Accountability Lab Seed Grants for NAF and LAF

Nepal's Accountability Lab is inviting applications for the Nepal Accountapreneurship Fund and the Liberia Accountapreneurship Fund. This event supports all the projects on accountability issues in Nepal and Liberia. Proposals are welcome from applicants involved in setting up community to check public funds and using mobile phones to report any accountability issue. Applicants are free to submit their ideas related to the project at any time. Applicants can also send more than one idea. The … [Read more...]

PEER Grant Criteria & Pre-Proposal Preparation Guidelines

PEER Grant Criteria Single Institution US $40,000-$80,000 Multiple Institution US $80,000-120,000 Requested funds can only be used to support costs for developing country researchers and institutions. Note the Key Dates 9 January 2015 - Pre-proposal submission deadline 13 February 2015 - Notification to selected applicants and invitation to submit full proposal 300 March 2015 - Full proposal submission deadline Late June 2015 - Awardees Announcement How to Prepare … [Read more...]

EU Funding to Zambia: Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure

Following are the eligibility criteria for lead organization as well as the co-applicant to apply for EU Funding for media and access to justice actions in Zambia: Eligibility Criteria Actions must take place in Zambia without geographical restriction. The proposal will have to provide justification for the choice of the specific project sites. Applicant must be a legal person; non-profit making non-state actor (NSA) established in a member state of the European Union or any other … [Read more...]

Eligibility criteria and application process for the LEF Program

Read the eligibility criteria and application process for the LEF Program Eligibility Criteria Applicants can be academics and researchers from universities and research interests in Central Asia, South East Asia and South Asia. Applicants must possess a PhD degree. Applicants with Masters' degree and substantial relevant work experience will be considered. Applicants should coordinate the project during the fellowship phase, implementation phase and monitoring phase spanning over 3 … [Read more...]

Eligibility Criteria & Conditions to apply for IMI2 Call 2 on Ebola

Please read the eligibility criteria and conditions to apply for the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) second call for proposals on Ebola and other Filoviral Haemorrhagic Fevers. Eligibility Criteria Applicants can be joint research center; international European interest organizations; and independent legal entities established in a Member State of the European Union or an Associated Country, or created under Union law; and which fall within one of the following … [Read more...]

Download a Free Guide to the Top Ten Donors for Women

Do you want to discover the leading donors to women's projects around the world? This exclusive guide produced by fundsforNGOs Premium will introduce you to the ten biggest contributors to development projects for women today. fundsforNGOs Premium will help you to raise more funds, discover funding opportunities and attract new donors. With these big savings there has never been a better time to subscribe. Join Premium today and receive all of these great benefits... Donor Database with … [Read more...]

The Global Innovation Fund: Stages of Financing

The Global Innovation Fund has three stages of Financing – Pilot, Test & Transition and Scaling Up. Pilot At the Pilot stage, GIF provides seed capital to support the start up and field-testing of innovations. The goal of this stage is to refine the basic concept or business model and establish the viability of an innovation at a small scale through testing in real world contexts. Pilot stage could include Research and development Introducing an innovation to target … [Read more...]

Eligibility criteria to acquire the Global Innovation Fund

Following are the criteria to acquire the Global Innovation Fund and make your proposed solution to major global problem a success: The innovations should benefit people living on less than the equivalent of $5 per day (PPP) in developing countries, especially the people living on less than $2 per day (PPP). Innovations that benefit vulnerable groups such as women and girls, the disabled, minority or indigenous groups, refugees or displaced communities, or other vulnerable populations … [Read more...]

How to enter the GlobalGiving Open Challenge?

Click 'Yes' for the question Is your organization a registered charity, nonprofit, or NGO that is implementing programs? Click 'Yes' for the question Can you provide organizational documents in English? (Google translations are ok!) Click 'Yes' for the question Can your organization mobilize online supporters to raise funds for your work? Now, click 'Continue' and proceed by creating an account. If your organization is registered in a country other than the United States, you should … [Read more...]

Who can apply for USAID Development Innovation Venture?

The DIV model implies an open grant competition supporting the most promising solutions that demonstrate cost-efficiency and the potential to scale up. DIV is supporting teams of young entrepreneurs, world-class development economists, public-private partnerships, international NGOs, and others around the developing world. Teams are implementing scalable and cost-effective development solutions that address problems in maternal health concerns, election transparency, renewable energy, and other … [Read more...]