registration?
    Hon. Kingsley Ntui

  56. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings from Bal-Mahila Vikas Samiti – VAMA

    We would like to introduce ourselves as an NGO-MFI (Micro Finance Institute) based at Gwalior (MP). The NGO was established in 1988 and we started Micro Finance in 2006. At present we are looking for funds for Micro Finance Unit. For that we would like to be associated with your esteemed organisation.

    VAMA (Bal-Mahila Vikas Samiti) a leading NGO/MFI in the Chambal-Bundelkhand area for past 23 years.
    We a leading Organization named Bal-mahila Vikas samiti (VAMA) based at Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh. We wish to work on this project named “Positive Action For Children Fund”.

    Please kindly let us know to which Email-ID we have to sent a “concept Note”
    Awaiting for your kind and positive response.

    • Avatar venkatachalam says

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      BOLO SHREE SERVICES is an NGO Resource Center based out of Mumbai that sources valuable funds for NGOs looking for funds. We have some donors who would be kind enough to help you in the focus area that you are working.

      With Regards


  57. Avatar Inzikuru Rose says

    my company focuses in education for vulunarable chilldren most especially girls how do i get the funding

  58. Avatar Hon.Kingsley Ntui Isong says

    The name of our NGO is Rural Package Community Development Initiative. We request for guide on how to make a formal application on this regards.

  59. Avatar Amaechi Kelechi Justin says

    We (community conciliation and development initiative- CCADI) is a not-for profit organisation duly registered as an NG0. We are located in the Niger delta region of Nigeria and have vast interest in social advocacy, community empowerment and sustainable development. We are interested in collaborative efforts to stem the number of girl child school drop outs due to unintended pregancies through well tailored sensitisation activities on the use of sexual and reproductive health services. We also commend your commitment to vulnerable groups in our society. It will be great to work together as partners in development.