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Grants and Resources for NGOs in 2013

A list of grants and resources for the year 2013

Mama Cash

Each year, Mama Cash supports about 100 courageous groups, organizations, networks and women’s funds that are  led by women, girls and trans people. The supported projects focus on injustices that would otherwise go unnoticed, that need to be challenged and that demand courage and vision to change. They build upon strategic opportunities to bring about […]

IKEA Foundation

IKEA Foundation funds programs run by large and small organizations around the world. One of the funding areas of IKEA is women empowerment. IKEA believes that women can be the most important catalysts for change in their children’s lives. By empowering women-through education, skills training, improved healthcare, or providing a loan to set up a […]

A Comprehensive Guide for NGOs Working with Gender-Based Violence

By Janou Hooykaas Introduction Gender-based violence (GBV) can be defined as any act that causes physical, sexual or emotional harm and reinforces gender inequality. Women are disproportionately affected by GBV (although it applies to men and boys, as well), yet women’s rights issues remain hugely underfunded with the majority of aid still reaching males. GBV […]

Prospecting and Cultivation: A Fundraising Primer


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Hockey great Wayne Gretzky Growing your fundraising program — or getting one started — can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. The philanthropic landscape is extremely competitive; the prospect of identifying and soliciting prospective donors can seem cumbersome and intimidating. But the opportunity is out there, […]

The CNN Heroes 2014 Accepting Nominations

CNN Heroes

Deadline: 31 August 2014 Do you know someone who has contributed positively to the lives of lot many people? Do you think that person deserves recognition from wider community for what s/he has done? You can play a vital role to provide the person wide recognition s/he deserves! Nominate her/him to become one of the […]