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Get Trained to Develop Career in the field of Peacebuilding: Opportunity for Non-Japanese by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Deadline: 10 November 2014 The Japanese Embassies in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Somalia, Viet Nam are accepting applications from the candidates willing to participate in the Primary Course (note) in the Program for Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding for FY 2014 to be […]

The Ferguson Scholarships for Working Professionals in Low-Income Countries to do Online MA in Peacebuilding

Deadline: 31 October 2014 The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust provide scholarships to the candidates from low-income and conflict-affected regions who want to improve their knowledge of peace and reconciliation. The Trust aims to promote education, international friendship and understanding, and the promotion of world peace and development. The Ferguson Scholarships is provided to mid-and senior-level […]

International Development Fellows Program of Catholic Relief Services

Deadline: 1 December 2014 The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) overseas country program invites individuals to apply for the International Development Fellows Program (IDFP). The IDFP is an opportunity to work in a CRS country for 8-12 months, starting in early September. Total 20-25 fellows will be selected to work in different CRS countries. Fellows have […]

IREX Community Solutions Program : 4-months Fellowship to US for young Community Leaders

Deadline: 27 October 2014 The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is accepting applications from participating country  to implement Community Solutions Program (CSP). The CSP is a professional development program designed for the community leaders who are working in Transparency and Accountability, Tolerance […]

The United Nations International Law Fellowship Program

Deadline: 1 December 2014 The United Nations International Law Fellowship Program provided by the Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs is open for applications. The program provides high-quality training to professionals in the field of international law to deepen their knowledge of international law and of the legal work of the […]