Are you into Commodity Development Activities? Apply for the Common Fund for Commodities

Deadline: 24 October 2014 The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) is accepting applications from the organizations that are implementing Commodity Development Activities in the member countries. The Common Fund aims to realize the potential of commodity production, processing, manufacturing, and trade for the benefit of the poor. The Fund supports commodity based activities along the entire commodity value chain which extend across local, national, regional and international markets. Target … [Read more...]

Partner for Child Education, Health or Family Economic Security Projects in India/South Africa/US

Deadline: Ongoing The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation accepts applications from eligible interested organizations to partner in projects that  help transform the lives of children living in urban poverty, throughout the year. The grants focus on three factors (education, health and family economic stability) vital to ensuring that the underprivileged children escape poverty to become healthy, productive adults. Organizations working in the sector of education, health and microfinance … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Micro-Finance

Up until around a decade ago, Micro-finance was associated almost exclusively with small scale loans to individuals and businesses in poor communities. Today it is used to describe a selection of financial products such as payments, savings and insurance, that are adapted to meet the needs of low income individuals, businesses and NGOs. Micro-finance also serves people who do not have access to typical banking services. Micro-finance is also the idea that low-income individuals are capable of … [Read more...]

A Free Manual on Human Resource Policy for Microfinance and NGOs

If your organization is implementing a microfinance project or setting up a microfinance company, it is important to consider its management requirements to make it sustainable and effective. Human resources development is a major component of building strong community-based institutions. If you are seeking to compile information on how to develop a human resource policy for your microfinance company, then the following free manual will be very useful. In fact, this manual is being offered in … [Read more...]

Introduction: Human Resource Policy for Microfinance Companies

The Microfinance Company is a registered under Section ___ of The Companies Act _____, working to help poor communities, build their own power, achieve self-reliance and permanently move from the margin to the mainstream of development process. Scope of the Manual The manual describes the Human Resource policies, systems and procedures to be used by a microfinance company. The manual will cover the input, processing, output, control and distribution of data. It has been developed to set out … [Read more...]

Updating of the Manual: Human Resource Policy for Microfinance Companies

The update of the manual is the responsibility of the human resource department head and approved by the chief functionaries of organization. The committee must ensure that: a) The manual is kept up-to-date b) The manual continues to set out the procedure that must be followed in the operation of the system and procedures c) Sufficient copies of manuals are available d) Amendments to the manual are properly authorized and communicated to concerned parties immediately. It is envisaged that, … [Read more...]

Human Resources Policy Statement: Human Resource Policy for Microfinance Companies

The company is a microfinance company. We are market-driven, and technology-based, serving customers with financial products, and services. Our ambition is to be the first choice of customers, employees and shareholders and to be a respected member of society. People are main resource in realizing its ambition. Therefore, Human Resources Management (HRM) is an integral part of our business strategy and an important line responsibility. The company conducts its diversified activities through … [Read more...]

Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policy statement: Human Resource Policy for Microfinance Companies

It is Company’s policy that it offers equal employment opportunity for all persons, without bias or discrimination. This policy applies to all employment practices including (but not limited to) recruitment, promotion and training. Selection of business partners is also guided by like principles. All businesses, including ours, are directly affected by the wellbeing of all sections of the society that they operate in. Providing opportunities for all sections is the right thing to do, for our … [Read more...]

Categorization of Employees: Human Resource Policy for Microfinance Companies

Objective To define the categories and capacities in which people are employed by or associated with the company Process The Head HR based on industry practice, Company guidelines and business requirements finalizes the categorization. Categories of Personnel Probationer: A person who is put through a probation period (usually 3 months) from the time of joining to assess his/her compatibility to the job and culture of the company. Contract Employee: Any person hired by the company on … [Read more...]

Working Hours Policy: Human Resource Policy for Microfinance Companies

Objective To define the procedure, entitlements & guidelines on timings of regular working Scope This policy is applicable to all employees including Volunteers, Trainees and probationers. Process The Head HR based on industry practice, Company guidelines and business requirements finalizes the categorization. Regular working hours The regular working hours at various offices/branches of the Company are decided by the HR head in consultation with the Head of Departments and conveyed … [Read more...]