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GlobalGiving Open Challenge: Earn Online Space and Attract Donors Around the World to Support Your Cause!

Deadline: 24 October 2014 Today’s good news here – the Global Giving Open Challenge is open for your application. The challenge will run from 1-31 December 2014, all organizations registered as non-profit anywhere in the world can participate in the challenge. You will have to mobilize supporters to raise $5,000 from at least 40 unique […]

How to enter the GlobalGiving Open Challenge?

Click ‘Yes’ for the question Is your organization a registered charity, nonprofit, or NGO that is implementing programs? Click ‘Yes’ for the question Can you provide organizational documents in English? (Google translations are ok!) Click ‘Yes’ for the question Can your organization mobilize online supporters to raise funds for your work? Now, click ‘Continue’ and […]

The State of Fundraising for Women and Girls


Fundraising for prospective institutional donors for women and girls’ programs can be an overwhelming process and many NGOs don’t know where to start. We’ve gathered up the key facts that will guide your fundraising strategy and help to kick-start your projects. If you’re looking for the leading donors of women and girl’s projects then a […]

Changing Perceptions And Realities For NGOs in Africa


Africa is a land of great contrast. On one hand it contains many of the most underdeveloped nations in the world. On the other, it’s one of the richest places for young workers and consumers. The later has propelled the continent into a path towards success, despite lingering perceptions of the regions fragility. Consider for […]

How Can NGOs Meet the Challenges of Ethical Spending?

Sewing Workshop

Worldwide humanitarian aid contributions in 2013 were at their highest level for five years, putting the sector’s aims and practices under the spotlight. According to analysts Global Humanitarian Assistance, donations from government and private bodies totalled $22bn (about £13bn) – up nearly a third on the previous year. With such large amounts of money involved, […]