Writing about Sustainability in the UNDEF Application Form

Section 3: SUSTAINABILITY: Describe how the achievements of the project will be maintained after the UNDEF funding period ends. (Maximum number of characters is 300.) “Sustainability” refers to what mechanisms the organization will put in place to continue the project once the UNDEF funding ends. Mechanisms may include: network-led or community-based organizations-led activities that are […]

How to use Social Media to Promote your NGO?

We all use Facebook and social media to tell the whole world about our smallest victory or share our sadness. So why not start using Facebook and more to sell your mission? Being an NGO, it’s difficult to get popularity just by word of mouth or by your website, so it is important to promote […]

Know How to get effective Fundraising Grants for Women and Girls’ Issues

Women and Girls have been struggling from the earliest of time to tackle the serious issues of discrimination and violence in the male dominant society. To address this problem, many NGO’s have come up to help women and girls to get their rightful position in the society. But for such a noble cause, funds are […]

Download Resource Guide on Top 10 French Foundations supporting NGO Projects in Developing World

fundsforNGOs Premium stores foundations/donors from France, Germany, USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and other developed countries focusing primarily in developing countries. It also has the local funders, government agencies and corporate donors meeting their social responsibility listed with full contact details and link to their respective websites. Searching for relevant donor who […]

Download Fundraising Guides & Watch Training Videos to Raise Funds for Your Causes

Fundraising for NGO projects is a tough job no matter what area of interest you address, but it can be simplified if you understand what the donors are seeking for. Donors or funding agencies worldwide look for projects that are impactful, sustainable and leading to change. Mission of all the NGOs is the same. Yet, […]

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